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Welcome to the Federation Space Wiki

Welcome to Federation Space! A Star Trek RPG set 45 years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, and Star Trek: Voyager, players take the role of Star Fleet officers stationed on Federation starships. The game combines Star Trek’s favorite species (both friend and foe) while also exploring new and unique species. Many are peaceful, some are not...

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Under the resources menu to the left, you will find canon information about the Federation Space Universe. Please note, this information may, or may not, follow official Star Trek Canon, but is the definitive source for all things related to Federation Space. If you are looking for specific information, it may be easier to use the Search function on the menu bar in the upper right.

Federation Space was started/created March 1, 2000.

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On this Day - February 17

1959 - Project Vanguard: Vanguard 2 - The first weather satellite is launched to measure cloud-cover distribution.

1965 - Project Ranger: The Ranger 8 probe launches on its mission to photograph the Mare Tranquillitatis region of the Moon in preparation for the manned Apollo missions. The Mare Tranquillitatis or "Sea of Tranquility" would become the site chosen for the Apollo 11 lunar landing.
1996 - NASA's Discovery Program begins as the NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft lifts off on the first mission ever to orbit and land upon an asteroid, 433 Eros.
2402 - The USS Dauntless, BC-1553 is launched from the San Francisco Shipyards, with Matthew Thrawn as commanding officer.

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