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Xan Macleod
Career Occupation
SOCOM Officer
Area 42
Biographical Attributes
1/2 Human, 1/2 Betazoid
175 cm (5 ft. 9 in.)
83.9 kg (185 lb.)
Eye Color:
Dark brown almost black
Hair Color:
Raven Black.
Long, down to shoulders.
Athletic, muscular
Caucasian, pale, clean.
Facial Hair:
Clean shaven
English, London accent, soft and pleasant.
United Federation of Planets
London, England (Earth)
Familial Relationships
Thomas Macleod, Tom for short.
Bolvershea Macleod, Shea for short.
Status of Parents:
Married to each other, living on Betazed.
2 Sisters: Rachel, 9 years senior and Laura, 5 years senior.
Marital Status:
Married to Emilia Cirrus whom he has dubbed Imzadi
Step father to Gabriel Tassk Aldran, born 20904.25, son of Emilia Cirrus.
James Thomas Macleod and Annabel Shawna Macleod born 21605.20 to Emilia Cirrus

Personal History

Xan’s father is a writer and his mother a Federation Diplomat. They met on Earth, married and until their first child was born, travelled together wherever Shea's mission took them. When they decided to start a family, they settled on Earth but a year after their third child, Xan, was born the Federation specifically requested Shea for an assignment, and after that she decided to go back into active service. The Macleod's agreed that their children should remain on Earth with their father whilst their mother was on missions. This was hardest on Rachel, being the eldest and the closest to her mother, and she often convinced Shea to take her along, though both Laura and Xan have also accompanied her at one time or another.

When Shea entered her phase, she again returned home, and she and Tom decided to move to Betazed. Rachel and Laura had already left home and Laura has since refused to visit them. Xan went with them, but left soon after to join Star Fleet. He loved the beauty of Betazed and the friendliness of the people, and unlike Laura, he was happy to accept the other planet as his home.

Xan was one of those rare Betazoid children to be born with his abilities switched on. Automatically reaching out to the nearest ‘like’ mind, Xan managed to activate Laura’s latent abilities. The young girl reacted to the sudden noise in her head by automatically throwing up rudimentary shields to protect them both. This surprised Shea, but Laura naturally took to the training she gave her, enhancing it with her own way of thinking and Xan automatically mimicked his sister, allowing him to lead a normal life and creating a deep bond between the two children.

While both siblings can converse telepathically with another telepath with ease, they were both primarily empaths throughout their early lives, though Xan’s telepathic abilities were always stronger than his sister's, and he used them more often. (It later transpired that Xan had been born with the abilities of a full Betazoid but this was not known until an encounter with a hostile Romulan telepath in his 27th year.)

Xan grew up in London, though he and Laura often took short trips with their father, when Tom needed inspiration for one of his stories and Shea and Rachel were off planet. They would do some sight seeing and have 'adventures' then Laura would play with Xan while Tom was writing. The three of them became really close during that time, and still are.

At the age of 7 whilst on one of their excursions to an ancient castle in Norfolk, Xan met the youngest son of the Duke, Charles Fitzalan-Howard, after wandering off on his own while Laura was sketching. They later ‘adopted’ the young nobleman as their Cousin Charlie and he became fast friends with both Laura and Xan. The connection meant that Xan learnt how to behave in polished society and it also gave him a taste for sword fighting. Charlie later honoured both Xan and his sister by having specially designed swords commissioned for each of them, aptly naming Xan’s ‘Liberty’.

Xan had always been fascinated by his fathers tales of the bold Starship Captains of the past and would often day dream of serving with them and performing heroic deeds, but he never seriously considered entering Star Fleet until it became the focus of his two closest friends. Charlie had long wanted to follow in his parent’s foot steps and when Laura changed her focus and planned to enter the Academy as well, it seemed only natural that Xan do the same. Unlike his sister, Xan had no interest or aptitude for medicine but with his quick wits and lively, athletic disposition seemed suited for a career in Security.

Star Fleet

Always content to follow Laura and Charlie, once at the Academy, Xan soon found that their positions had been reversed. An unexplained decision by Star Fleet meant that Charlie joined the Academy much later than he’d intended and was therefore older than his classmates while Laura, studying to be a doctor, had virtually buried herself in her work. By far the most out going of the three, Xan made friends very easily, and determined to make sure the other two had as much fun as he did during their education. This resulted in he and Charlie getting into several scrapes but they always managed to pull themselves out again, with the occasional assistance from a fond sister.

By this time Xan had grown into a very handsome young man and with his friendly, caring manner, he had no shortage of girlfriends. His Betazoid heritage made him honest though, and while he didn’t hesitate to use what he felt with his empathy to aid his relationships, he always made it clear to his partners what he wanted from the relationship. This meant that he mostly steered clear of anyone who wanted something serious, but it did allow him to remain friends with most of his ex-lovers.

On graduating from the academy, Xan was assigned to the USS Jordan. During the Romulan war, Xan found himself in temporary command of the small vessel, when they inadvertently uncovered a Romulan vessel on a spying mission.

Captain Chambers was incapacitated in the initial attack but Xan successfully led the junior officers in a counter strike, fighting off their attackers and continuing to keep things in order until he could be relieved by a senior officer. In recognition of this, he was promoted to full Lieutenant.

Unfortunately the damage the Jordan sustained during the war meant that when peace was declared it was decommissioned and its crew reassigned. Xan was sent to the USS Philadelphia under the command of Captain Aloysia Yvette.

USS Philadelphia

Shortly before being assigned to the USS Philadelphia, Xan met Emilia Cirrus, a young woman who served with his sister and who already had a son from a failed relationship. The immediate connection he felt with Emilia led him to seek a deeper relationship with her, though he remained determined to stay single and continue to pursue his carefree lifestyle.

The Philadelphia was ordered to join the Nova to make first contact with a species whose planet had suddenly appeared in the galaxy due to a dimensional rift, and Xan was lucky enough to be part of the security detail involved in the mission. Things went awry when it became apparent that the Gonwanan’s were having an internal dispute around what they considered to be a medical condition and their treatment of those afflicted. In fact the ‘disease’ was an artificially induced evolutionary process as was soon discovered by the Philadelphia’s research team, lead by Laura Macleod, an arrangement Xan was perfectly comfortable with though he knew his sister, at least initially, was worried about having him there.

Laura and Emilia were transferred to the Pegasus after the Nova suffered a critical failure but as it remained with the Philadelphia, Xan was able to spend a lot of time with them, including one shoreleave to the beautiful beaches of Acamar, along with Codey and Dunbar (the Philly’s CEO and CMO) who he’d become good friends with, and the Pegasus new first officer Azernal. The small group got on really well and it at this time that Xan confessed that he considered Emilia to be Imzadi to him.

Xan’s second mission with the Philadelphia proved to be his last as, after a short but violent battle with cyborg klingons in which Xan led the team that successfully defended his small ships engineering department from their invasion, he was informed that he was being transferred to the 2nd Fleet. The rise in position to Chief of Security that went with the transfer was very welcome to Xan but he felt bad about leaving Emilia, whom he cared about a great deal, though he was still reluctant to make a permanent commitment to the lovely nurse and her young son.

Having been given orders to report to the Columbia under Captain Adaran 225 for the journey to Starbase Bravo, under whom he was to receive command training, he discovered that he would be acting as their Chief Tactical Officer for the duration of the trip, a challenge he looked forward to.

USS Columbia

The challenge proved even greater than he imagined however, when the ship was diverted to transport some officers away from a trouble zone. Adaran had already decided that as s/he was in need of a first officer, Xan could take on those duties as well as that of CTO and of course the ambitious young security officer was glad of the experience. Ultimately what it meant however, was than Xan was left in charge of the ship when the captain led an away team down to the planet to help with the evacuation, and as things rarely go according to plan in Star Fleet, s/he ended up being held hostage while the ship came under attack.

Correctly interpreting Adaran’s wishes, Xan sent down their COS and a small team to help the captain and her team break free, though he later suspected s/he hadn’t needed much help. On the ship, Xan kept a cool head and kept everything together as they were rendered powerless and struggled to regain control before they were boarded, or the captain returned. Fortunately their preparations weren't needed but his performance under pressure impressed Adaran enough that when they finally reached Starbase Bravo, s/he asked him to remain on board and officially become hir First Officer, promoting him to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

With a new threat to the Federation in the form of the Krynars, it was inevitable that the Columbia would become involved. Their next mission seemed like a straightforward assignment, namely data retrieval from enemy occupied territory and the rescue of a previous team if possible. The ship was equipped with new technology and a specially trained ops team headed up by one of their more experienced security officers.

Having successfully got behind enemy lines, Xan led the small retrieval team in a shuttle as they headed down towards the planet. They located their goal in a cold, mountainous region so an advance team went down to secure the site whilst the shuttle found a safer area to land and set up a base. As they investigated the area around the shuttle, Xan and a member of Bravo Squad were surrounded by the bear-like natives that inhabited that region however a bigger threat came in the form of a huge centipede. The first officer and his team mate did their best to protect the shuttle while it repaired the damage it had sustained during its descent and they managed to lift off again, relatively intact, retrieve the rest of their team and the data crystal they had been sent to find, before rendezvousing with the Columbia.

Whilst it seemed on the surface to have been a successful mission, their celebrations were short lived as the crystal was found to have been empty and an even bigger blow awaited them when the casualties were counted. A much loved crewmember, their CTO and helmsman Tracey Klapphroth had lost her life during their battles with the Shards, saving another crewman in the process, though she was officially off-duty. The loss affected them all deeply, Xan being no exception. As her department head and first officer he’d grown to respect Tracey and her buoyant and warm personality had made it impossible not to consider her a friend. Captain Adaran’s more personal connection with the young woman meant s/he took the loss even harder and Xan did his best to field as much of the day to day work as he could to leave hir time to grieve.

In Xan’s absence, Emilia Cirrus was attacked and threatened by associates of her ex-lover – who had become involved with criminals prior to his death – and was forced to flee the 4th Fleet with her son. Star Fleet arranged for her to be transferred to Starbase Bravo where Xan was fortunately still taking his shoreleave and he did what he could to make her feel safe again. What Emilia wanted most was to be back aboard a starship, feeling that it was the most secure place to be and the subject of the Columbia came up. Given the nature of his ship’s missions and with Tracey’s loss still fresh in his mind, Xan was at first very reluctant to consider the idea of having Emilia and Gabe aboard but she eventually convinced him that if their lives were in danger anyway it was better to risk them doing the job she loved, and for a cause she believed in. He was able to convince Captain Adaran to make an exception in Emilia’s case and accept a child on board, and in turn the captain convinced Star Fleet. Xan understood that this placed him under an obligation to Adaran and he would no doubt be called upon to pay back the favour at some point but at no time did he hesitate to make the bargain, having already made peace with the decision he would naturally see it through.

Whilst he still made no official commitment to Emilia he also made no secret of his attachment to her and the young woman and her son had free run of his quarters, an arrangement with which he appeared to be perfectly content, and indeed he was not actively seeking other company.

On returning to duty, the Columbia’s crew were informed that their mission would be a two pronged attack on a renegade Romulan target, and that Captain Adaran and their resident Gorn would be leaving the ship to carry out one part of it, an assassination of the renegade leader whilst the Columbia, under the command of the Romulan Star Fleet Officer Captain Sevala, would take out a supply depot.

Xan was not happy with the first part of the mission, feeling that the Federation should not stoop to such levels and that the Romulans could, and should carry out their own dirty work. Having expressed his objections however, he made no further protest and accepted his duty, as is his way. Unlike several other members of the crew, he had no real issues with being commanded by Sevala, since she was a friend of his sister’s and at least some of her history was already known to him. After the Captain departed, the Columbia picked up a Federation distress signal from inside Romulan space and they moved to investigate. It turned out to be a Romulan trap, they were expected and had to fight for their lives. Fortunately Adaran and Giraath, having completed their mission, returned in time to offer assistance and they had additional help in the form of a friend of Captain Sevala’s. It seemed clear that someone on board the Columbia had betrayed them, however a thorough search revealed nothing and they once again returned to space dock with little to show for the damage they had received.

During the Columbia’s post mission party and award ceremony, Starbase Bravo was attacked and severely damaged causing a high number of casualties. The Columbia crew were trapped in a damaged section with only a limited amount of time to get to safety. Xan and the crew of the Columbia helped the civilian staff of the establishment they were in and those injured to escape through the ventilation system into a more stable part of the station before continuing to help with the relief efforts in other parts of the station. It was several days before things began to get back to a semblance of normal but by then it was clear that the attack was just the first step in the rebel Romulans bid for power.

When they were finally able to take some time to relax, Emilia broached the subject of their relationship with Xan, expressing a desire to know where they stood in his eyes. Though the young man had been happy in their open relationship, it has been a long time since he had taken advantage of it, being comfortable in their new living arrangements and wanting no one else. He had to admit that he was indeed committed to her and her son, and that his only concern was an unwillingness to curb his career or the danger it entailed for the sake of a family. Emilia assured him that she was prepared to accept his choice in a committed, and exclusive relationship, but felt that for Gabriel’s sake, she herself could not remain on board the Columbia indefinitely. In the end they agreed that they would establish a joint ‘home’ on Starbase Bravo and Emilia would request a transfer to the medical department there, though this couldn’t be accomplished before their next mission.

The Columbia’s next mission was into Romulan Space to retrieve a SOCOM Operative whom it was believed was being held on Outpost 19. They had also been warned about the possibility of a telepathically corrupted crew member, a pawn who wouldn't even know they'd been got at, which in part explained some of the events from the previous mission. A member of a new telepathic core, science officer T'Sar, joined the crew as an advisor (temporarily standing in for an unwell Commander Vos as COS,) and led the medical department in some experiments to try to find a way to block the Romulan Uihvueri telepathic influences.

They reached the outpost without incident and Xan, with Bravo Squad, became the retrieval team. The Outpost at first appeared to have been abandoned, with minimal life support operating and a few dead bodies, however they were soon approached by their target. The operative had been made into a pawn to attack his captors in order to release a Tal Shiar prisoner and then rig the station to explode, fortunately however, Xan and the team were able to subdue their target and return to rendezvous with the Columbia, unharmed.

Xan was to lose another friend on this mission, as it transpired that the Columbia’s Chief of Security, Don West, had also been made into a pawn and had attacked the Columbia in the away team’s absence. His life was saved but it was uncertain whether the damaged to his mind could be reversed. At the same time a Romulan ship attacked the Columbia from without, and it transpired that there was a telepath aboard it controlling both pawns.

The Romulan telepath mentally attacked Xan and he fought them off without being compromised, but not without lasting effects. It now appeared that Xan was born with full telepathic abilities… the complete opposite of his eldest sister Rachel. When Laura instinctively protected them from the onslaught of his natural talents as a child, she managed to dampen or partially block his abilities but the contact with the Uihvueri telepath unlocked his full potential. Xan had often wished that he had the abilities of a full Betazoid but despite his training, the sudden increase in noise was at first overwhelming.

The Columbia returned to Federation Space to find that the Krynar had made a direct attack on sector 001 and that all Starships were being recalled to protect the founding worlds of the Federation. As ordered they set a course for Tellar, working frantically to make their repairs before their arrival.

Their task was to arrest three high ranking Tellerite officials who had been collaborating with the Krynar although it later appeared that they, and all of Tellar, had undergone a form of mechanical calming that acted on those in proximity to it much like brainwashing. They were able to beam one target on board as soon as they landed, so Captain Adaran headed up one extraction team with Bravo Squad, whilst Xan led the other, comprised of Tactical and Security Officers. Both teams were successful as, ultimately, was the rest of Star Fleet and the Krynar were driven away. It was at this time as well that Bajor was miraculously resurrected.

The USS Columbia’s journey to Star Base Bravo was once more interrupted, this time by an accusation of crimes against the Romulan people, specifically what had happened during its last mission. The Columbia crew was relieved of non-essential personnel and Captain Adaran was turned over to the Romulans, but it was in fact a plot to do even more damage with hir as a pawn.

The remaining crew led by Commander Macleod, and with a little encouragement from Captain Morgan of SOCOM (from whom all their missions came) took the Columbia, escaped their escorts and set off in pursuit, heedless of the consequences. After two missions without a proper over hall, the Columbia was in serious need of repairs and though engineering did everything they could, a malfunction unfortunately took Gray out of action just when they caught up to the shuttle ferrying the captain. Unable to provide the care he needed, Xan ordered Cavalera to take him back in the now empty shuttle and turn themselves in.

On board the captured Romulan vessel they found a single, well informed Romulan left alive, who was only too willing to expound on their scheme. T'Sar (the SOCOM representative and telepath) and Macleod interrogated him, confirming that a telepathic suggestion had been implanted in Captain Adaran. They set off again, once more in pursuit. The captain had been transported to a larger vessel and under the Romulan influence s/he killed several of hir captors and took control of the ship. By the time the Columbia caught up with hir, the ship had entered Hdreal 12 space and was set to explode. Ensign Banks and Commander Vos collaborated to retrieve Adaran, but they were too late to stop what s/he had set in motion and had to depart quickly.

Captain Morgan and Admiral zh’Matis were already under investigation when the Columbia turned themselves in and after a hearing at which Adaran and hir crew were able to make statements in their defence, it was ruled that they were following the direction of SOCOM and all charges against them were dropped.

Whilst this was in motion and Macleod was still awaiting to hear his ultimate fate, his long term girlfriend Emilia Cirrus informed him that she was expecting twins. Whilst happy at the prospect of becoming a father, Xan was still reluctant to entirely give up his freedom and with his career already in the balance it meant that he had a lot to think about.

USS Columbia - Area 42

The Columbia was re-assigned to Area 42 under SOCOM on Andoria, and most of the crew were sent with it. Fortunately for Xan, Emilia Cirrus was given a permanent assignment on the base as part of the medical team there, giving them a more comfortable home in which to raise their children.

The Columbia was sent to investigate the theft of a shuttle, possibly containing classified research developed by a friend of the Macleod’s, Judith Tucker. It was hard to believe that Judith would participate in that type of research and to this day Xan remains sceptical about her involvement.

They had no trouble locating the shuttle on a not entirely hostile planet, but it had been gutted by a group of Klingon warriors who had been abandoned by a mutinous first officer. At first they attempted to take the Eidolon but having been prevented, Xan managed to negotiate an uneasy truce. They were then interrupted by the arrival of a group of Romulans who wanted to take them back to stand trial for crimes against their people. Working with the Klingons to overpower their attackers, the Klingon Captain was happy to take the Romulan shuttle instead, while its crew became prisoners of Star Fleet. Taking as much information as they could from what was left of the shuttle, they turned it over for analysis on returning to base.

By the time they returned home, Xan was anxious for his girlfriend and when Emilia went into labour shortly before his next assignment, he requested a leave of absence so that he could spend time with his family when they needed him most.

James Thomas Macleod and Annabel Shawna Macleod were born on Stardate: 21605.20.

After one more mission with the Columbia most of the senior crew were re-assigned to the USS Apparition, however Xan was recruited to run a solo assignment for SOCOM.

Before he departed, he proposed to Emilia and having been accepted, left it to her and his sister Laura to work out the details of the wedding, which was to take place during his next shoreleave. Fortunately the mission was successful and there was enough time for the wedding and the honeymoon before he needed to return to duty.

USS Apparition - Area 42

After an aborted mission during which the Apparition's holographic systems malfunctioned, the ship was decommissioned and the crew re-assigned.

Xan was very sorry to leave Adaran after working with hir for so long but if he was honest his new assignment back at Area 42 was better suited to his new status as a husband and father, the promotion to Captain didn't hurt either. All in all he was looking forward to the next phase of his life.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security Operations, Weapons
Academy Minor(s): Pilot, Strategy
Hobbies and Pastimes: Martial Arts, Fencing, water sports, socialising
Short-Term Goals: To serve Star Fleet and the Federation to the best of his ability, to protect his ship and crew, to live life to the full.
Long-Term Goals: To captain his own vessel
Personality: Lively and friendly, gets the most out of life but takes his job seriously.
Sense of Humor: Very broad, sometimes sarcastic, other times childish, often involving obscure references that only his sister Laura or their father would understand.
Phobias: None known
Likes: Physical pursuits
Dislikes: Fighting with people he cares about
Pet Peeves or Gripes: None known
Bad Habits or Vices: Flirting with attractive members of the opposite sex.
Achievements: Being promoted to full Lieutenant for his efforts during the Romulan war and his subsequent rapid rise to the position of First Officer.
Disappointments: None
Illnesses: None
Strengths: Observant, quick witted, energetic, good instincts, some telepathy. Generally and genuinely caring, good rapport with others.
Weaknesses: While he can sense other people’s emotions, there are few things he truly cares deeply about himself. Likes to be occupied all of the time. Can be impulsive.
Fears: None known
Prejudices: None known
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Plain trousers and loose shirt. Leather-look jacket.
Distinguishing Features: Very attractive.
Pets: None
Friends: His sister Laura whose telepathic bond with her makes them almost like twins, Emilia Cirrus with whom he is romantically involved, and life-long friend Charles Fitzalan-Howard.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The first time he had to kill someone, and feeling their pain as they died.
Best Time: Star Fleet Academy.
Most Crucial Experience: Joining the Academy and being ‘alone’ for the first time. Before that he had always had someone to tell him what to do, but even with his friends close by, the Academy gave him the chance to take control of his life and find out who he really was.
Role Model: Xan doesn’t have one specific role model, his values were learned from his family, most specifically his father, his sister Laura and his adopted Cousin Charlie, though he also inherited some of his mothers more Betazoid values.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Security Officer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 20605.01 – 21005.22 Assigned Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Security Officer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 21101.03 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
Security Officer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 21105.01 Gold Star Gold Star
Acting First Officer, Chief Tactical Officer USS Columbia, FF-6145 21105.01 – 21112.29 Promoted
First Officer, Chief Tactical Officer USS Columbia, FF-6145 21112.29 – 21311.29 Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander
First Officer USS Columbia, FF-6145 21112.29 Promoted
First Officer USS Columbia, FF-6145 21201.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
First Officer USS Columbia, FF-6145 21207.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
First Officer USS Columbia, FF-6145 21211.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
First Officer USS Columbia, FF-6145 21303.01 Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
First Officer USS Columbia, FF-6145 21311.29 Commander Commander
First Officer USS Columbia, FF-6145 21312.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
First Officer USS Columbia, FF-6145 21501.01 Krynar War Campaign Medal Krynar War Campaign Medal
First Officer USS Columbia, FF-6145 21604.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
SOCCOM Officer Area 42 21704 – 21812.31 Assigned detached duty Area 42
First Officer USS Apparition 21901.01 – 21909.01 Assigned USS Apparition
SOCCOM Officer Area 42 21909.01 Assigned Area 42
SOCCOM Officer Area 42 21909.01 Promoted to Captain
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal 6
Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal 1
Gold Star Gold Star 1
Campaign Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Krynar War Campaign Medal Krynar War Campaign Medal 1

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Supplemental Information

Characters Tally:
Name Type Status
Doctor Laura Macleod Registered Non-Player Character Commander
Trella Grex Registered Non-Player Character
Name Type Status
Honey Bear Registered Non-Player Character Lieutenant
Surmak Celes Registered Non-Player Character Midshipman
Dendra Registered Non-Player Character Lieutenant Junior Grade
Anna Lowry Registered Non-Player Character Commander
Doctor Daffyd Drake Registered Non-Player Character Lieutenant
Henri Evans Registered Non-Player Character Lieutenant

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