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Career Occupation
Engineering Officer
IKV Dreamslayer
SuvwI' wa'DIch
SuvwI' wa'DIch (Warrior First Class)
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
M'Kota, Daughter of Drex
Klingon, House of Honah
155 cm (5 ft. 1 in.)
98 kg (216 lb.)
Eye Color:
Deep mahogany
Hair Color:
Long, tied back most of the time
Wiry yet muscular
Darker tan skin
Facial Hair:
Loud with a gravelly quality no often found in women
Klingon Empire
Kling Province, Qo'noS
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Both alive
Kurak, died at the age of 5
Marital Status:

Personal History

The House of Honah is a small house compared to the sized of many in Kling. M’kota was the second child, born when Kurak was 2. During a school field trip Kurak was bullied by members of a much more dominate house. When he attempted to fight back they teamed up and killed the young boy. Her parents fell into a depression they have never recovered from. A feud now exists between the House of Agan and the House of Honah Due to this, M’Kota’s parents were much too protective of her, keeping her home instead of allowing her to roam and play with friends. As she grew older, she began to resent their overprotective nature, sure they were conspiring to prevent her from becoming a great warrior. Knowing the history of her brother, she is determined to bring great amounts of honor to her family. She sees this as the best way to get back at the House of Agan.

Though her parents attempted to protect her, she was in many fights. The first one she was woefully unprepared for, her parents refusing to allow her to learn the art of fighting. She was badly injured and still retains a scar on her left arm to remind her of the need for constant vigilance and awareness.

Upset at her lack of fighting abilities, M’kota left her parents to move in with an aunt and uncle, the parents of Gre’kat. Gre’kat is 7 years older than M’kota and was well skilled in the fighting arena. Over the three years she lived there, he tutored her in the art of hand-to-hand combat and most commonly used bladed weapons. Though she tried to bulk up and form a more muscular build, her body worked against her. No matter how hard she tried, she stayed fairly skinny and somewhat weak looking to the untrained eye. From there, she had the basis of training to teach herself. When she returned home, she was a very different person.

Living in the “normal” Klingon house taught her to be strong, loud, boisterous and outgoing. She had developed a sense of humor, a sarcastic bight to her speech and the routine of a warrior.

She returned to school and was almost instantly attacked. Within minutes she had beaten the attacker. Spitting on him as he lay on the floor she walked away. That was the first of many fights she won. Though various reasons for fights exist, it seemed to M’kota she was often the result of riducle due to her extraordinarily pronounced ridges. Many other Klingons insisted she received surgery to enhance them and refused to believe they were natural.

When she reached the age of 13, she met with Gre’kat again and performed the Rite of Ascension, stating for all in her house to know she would be a great Klingon warrior. Her parents, furious at her decision, threw her out of their house. She moved to permanently live with Gre’kat and his parents in the city of Quin'lat.

When she was able, she entered the Klingon Academy. She scored the third highest of her class, 17 places above the highest score for the House of Agan. Here she began to distinguish herself and earn her house the honor she new it deserved.

While in the Academy, the Klingon Empire was going through much turmoil as the fight for leadership began after the disappearance of Martok. After the fighting had calmed, the Klingon’s found themselves swearing loyalty to Kalok.

Once graduating from the Academy, M’kota was assigned to various different ships. She had an impeccable work ethic, working longer hours, forgoing sleep to solve problems and ensure smooth running of any ship she was on. Her dedication was not overlooked and she recently received her new orders.

She would serve on the new IKV Dreamslayer under the command of Kotram, one of the greatest known warriors of their time. She knew, this was her chance to bring great honor to her house. She wouldn’t be sitting on the sidelines of battles, she would be charging into them.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): D'k tagh
Academy Minor(s): Operations (Engineering, Tactical)
Personality: M’kota is loyal to her house and those she trusts. Once you have earned it, you have her loyalty for life. She is also very cunning.
Sense of Humor: She has a sarcastic, biting sense of humor that sometimes gets her in trouble.
Likes: Sparring, working out, solitude
Dislikes: Large crowds of boisterous Klingons, anyone from the House of Agan
Strengths: Loyalty, ability/willingness to learn new things
Prejudices: House of Agan, weak-minded fools
Distinguishing Features: Small scar on left inner arm.
Headridges: Very pronounced ridges.
Pets: None
Friends: Gre'kat, older cousin in the House of Honah

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Best Time: Earning top marks throughout the Academy. Being assigned to the IKV Dreamslayer.
Most Crucial Experience: The first fight when she was unprepared and easily beaten. She wears the scar from it to remind herself.
Role Model: Gre’kat

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Engineering Officer IKV Dreamslayer 20902.01 Designated SuvwI' wa'DIch (Warrior First Class)
Appointed Engineering Officer
Assigned to IKV Dreamslayer
SuvwI' wa'DIch (Warrior First Class)
Engineering Officer IKV Dreamslayer 20904.13 – 20908.31 Battle of Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18 Participant

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