Luna Class Reconnaissance Vessel Deck Plans

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Mission Pod
Deck A Forward Probe/Torpedo Launcher 1 & 2, Probe and Torpedo Storage, Fire Control Sensors
Deck B Aft Probe/Torpedo Launcher, Probe and Torpedo Storage, Fire Control Sensors
Luna-class Starship
Deck 1 Bridge, Ready Room, Observation Lounge
Deck 2 First Officer's Office, Commanding Officer's Quarters, Senior Officer's Quarters, Officer's Mess, Mission Pod Subsystems
Deck 3 Officer's Quarters, Arboretum, Ship's Lounge, Recreation Room, Holodeck 1
Deck 4 Enlisted Quarters, Diplomatic Facilities, Transporter Rooms 1 & 2, Computer Core
Deck 5 Officer's Quarters, Enlisted Quarters, Operations Office, Computer Core
Deck 6 Sickbay (Upper Level), Computer Core, Enlisted Quarters, Holodecks 2 & 3, Forward Phaser Arrays, Waverider Access, Main Sensor Arrays
Deck 7 Sickbay (Main Level), Computer Core, Transporter Rooms 3 & 4, Secondary Computer Core, Deuterium Storage Tanks, Waverider Docking Cradle
Deck 8 Chief Tactical Officer's Office, Chief of Security's Office, Security Complex, Cargo Bays 1 & 2 (Upper), Science Labs, Shuttlebay Control
Deck 9 Shuttlebay (Upper), Astrometrics, Stellar Cartography, Chief Science Officer's Office, Cargo Bays 1 & 2 (Lower), Lateral Sensor Arrays
Deck 10 Shuttlebay (Main Level), Antimatter Storage, Main Engineering (Upper Level)
Deck 11 Main Engineering (Main Level), Chief Engineer's Office, Cargo Bays 3 - 8, Hydroponics, Deflector Dish (Upper)
Deck 12 Fusion Reactors, Tractor Beams, Communications Array, Shield Generators, Life Support, Deflector Dish (Upper)
Deck 13 Fusion Reactors, Nacelle Access, Shield Generators, Deflector Control, Deflector Dish (Main Level)
Deck 14 Structural Integrity Field Generators, Shield Generators, Deflector Dish (Main Level)
Deck 15 Impulse Assembly, Thruster Assembly, Thruster Fuel Storage Tanks, Deflector Dish (Lower Level)
Deck 16 Waste Management, Warp Core Ejection System, Antimatter Storage, Tractor Beam
Deck 17 Warp Core Ejection Hatch, Lower Phaser Array, Antimatter Storage