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Julia London
Career Occupation
Special Assistant to the Base Commander
Star Base Bravo
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Levine Meels
178 cm (5 ft. 10 in.)
65.8 kg (145 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Short and cropped
Sleek and curvy
Caucasian with no blemishes
Sultry with the air of importance
United Federation of Planets
San Francisco
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Deceased, however they lived a full life and were able to see their daughter join Federation Diplomatic Corps
Marital Status:

Personal History

Julia London grew up just outside of San Francisco, and lived there nearly her entire early life. From the moment she could talk, she had dreamed of becoming a diplomat. Many found this a fool's errand, for Julia was one of the sweetest little girls anyone had ever met. She cared about all living things, regardless of what they had done to her. This was the same attitude she carried through college and to her first major job interview with local officials.

Upon landing a job in the San Francisco Governor's office, Julia received her first real world lesson: people are not always as nice as they seem. She had been working in the Liaison Department for a few weeks when one of the other agents began openly criticizing her work to another agent in front of Julia. Even though this action greatly angered her, Julia waited for a more appropriate time to address the issue. However, the agent did not care he had offended Ms. London, and found it rather amusing that she was upset. Upon taking the matter to her supervisor, he took little actions to resolve the matter and questioned the quality of her skin. Resolving to transfer the moment she could, Julia began to take notes on how to act in her role.

The transfer to the Legal Department proved to be worse than what Julia faced in the Liaison Department. Her notes were too good, and she was quickly labeled. No one would interact with her unless absolutely necessary. Julia was distraught, and even though she reverted to her normal tendencies, the damage had already been done. Being forced to leave the San Francisco Governor's office, Julia took some time to return home to her family.

Back in her home town, Julia picked up a job working at the local post office/general store in the center of town. She learned much about how people act and how to react diplomatically yet firmly. No one would ever guess she learned this while arguing about the set rate of postage. There was one customer that would come in every week to mail a package. Each week he would purchase the same items from the general store, then come over to mail a package weighing the same amount to the same place. He tried to test Julia in every way possible on the possible cost of his postage. She started out by becoming frustrated with the gentleman. This did not change his tone, nor did it make her feel productive afterward. Her approach to the situation eventually changed so that instead of getting frustrated she would attempt to explain the situation using mathematics and breaking down the postage rate.

When this approach still left each party unsatisfied, Julia resorted to negotiating skills she learned in college. Mr. Hammerhill, her ethics professor, taught her everything she knew about negotiation. She used every trick in the book, including starting at a crazy rate and working down to the rate she had charged him every week for the last three months. During these negotiations, her face would take a hard set, determination set from her brows down to the lock of her jaw. Her eyes would take on a feral set, lighting her whole face with something just short of primal. By the fourth week of this negotiation style, her regular customer stopped complaining about the postal rate out of fear for his package. Julia did not know what had made the customer change his mind, but she had a renewed hope in her career as a diplomat.

Jobs came and went for Julia over the years. She continued to improve her negotiation skills, being able to read the clients on both sides from her natural curiosity as a child. Being able to understand a person deeper than that on the surface provided Ms. London a leg up on other companies. Her deals became more personal than business, unless the other party attempted to take advantage of her. That's when her primal look emerged, her whole face changing in almost an instant. Clients came and went with these jobs as well. Losses did not crush her as they once would have. Julia had decided that any person not willing to conduct himself in a respectable manner did not deserve her company. This take on life eventually landed her a position in Star Fleet.

As she was nearing fifty, Julia decided she needed yet another change. She had heard good things about Diplomatic Corps, including their interest in expanding the peaceful global community. Although she had worked with internationals, she had never tried business in the interstellar community. She applied for a position in the Foreign Affairs department and was hired nearly on the spot. While in the area, she decided a few courses on Interstellar Diplomacy would be helpful. She also sat through a few psychology classes. Having been able to read situations for years, she had never fully understood the implications involved in human behavior. With the opportunity to try this out on other races, Julia wanted a better hold on the meanings behind certain behaviors.

Successful negotiations and dealings with the Foreign Affairs department caught the attention of the newly formed Civilian Diplomacy department. Soon Julia found herself handed a shiny new desk and a first class shuttle ride to Carraya IV where she was to assist a new diplomatic recruit in relations with the Romulans. She lated decided to retire from her diplomatic assignment and instead accept the position of Special Assistant to the commander of Star Base Bravo.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): She spent little time in the Academy, but used her time to brush up on politics and diplomacy on a Fleet level.
Academy Minor(s): Psychology also became a focus in the civilian world, so Julia picked up a few courses in the Academy as well.
Hobbies and Pastimes: For most of her life, Julia spent her days learning everything possible about the world around her. She was continually learning more about the people around her as well as that which took place beyond her line of sight.
Short-Term Goals: To do everything in her power to assist in Star Fleet's success.
Long-Term Goals: To one day sit at the head of the Fleet Diplomatic conferences.
Personality: Strong in every sense, yet she has an uncanny ability to read more into a situation than most people.
Sense of Humor: Although she spends most of her time buried in work, she finds humor in the old comedy movies starring Steve Martin.
Phobias: None, thanks to her experience
Likes: Although she thoroughly enjoys her work, Julia loves the chance to relax with a good movie or book. She has even been known to take an actual vacation once in a while.
Dislikes: Ignorance
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Stupidity, especially in those too ignorant to change their ways.
Achievements: In her life she has accomplished many things, but most recently she has been promoted to the Civilian Diplomacy section of Star Fleet from the Foreign Affairs section.
Disappointments: Disappointments have littered her life as much as achievements, but her biggest disappointment included her gullibility as she first entered the real world.
Illnesses: Nothing major
Strengths: Her ability to read people and situations like pages from a book coupled with her impeccable negotiating skills makes her nearly unstoppable.
Weaknesses: Although she started life with many weaknesses, she has none to speak of currently.
Fears: None
Prejudices: Julia tends to treat everyone on the same level – as an equal until something happens to prove otherwise.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Seeing as she rarely leaves the office, she typically wears business suits- charcoal gray with stripes. Burgundy is her power color.
Distinguishing Features: Although she hasn't seen it, she gets a very determined and almost primal look when in the middle of negotiations.
Pets: A gray striped cat by the name of Samson
Friends: She keeps no close friends for she has found nothing but pain from allowing people too close.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Each and every day in the San Francisco Governor's Office after the day her work was openly criticized in front of Julia.
Best Time: Her first few business successes after her dealings with the postal customer, which propelled her into the business world.
Most Crucial Experience: Her dealings with the postal customer, for she learned the most about human behavior and herself.
Role Model: Her ethics teacher, Mr. Hammerhill, who taught her the art of negotiation.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Special Assistant to the Base Commander Star Base Bravo 21010.30 Appointed Special Assistant to the Base Commander Civilian

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