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A Leave of Absence (LOA) is a status used when an officer needs to take a certain amount of time off from their duties.

  • Regular LOA: Requested for a variety of reasons, it is usually for one month or less.
  • Extended Leave of Absence (ELOA): When an officer needs more time than a normal LOA would allow them.
  • Special Leave of Absence (SLOA): Granted for special circumstances only, this type of leave requires the signature of many higher-ups.
  • Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA): Due to a medical condition, an officer is not able to preform their duties, and are placed on leave until they are able to do so.

According to the Federation Space Constitution, the policy for a player LOA is below: Requires approval of Commanding Officer (CO). Extended Leave of Absence (ELOA): An approved absence of two months to four months. Requires approval of Fleet Commander (FC). Special Leave of Absence (SLOA): An approved absence greater than four months. Requires approval of Commander in Chief (CinC) or President (Pres). A date of return must be provided to approval authority prior to an absence. Players may ask for an extension of their current leave. In the event that the player does not return at the end of the points cycle following the return date, the character will be considered abandoned.
3.13.2. Procedure: Prior to their leave, players must email the leave approval authority with a leave request. Request should include leave starting date and the expected date of return. The approval authority will acknowledge the leave, and note it down on the Active Personnel (AP) sheet. Players must notify their CO upon their return.

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