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Alara Laoun
Career Occupation
Medical Officer
USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Biographical Attributes
Trill (Joined)
173 cm (5 ft. 8 in.)
56.7 kg (125 lb.)
Eye Color:
Sapphire blue
Hair Color:
Raven black
Normally worn in a ponytail that stretches to the small of her back
Lithe, toned. Keeps herself in shape
Very expressive, cultured
United Federation of Planets
Alara was born in the village of Tarlon in the northern hemisphere of the Trill homeworld. The village overlooked the shimmering purple oceans and was surrounded by forests, making it a spectacular place to grow up
Familial Relationships
Brin Yacen, member of the Star Fleet diplomatic corps who retired just before the Dominion war. When it ended, he came out of retirement to offer his skills in keeping the peace
Kavantha Yacen, lecturer in Xenochemistry at the University of Trill
Status of Parents:
Both have retired back to Tarlon, enjoying the tranquillity of the place after lifetimes of hopping around the galaxy
Marital Status:

Personal History

Laoun Symbiont:

The Laoun symbiont is a comparatively young example of the species. Still, thanks to the sheer differences in previous hosts, Laoun has plenty of experiences to call upon;

Rachalie: She was a gymnast in her early years, only retiring when she was physically unable to keep up with the younger generations. Her reputation for her almost unnaturally good balance and spectacular, meticulously planned routines was formidable and she won many, many competitions. When she became unable to indulge her passion for gymnastics, Rachalie became a primary school teacher. She was always around to lend a friendly ear to the young children in her care, and died happy and content of natural causes aged 92.

Vanden: A career soldier and Star Fleet Marine. Vanden was a decorated war hero, powerful, authoritative and famed for brilliant yet totally unorthodox tactics. However, there was also a much darker side to his personality that went undetected and unrevealed for much of his life. When it came to the crunch, Vanden could, would and did kill without mercy or compunction. He also had a viciously short temper, and never learnt the art of diplomacy. Colonel Vanden Laoun died towards the end of the Dominion War in a boarding action on a Dominion dreadnought, fighting hand-to-hand combat with Jem'Hadar, aged just 36.

Yill: Yill was a merchant and trader, one of the few in that profession who managed to both be genuinely honest and stay in business. He dealt in transports, hovercars and small shuttles, with a sideline in restoration as well as parts supplies, spending most of his profits on exploring the universe and giving to charities. His manner was very open and he cared about others and what they thought of him. Unfortunately Orion cartels started to spread out into Yill’s territories and areas of interest, and the Trill found himself under intense pressure to give into the Orions’ demands for protection money and monopolies of certain goods. He refused and this was ultimately his undoing; the Orions had him assassinated when he was 43.

Alara is the fourth host of the Laoun symbiont.

Alara Laoun nee Yacen:

Alara Yacen grew up in the rural village of Tarlon. Far from being a backwater cut off from the world, Tarlon was an idyllic paradise with spectacular views and a lively community with close bonds between its people. Alara grew up fascinated by the beauty of the natural world around her. Her parents encouraged her to study the plants and the sea and the creatures that lived in them, as well as making sure she knew all about the universe beyond Trill. Her father often let her visit him on other worlds when he had a long posting, and Alara loved walking round the beauty spots of other planets.

The mysteries of the symbionts were just as enticing, and from a very early age Alara wanted to be a host. The idea of being part of a living chain spanning thousands of years appealed to her, as did being able to share the memories of those who had gone before.

Eventually her desire to see how things worked led her towards a career in medicine. For a while it looked like science would be her calling, but her desire to make a real difference to people’s lives and put her knowledge to use came to the fore. She had a knack for diagnosis and figuring out the best treatment, traits that figure to come in handy in her chosen profession.

Academia was a battle for Alara more than a pleasure. She didn’t do particularly well having to learn within a structured environment, but the final goal of being a doctor and saving lives drove her on. Star Fleet presented itself as an option chiefly because it let her see the Universe whilst doing what she wanted. She had to put the hours in to get the grades she needed in order to get into the Academy, but once she was there it all seemed worth it.

Alara flourished at Star Fleet Academy. Being able to ‘learn by doing’ rather than being force-fed textbooks really brought her out of her shell. She absorbed everything that was fired at her by her tutors and blew off steam by playing sports.

Once she graduated, instead of getting a ship assignment she was called back to Trill by the Symbiosis Commission. After passing initiative training in no time at all, helped no end by her medical background, Alara Yacen was Joined with the Laoun symbiont.

Having been assigned to active duty with the USS Gettysburg, Midshipman Alara Laoun is looking forward to getting out into space. The battlecruiser’s reputation for always being in the thick of the action convinced the Trill very early on that her skills would be needed early and often!

Alara is still very much coming to terms with being Joined. Before, she had a tendency to be quite withdrawn and to think things through before opening her mouth as she wasn’t the best speaker. Now Vanden’s influences lead her to sometimes speak before she’s ready, and the occasional moment of oratory she didn’t see coming will emerge thanks to Yill, all the while feeling the almost maternal tenderness from Rachalie.

In time the personalities will all bed down. But for now things are very much still a mix…

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Medicine
Academy Minor(s): Languages, Xenobiology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Sports of all descriptions, learning new languages
Short-Term Goals: Getting to grips with the often conflicting personalities and experiences being Joined has gifted her with
Long-Term Goals: Working her way up the chain of command and maybe one day running her own medical department
Personality: Unsettled
Sense of Humor: Very waspish wit, with a knack for sharp one-liners
Phobias: Stinging insects
Likes: Peace and quiet, sporting competition
Dislikes: Klingon food and watching Klingons eat it – it turns her stomach
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Red tape getting in the way of treating patients. Healthy people being in Sickbay
Achievements: Being Joined
Disappointments: None. Yet..
Illnesses: Nothing out of the ordinary
Strengths: Analytical mind, excellent improvisational skills
Weaknesses: Can take things too personally, a little too blunt when she thinks someone is wrong, currently unsettled personality
Fears: Fading away into anonymity
Prejudices: Unconsciously treats unJoined Trill like those who are missing out
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Tends towards jeans and t-shirts. Not a fan of getting dressed up unless she absolutely has to
Distinguishing Features: Distinctive Trill markings. In Alara these are very pronounced, even more so than usual
Pets: None
Friends: Razzak Syris, Joining mentor at the Symbiosis Commission. When Alara was Joined to the Laoun symbiont, she struggled at first with the conflicts that followed. Razzak worked hard with her to keep her head up and to help her come to terms with the changes in her personality, winning her gratitude and friendship in the process

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Having to leave her home to go to Star Fleet Academy. Alara was part of a very tight-knit community on Trill and she was homesick until classes kicked off in earnest. She still misses her friends and family even now, staying in constant contact with them
Best Time: Being at the Academy. Alara loved every aspect of being there, from teaching methods that fitted her to meeting people from cultures she’d not even heard of
Most Crucial Experience: Realising that she wanted to become a Medical Officer in Star Fleet. It gave her something to work towards and a reason to keep fighting her running battles with school
Role Model: Alara doesn’t really have a role model. She’s always tried to be the best she can be, and measures herself against the goals she sets out for herself

Career History

Stardate 20906.14 - Assigned to the USS Gettysburg, BC-1863

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