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Elin Lantori
Career Occupation
USS Darwin, GEC-9000
Biographical Attributes
1/2 Human, 1/2 Denobulan
160 cm (5 ft. 3 in.)
68.9 kg (152 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Platinum blond
Long hair, pulled back tightly
Facial Hair:
Clean shaven
Soft, but forceful
United Federation of Planets
Vancouver, Earth
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Father, deceased. Mother lives on Vega colony. Mother is a civilian scientist for Star Fleet
1 Sister, Yvera, 78 years
Marital Status:

Personal History

Elin was born in Vancouver, Earth. As a young child, he was very happy, and blessed to have such a caring and supportive family. However, as time went on, several issues started manifesting themselves in Elin’s life. For one, his Denobulan heritage caused him to mature much more slowly than his peers on Earth, which was hard for him to deal with. He also had trouble being away from other Denobulans as well. Due to a disagreement that his mother had with the ruling government of her home planet, once she had met her current husband, she never returned to Denobula, wanting to raise her children on Earth instead.

Due to his slower aging process, Elin attended grammar and high school later than a human child. He entered grammar school at 12 years of age, transferred to James T. Kirk High School in Vancouver at 20 years old, and graduated when he was 24. He was extremely adept in the maths and sciences, but found some difficulty in studying English, especially the ancient Earth masters such as Shakespeare.

Watching his friends and peers age much quicker was difficult for Lantori, something which he is currently dealing with his best friend, Brian. While Brian is 70, which is nearing the end of mid-life by human standards, Elin looks like he is in his mid-twenties, despite his own age of 69.

After graduating High School, he felt the need to discover some of the surrounding neighborhood on his own. For many years, he ventured into the Sol system, exploring many of the untouched areas of the planets and moons, especially Mars, Titan, and Europa.

In his late 50’s, he did become involved romantically with a human female by the name of Grace. She shared a common interest in science and engineering, and their relationship grew, until Elin proposed to her. Unfortunately, she turned him down. Contrary to popular Denobulan custom, he has not been involved with anyone since.

When Lantori reached the age of 61, his father passed due to old age. This happened shortly after an argument that he and Elin had regarding Elin’s thinking about joining Star Fleet. To help clear his mind, Elin decided to hike across Europa for two days before his Father’s funeral. However, on the second day, he sustained a severe injury to the leg, and had communications failure as well. As a result, he remained on Europa for five days, and missed his father’s funeral. He would leave the idea of Star Fleet behind for another few years.

As the time passed, he grew uneasy with his life. He wanted to do something that mattered, make a difference in the Federation. He started to consider enrollment in Star Fleet Academy once more, and proceeded with that when he was 63. Due to the many years that had passed since his graduation from high school, he was required to attend a two year preparation program for the academy at Cambridge University in Massachusetts. Upon entering the academy, he did extremely well in his two majors, and started opening up to people a little more, actually forming new friendships. He was uneasy with this at first, but grew to accept it throughout his Academy years.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Double majoring in engineering and science
Academy Minor(s): Warp field theory
Hobbies and Pastimes: Backpacking through open country. Lantori enjoys spending most of his free time out doors with a few close friends. Most of his holodeck simulations have to do with backpacking or fishing. He also enjoys “tinkering” with various forms of technology to see what makes them operate
Short-Term Goals: Adjusting to life in Star Fleet and completing a research project on warp field dynamics
Long-Term Goals: Becoming a Chief Engineer, proving to naysayers that his choice in Star Fleet was correct. Would eventually like to enter the Command Division
Personality: Tends to “soak everything in” that happens around him, observing others actions. This may lead some to think that Lantori is antisocial. However, he enjoys interacting with his friends and shipmates, and tends to form close bonds with them after the initial period of “observation”. He has strong convictions and stands up for what he believes in. He has however been known to let his emotions get the better of him in tense situations
Sense of Humor: He has a dry sense of humor, and can be sarcastic at times
Phobias: He absolutely abhors small places. Turbolifts and closets are avoided if possible. Shuttles were once difficult, but he has learned to tolerate them. Unless it is absolutely necessary for an assignment, he does not go into Jefferies Tubes
Likes: He enjoys the outdoors, especially when he has brought a good written novel along with him. He likes figuring things out, especially when it comes to Science and Engineering. Above all, he enjoys spending time with friends and family
Dislikes: He does not like cleaning, and puts it off for as long as possible. He also dislikes extreme heat and mornings.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who fidget and can’t sit still
Achievements: Graduated top of class at James T. Kirk High School in Canada. Spent many years exploring the untouched wilderness of Earth and other Sol planets. During this time, continued amateur study of Stellar Cartography and Warp Field dynamics. Published two articles in Daystrom Journal of Science on the feasibility of a Federation adopted transwarp system. Once he decided to enter Star Fleet, he received numerous awards in academics throughout his stay at the Academy, especially in Engineering
Disappointments: His lack of support from his family at his decision to enter Star Fleet. Missing his father’s funeral due to a hiking accident across ice plains of Europa
Illnesses: Broken leg on Europa, out of contact with anyone for five days due to communications failure. Suffered severe hypothermia and frostbite. Born with Marfan’s Syndrome which was easily corrected with minor surgeries to the heart and genetic therapy
Strengths: All types of science, but especially astrophysics and warp theory
Weaknesses: Lantori tends to be unsure of himself in new situations and can sometimes let this get to him, something he had to overcome real fast in Academy training
Fears: Being burned alive, or seeing a friend die while he stands by helpless
Prejudices: He has always disliked the more aggressive species, feeling that their ways would only result in more suffering
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Traditional Denobulan clothing, usually dark greens and blues
Distinguishing Features: Round face but sharp eyes
Pets: None
Friends: Brian Eagan, from his hometown in Vancouver on Earth. Lantori and Eagan met during a Martian backpacking trip when Lantori was 35. Despite some initial character differences, they fast became friends when they discovered a common interest in Stellar Cartography and space exploration in general

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: When his father passed away due to old age, knowing that the same would happen to other friends and family, and he would continue to live much longer
Best Time: His expedition on Olympus Mons
Most Crucial Experience: His accident on Europa, as that would forever change his outlook on life and the value of it
Role Model: His father. Despite his disagreement about his decision to join Star Fleet, Elin always looked up to him for guidance. Also his best friend Brian who taught him the true meaning of friendship

Career History

Stardate 20807.30 - Graduated Star Fleet Academy, Engineering Division
Stardate 20807.30 - Promoted to Midshipman, assigned to USS Darwin GEC-9000

Contact Information


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