Lamarck, Rohan

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Rohan Lamarck
Career Occupation
Engineering Specialist, Acquisitions Specialist
Biographical Attributes
188 cm (6 ft. 2 in.)
95.3 kg (210 lb.)
Eye Color:
Light Blue, almost gray
Hair Color:
Short and Professional
Very Muscular
Facial Hair:
Slightly more sonorous than one would initially suspect, very ruggid
Angosia III
Familial Relationships
Terop Lamark
Reroa Lamark
Status of Parents:
Living on Angoisa III
2 Brothers
Marital Status:

Personal History

Early History

Rohan was born into a well to do middle class family on the outskirts of the Angosian capital city. He grew up enthralled with the city and the culture of the capital. Both of his parents were heavily involved with public service, and many days, Rohan spent long nights with his mother or father, each of whom were public defenders in the city—protecting the defenseless and the weak in the justice of the city.

Though Rohan didn't know it at the time, much of his future persona and his outlook on life would be greatly influenced by his early time with his parents

Angosian Academy and Service

As a result, Rohan decided to enter the Angoisan guard when he reached the age of 18. In the guard, he was subjected to a number of rigorous test and was told to report to the Angosian Engineering Academy as a result of his aptitude for training. At the Engineering Academy, Rohan discovered a true talent. He was good at fixing things, and the next three years at the Engineering Academy, receiving special field operations engineering training. While he was at the Academy, he was near the top in all of his classes and was at the upper end of the overall aptitude tests for command and future positions. At the end of his tenure, Rohan graduated and was assigned to Alpha command as a special assignment engineer.

Very shortly after his assignment started, Rohan was approached by General Tepeo, a grizzled looking Angosian general who invited Rohan to join the ‘special’ branch of the Angosian service. There, he would learn how to truly ‘help’ his people. What he didn’t know, was that the ‘special’ branch didn’t really exist.

Rohan accepted the position, and was brought into the special forces training under the command of General Tepeo. There, he learned that he was one of the few chosen for this project after the victory of the Tarsian War and the perpetual relocation of the old soldiers to Lunar V. After the failure of the first generation, the second generation of soldiers was to be prepared using different methods than the first group for more control and less or no genetic manipulation.

Though Rohan was weary at this point, he had little choice but to proceed with the training. At first, he was subjected to high doses of chemical therapies to increase his muscular capabilities. After the painful procedures were implemented, Rohan was taught how to engage in special operation tactics such as silent infiltration and extraction. By the end of the training, Rohan barely knew himself—and few would recognize him.

Though he still kept part of his identity, Rohan ‘felt’ different. He had urges and impulses now to be out in the field and to be doing things, and his new handler put him to work. His first assignment was when he was the ripe age of 25. His first assignment was to be done on the moon of Lunar V, silencing many of the other soldiers—his brethren and fore-followers. Though Rohan felt guilty for the work he was doing—his handlers made him believe that it was for his people and that he was helping the peace reign in the world.

His assignments continued for another three years, until Rohan could not stand the service any longer. During his time in the service, he had fought down uprisings, been captured and tortured on occasion, and bartered for from his people like he was some kind of prize to be won. After all… Rohan was only Angosian with a few upgrades.

Life on Lunar V

Rohan decided to stop his service with the Angosian special military unit when he was 28, and he was immediately removed to Lunar V, where the elderly other soldiers helped him regain his sense of duty, honor, and self. One in particular helped him along the difficult journey. He was an old engineering solider, named Matos. It was there, during a six month period that Rohan made another drastic transformation, from merciless killer of the state, to enabled and in control of himself—though still dangerous.

It was when his self-realization was complete that Rohan decided it was time to move on with life.

His opportunity for escape from the Lunar V was paramount in this plan, and during one of the days, he took control of the supply scout, stunning the members of the crew, hoisting them out of the ship and throwing them and their supplies out to the colony members before running the ship up out of the moon.

The Angosians were prepared for this kind of attack from the residents of Lunar V though, and enacted quick procedures. Rohan, in a last ditch effort to escape, released all of the leftover contents of the cargobay, and hid on the far side of the moon after a quick attack came from the enemy ship. All they could find was debris of a craft-- and they believed him dead.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Rohan did not Attend Star Fleet Academy

Angosian Academy Majors: Starship Engineering; Field Operations Engineering
Angosian Academy Special Training: Covert Operations and Retrieval Tactics
Hobbies and Pastimes: Rohan is still discovering new hobbies, as of yet, he has only found that he enjoys 3’d chess.
Short-Term Goals: Discover his new role in the quadrant
Long-Term Goals: Find a ‘Home’
Personality: Though Rohan is obviously battle-hardened, he can have a good sense of humor and is willing to be playful. He is easily offended though, and will lash out at those who offend.
Sense of Humor: Situational
Phobias: The only thing Rohan fears is the life he led before
Likes: Fixing things
Dislikes: Being made a fool
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Those who break promises
Bad Habits or Vices: He will tilt his head to the side when thinking about something complicated
Achievements: Marked for special training
Disappointments: He felt he was let down by his entire planet by the way they treated him Illnesses= None
Strengths: His thinking and ingenuities
Weaknesses: His pride
Fears: Loosing himself
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Combat fatigues—they’re all purpose
Distinguishing Features: Vivid scaring across his back
Pets: None
Friends: None

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Realizing that the special services division made him a glorified killing machine
Best Time: Entering the Angosian Academy as an engineering student
Most Crucial Experience: His time spent on Lunar V
Role Model: His mentor and friend on Lunar V, Matos

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