LaHaye, Alexandra

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Alexandra “Alex” LaHaye
Career Occupation
Chief Medical Officer, Surgeon General
Pioneer Outpost
Biographical Attributes
Eye Color:
Black, lacks whites
Hair Color:
Long, worn loose
Facial Hair:
Soft and calming
United Federation of Planets
Vancouver, Canada, Earth
Familial Relationships
Micha LaHaye
Anja LaHaye
Status of Parents:
Retired, living in Vancouver
Marital Status:
Amber, 7

Personal History

Born to a relatively well-off civilian family in Vancouver on Earth, Alex was fascinated by all things related to the mind from young age. Studying psychology in school, her parents expected her to apply to the finest universities in the Federation, and were more than a little distressed when instead she decided to apply to Starfleet Academy.

Four years went by quite quickly, and after her promotion to Ensign, Alex stayed at the Academy to work on her doctorate. Her thesis was based on how certain telepathic signals could alter a person's perception, and though her professors voiced concerns at her conclusion, she attained her PhD at the age of twenty-four. Assigned to Starfleet Medical to treat the most troubled Starfleet Officers, she was involved in a project that used the same theoretical principles she covered in her thesis to try and “correct” the psychological damage that stemmed from the horrors Starfleet Officers can be subjected to. Though the project was a failure, her work had attracted the notice of a higher and darker power.

At twenty-seven, she was recruited by a Captain working for Star Fleet Special Operations and found herself inducted into the Psychological Warfare department. The Romulan War was drawing to a close, but the department continued their work into finding an effective means to disorient and disable Romulan soldiers without affecting races with similar physiologies such as Vulcans. She also worked on projects to disrupt the Borg Hive Mind, but with little success in the field. During this time, Alex studied the research of a small cult on Betazed in the 20th Century, which focused on developing Betazoid telepathic powers to include telekinesis and the ability to kill with a thought. With the conclusion of the war and the destruction of the Borg, Alex left Special Operations behind and took a position as Counsellor aboard the USS Philadelphia.

She served on the Philadelphia for four years, meeting Paul Braggins on his first day when he accidentally breached quarantine in Sickbay, and locked himself in with her. The two have been good friends ever since. She continued to serve on the Philadelphia, and transferred to the Enterprise with him, where she was also maid of honour at his wedding to Mackenzie. With the commencement of another Romulan War, Alex rejected the advances of the secretive Telepathic Corps and remained on Starbase Bravo, where she met and married Pete - a Marine Fighter Pilot. She soon became pregnant with his child, and gave birth to a daughter who they named Amber.

The war ended, and Pete took a position on the Ticonderoga with Halo Squadron. Alex and Amber went along too, keen to support her old friend in his first starship command. Her life on the Ticonderoga was less than ideal, the ship bearing many physical and emotional scars from previous battles. After the battle of Carraya, she tended to the needs of those who had come face-to-face with the Klingon/Borg hybrids that had boarded the ship, all the while dealing with the recent loss of her husband who had been killed in action while flying as Paul's wingman in the same mission. She briefly considered leaving Starfleet to raise Amber by herself, but the state of the ship, and Paul's failing marriage convinced her to stay. Alex knew that if she wasn't around to reign in her friend and pick up the pieces when required, the crew of the Ticonderoga would be out of control.

During the Krynar crisis, Alex was promoted to Commander and moved back to Earth temporarily to work in a think-tank designed to find ways to overcome the Krynar's "enlightenment" process. Though the initial concepts seemed positive, no conclusive results were reached before the crisis was over. Following the crisis, Alex found herself without an assignment and considering early retirement once again. Once again the Braggins family gave her life new purpose; with a temporally-displaced Jenny requiring telepathic interrogation to ascertain the truth of her story. Sworn to secrecy about the entire incident, Alex accepted Paul's offer to return to Special Operations first as a consultant and then promotion to Captain as Director of Psychological Operations - placing her in charge of understanding and demoralising potential enemies while also ensuring the psychological well-being of teams returning from high-risk situations.

Following the conclusion of hostilities, Alex accepted a position on Pioneer Outpost in order to study the effects being beyond the borders of the Federation had on Star Fleet's crews in the area.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Psychology
Academy Minor(s): Psychiatric Medicine
Hobbies and Pastimes: Settling down with a good book, playing the guitar
Sense of Humor: Quirky
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Usually baggy t-shirts and jeans, but has been known to wear the occasional skirt or dress
Distinguishing Features: None to speak of
Friends: Vice Admiral Paul Braggins, Captain Mackenzie Braggins

Contact Information


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