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Kyle Riker is a male Human from Earth, father to William Riker.

He is well-known as a civilian tactical strategic consultant to Starfleet, specializing in the "frontier regions" of space. He had a reputation for being "tough as nails."

Kyle Riker and his son were not close, both traumatized by the sudden death of Kyle's wife, and William's mother.

When the boy was 15, Kyle abandoned him, still suffering emotional loss from the death of his wife.

The two men led lives completely separate from each other, reuniting accidently in 2353 when Kyle was assigned to the USS Enterprise to brief the crew on a mission.

In 2361, a transporter accident resulted in the duplication of William Riker, though the duplicate was not discovered until eight years later.

The man, who wished to go by Thomas Riker, was now, for all intents and purposes, Kyle Riker's second son.

By 2371, Kyle was engaged to a woman named Brenda Sorenson, whom he presumably married shortly after introducing her to his son, William.