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Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Kuznetsova
Career Occupation
Security Officer
USS Sheridan, DD-4086
Biographical Attributes
50.8 kg (112 lb.)
Eye Color:
Marine Blue
Hair Color:
Dyed black hair with shock blue tips
Long, straight hair normally wore down but tied back on duty
Slight, Athletic
Facial Hair:
Purring English but Russian accented
United Federation of Planets
Tessen III
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Both alive. Aleksandr Kuznetsov is Chief Of Engineering onboard USS Raman, a science vessel on station in the Alpha Quadrant. Alina Kuznetsova is a Federation geologist on Tessen III
Viktorya (twin), deceased, 20 when killed
Marital Status:

Personal History

Katya was born of Russian ancestry on the Federation planet Tessen III. Her family hails originally from St Petersburg. Her parents, who had met on Earth, moved to space to forge a new start to their failing marriage and the struggle to establish themselves on the new planet was tough. But it did bring them together and 2 years later the twins were born, the first in the Kuznetsov family line to be born outside Russia.

Early family life was hectic as it soon became apparent that the two twins were vastly different. Vita was quiet and passive but the young Katya was a real handful. Brought up by her mother primarily, she fought against her parents attempts to control her and bring her up in a structured, disciplined environment and was constantly expelled from school. As the girls developed Katya grew very jealous of her sister's abilities and obvious potential. The teenage Katya was constantly fighting with her parents, sister and peers and was finally chucked out of higher education for violently attacking a fellow pupil. Her mother attempted to home teach Katya but she continued to have a problem with rules and conformity.

From the ages of 16 however the girls relationship improved. Vita took a keen interest in her mother's profession and she enrolled to train as a geologist at 17. Katya's life, however, was not heading in a clearer direction. She missed her father who was always on assignment and rejected the possibility of continuing the family tradition of serving in Star Fleet. She could only hold down jobs temporarily and hated her fractured childhood. Katya got increasingly frustrated and depressed about her lack of aims and acheivements but found increasing comfort in her sister's arms as the pair began a deep friendship that would be tragically cut short.

As Katya grew older and was able to be left home alone Katya's mother began taking Vita on geology expeditions from the age of 19 to provide her with essential work experience and on the fourth such trip tragedy struck. As 20 year old Katya returned home from a bar job she was met by a family friend who broke the news of the accident. After surveying an underground cavern Vita had lost her footing on the return climb of a dangerous rockface. Her mother was at the top of the wall and could only watch her daughter fall. The whole family was devasted, her parents tried to remain strong but Katya was torn apart by the loss of her soulmate. She disappeared for a week before returning home wimpering and emancipated.

The grief and sense of loss had a profound impact on Katya and the process of burying and mourning for Vita finally pushed Katya back into her parents welcoming arms. While she never got over her sister's death Katya realised she had to make her parents proud and take the baton from her talented sister. At age 20 Katya enrolled at Star Fleet Academy much to the delight of her family and parents. Personality

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security, Combat training (hand to hand), Weapons training
Academy Minor(s): Tactics, History
Hobbies and Pastimes: Katya enjoys reading, playing the bass guitar and the sense of adventure the holodeck brings. The process of maturing and reclaiming her life means Katya is loyal to, and loves going out with her friends
Short-Term Goals: To remain in Star Fleet and show her parents her commitment is real
Long-Term Goals: Command, either of a Starship or a Star Fleet Marine detachment
Personality: Cautious around new people, fiercely loyal, flirty but very fiery
Sense of Humor: Katya enjoys stand-up and slapstick comedy but has a dry wit about her
Phobias: Doctors and hospitals
Likes: Katya likes the gothic lifestyle and fashions, a family legacy handed down by the Kuznetsova women. She has an old music taste and loves gothic music and her fathers love of ancient 20th/21st century metal/rock music because it appealed to her rebellious nature. Also physical combat and challenging herself
Dislikes: Rules and discipline
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People disturbing her personal space unannounced, overly happy or optimistic people
Bad Habits or Vices: Katya can be aggressive and argumentative
Achievements: Katya was proud of her steady acheivement at higher education until her altercation with a fellow pupil. Following her father into Star Fleet
Disappointments: She is very disappointed that her temper ruined her hard work and led to her final expulsion from school at 16
Illnesses: Several broken limbs from fighting as a child but no major illnesses
Strengths: Action and leading from the front
Weaknesses: Concentration and menial tasks
Fears: Athazagoraphobia, the fear of being forgotten
Prejudices: Katya primarily has a problem with trusting alien races like the Ferengi or the Romulans
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Gothic Fashion
Distinguishing Features: Bewitching, piercing blue eyes. Several tattoo's including a full sleeve of demonic scenes/characters on her left arm and a biomechanical piece on right upper arm. Smaller tattoo of a dancing devil on right wrist
Pets: None
Friends: Best friend was always her twin Viktorya (Vita) but since her death Katya felt unable to find that depth of friendship with anyone else. Vita was a sweet, loving sister with a docile manner. She was extremely close to Katya before she was killed when cataloguing Tessen III's deep cave network. An gifted and quick learner Vita wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The death of her twin sister Vita. The girls were inseparable at the time of the accident and the rebellious Katya had never had such a deep relationship. It was a catastrophic event in Katya's life and she still gets extremely emotional about her sister and the event
Best Time: Katya found a new sense of purpose and self-confidence after she committed to Star Fleet on her sister's death but she was happiest when curled up with Vita at home on Tessen III
Most Crucial Experience: Definately, but again, the death of her sister. It was the defining moment in Katya's life and is responsible for affecting every facet of Katya's life
Role Model: Her parents taught her to admire Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova for being the first man and woman in space and hoped Katya would succeed them, and her father, in space. But when her sister died Katya realised how much she missed her and her virtues became the guides Katya aimed to follow.

Career History

Stardate 208011.01 - Graduated Star Fleet Academy, Security Division
Stardate 208011.01 - Promoted to Midshipman, assigned to USS Sheridan DD-4086
Stardate 208012.01 - Awarded Roleplayer of the Month, USS Sheridan
Stardate 209001.01 - Promoted to Ensign, USS Sheridan

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