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Ivanova Kuznetsova
Career Occupation
Engineer, Transporter Chief
USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Master Chief Petty Officer
Master Chief Petty Officer
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Brodie Codey
175 cm (5 ft. 9 in.)
95 kg (209 lb.)
Eye Color:
Dark brown
Hair Color:
Jet black
On duty – tightly pulled back into a single bun; off duty – long plaits, or a plaited bun
Medium / heavy
Pale with a slight rosey tint
Facial Hair:
Deep and husky
Voronezh, Russia
Familial Relationships
Admiral Mikhail Orlov (Ret’d) (Navy)
Sofia Orlova (Maiden Name: Artemyeva)
Status of Parents:
Alive, living in Moscow
Aleksis (43, male), Boris (44, male), Anastasia (48, female), Natalia (54, female)
Marital Status:
Dimitri (20, male), and Sophia (22, female)

Personal History

Ivanova was born to Mikhail and Sofia Orlov in the Voronezh General Hospital at midnight on 17 June. She was the second daughter, and was later accompanied by a further three siblings over the next seven years. Ivanova was always regarded as ‘slightly below average’ when growing up; she showed no particular talents in her educational early years. With a worried mother, and demanding father, Ivanova was soon sent to an all girls boarding establishment in Siberia believing that a good Russian education was what she needed in order to begin catching up with the others. Sadly Ivanova knew nothing of her little brother Aleksis being born until she returned for a visit during his first summer. The regime at the school was hard, and pushed Ivanova hard; mental arithmetic was clearly her hardest subject, and she drove herself ill dreading attending the class with the arcane professor. The only escape Ivanova had, was with sport; she loved all types of sport and quickly outperformed all the other girls in her year when it came to the power categories. Being no ballerina herself, Ivanova found that the company of boys (from the neighbouring all boys institution) was her only reprieve from cruel taunts from the other girls. Graduation came for Ivanova, and she excelled winning a Middle School Academy Scholarship for sport.

She attended a Moscow Academy for both girls and boys, and was given particular focus on her sporting prowess that quickly grew into speciality of Graeco-Roman Junior Girls Wrestling, and Shotput. Finding a solid group of mixed friends, Ivanova quickly realised her love of mechanics. Seeking every opportunity to tinker with vehicles, and machines, the only sport she kept up into her teenage years was the shotput.

Shortly after graduating the Moscow Academy, Ivanova sought out Starfleet and enlisted. Her enlisting within Starfleet caused a rift to occur between Ivanova and her father (Admiral Mikhail Orlov (Navy)) who thought she should have applied to Starfleet Academy, and become commissioned. Ivanova quickly showed her skill at engineering and soon streamlined into specialist areas that would take her away from Earth, and her father.

Tragedy struck when Ivanova’s first ship – USS Excalibur – was attacked and suffered critical damage; she had made very few friends in her first years in Starfleet, and was to be found cradling one of them trying to stabilise her without success. Upon Ivanova’s return to Earth, she and her father made amends. When attending a function with her father some months later, Ivanova was introduced to Maksimilian Kuznetsov; Makisimilian was a young, handsome, athlete who was also a journalist. As Ivanova’s and Maksimilian’s relationship grew, Ivanova was introduced to one of Maksimilian’s friends, Melinda Brooks – both were soon to become best friends.

As the years of courting went on, Ivanova got promoted through the ranks and was the assigned to the USS Broadsword – a deep space exploration vessel. Ivanova was proposed to by Maksimilian just before boarding the USS Broadsword, which was to be her inner strength as the ship set off to the farthest flung reaches of the Federation. Upon its return several months later, the USS Broadsword was viciously attacked by the Ferengi as it challenged the arms dealers to surrender their cargo; during this skirmish Ivanova was to act bravely and receive credit for her efforts. When the USS Broadsword finally made it back to Earth, Ivanova and Maksimilian married.

Ivanova fell pregnant with Sophia almost immediately after he wedding, and she was assigned to Starbase Alpha in order to be close to her husband, and to reduce the stress on her and her unborn child. Maternity leave was granted, and Ivanova had barely returned to work when she fell pregnant with Dimitri. Determined not to allow this stop her in fulfilling her duty to Starfleet, Ivanova moved their family to San Francisco where she taught at the Academy, and tutored enlisted engineers. After maintaining her Academy post for the next 10 years, Ivanova was then to be posted aboard the tired cruiser, USS Surprise. The Surprise managed to survive the constant fire fights it found itself in, defending the Federation against the destabilising factions along her borders. When the Surprise was finally decommissioned, Ivanova found herself working on a Top Secret infiltration vessel for Starfleet Intelligence operatives before being assigned to the USS Philadelphia.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Matter / Anti-Matter Injection Systems, and related control systems
Academy Minor(s): Transporter Maintenance and Operation
Hobbies and Pastimes: Shotput, Rowing, Horse Riding, Knitting, Opera
Short-Term Goals: Ivanova would like to surprise Dimitri by being present on his 21st Birthday in Toronto, Canada.
Long-Term Goals: To hopefully have grandchildren (if Sophia can pick just one of her boyfriends to settle down with!)
Personality: Ivanova is a well-established woman, and expects to be treated as such. She has seen far too many wars, and conflicts whilst serving in Starfleet. She has no patience for time wasters, and very little time for those that have not done their ‘homework’ before coming to her for advice. She has great respect, instilled in her from a young age by her father, for those that have done their time. She does not class wrinkles as wisdom lines, but as ‘watcher lines’ – for these people have witnessed history just as she has.

She has been approached by the MCPOSF enquiring whether she would like to be commissioned, but has turned it down on no less than seven occasions believing that the only way get things done, is to do them yourself getting your own hands dirty.
Sense of Humor: Ivanova will laugh deep-bellied laughs when there is something to laugh about. She does not laugh at others misfortune, even if it has been by her own hands. She has a love of pranks, and attributes her latest ‘Good Conduct, and Long Service’ medal to thirty years of going undetected!
Phobias: Ivanova admits to having nothing but only the fear of fear. Secretly there is a deep worry within the woman that even though she has little left to serve in the Starfleet; the Milky Way, in its continuing political destabilisation, will see a conflict that she doesn’t emerge from to spend time with her two children.
Likes: Peace and quiet, people who know what they are doing and have enough years to know how to do it properly
Dislikes: Modern Starfleet – there was a time when we were explorers
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Feckless, ‘green’ engineers, young officers who have no concept of the trials and sufferings she has seen the Federation fight through in order to remain a first rate power in the galaxy.
Bad Habits or Vices: Ivanova is conservative and reserved
Achievements: Mention in Starfleet Dispatches for her bravery, and decisiveness, in taking control of a Galaxy Class Starship Engineering Department during a particularly gruesome battle with three Ferengi Marauders. Her citation reads:

Engineering Petty Officer 2nd Class Ivanova Orlova of the USS Broadsword, during a ferocious battle with three Ferengi Marauder’s, bravely took control of Engineering after the Chief Engineer was killed on the second engagement with the aggressors. Officers were unable to assume command due to either being trapped, or having the specialist knowledge required elsewhere, leaving PO2 Orlova to coordinate, with other departments, their response to the continuous attack. PO2 Orlova generated a plan to overload and eject the Warp Core, creating a ‘shield sail’ with the remaining power, enabling the USS Broadsword to be carried away from the scene on the shockwave, and destroying the illegal trader’s vessels carrying prohibited weapons to enemies of the Federation. Without PO2 Orlova’s bravery and decisiveness, there is no doubt that the Federation would have lost the USS Broadsword with all hands, and many more lives in the subsequent conflict the illegal arms trade would have fuelled.
Disappointments: Secretly, Ivanova feels that she has missed out on the joys of youth by being brought up under a strict regime from an early age.
Illnesses: None to speak of
Strengths: Her determination, and her ability to remain calm in even the most intense storms
Weaknesses: Ivanova has grown to not display any weaknesses to others, however she cannot resist double-checking work when no-one is looking
Fears: Ivanova’s only fear is of fear itself
Prejudices: Ivanova despises those who portray a carefree attitude, especially if they are young
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Features= Heavily lidded eyes, a large girth, and small hands
Pets: A Russian Heavy Draft horse, white with grey freckles, called ‘Epona’
Friends: Melinda ‘Melly’ Brooks (An editor for a popular female magazine)

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Cradling a dying friend in her arms after an attack on her first ship – the USS Excalibur
Best Time: Her marriage to Maksimilian, followed by the births of Sophia and Dimitri
Most Crucial Experience: Dictating the instructions to fix the central computer core, and having to trust her own memory, and intuition.
Role Model: Alexander Stepanovich Popov for his invention of wireless electrical communication

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