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Shione Kurasa
Career Occupation
Chief of Security
USS Titania, RSV-88002
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander
Time on Site:
Longevity Medal 4
Biographical Attributes
1/2 Vulcan, 1/2 Betazoid
183 cm (6 ft. 0 in.)
90.7 kg (200 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Long, straight. Often braided or worn up
Tall, muscular, athletic. Graceful and attractive
United Federation of Planets
(N/A) 07.22
Familial Relationships
Birth Father Sormok of Vulcan
Melisandra Kurasa Geneticist and Physician
Status of Parents:
Birth Father lives on Vulcan. Other parents live on Betazed
Cassiadora, Sister 25 Starfleet Tactical Officer
Marital Status:

Personal History

Shione’s mother rescued a Vulcan from a crashed spacecraft and healed him. She became enamored of him and she conceived a child shortly after her birth Sormock left Betazed never to return.

Shione was an ostracized child due to her mixed race (Children can be cruel) and developed a thick skin because of her experiences. She learned how to protect her thoughts from the other children, not wanting them to know how unhappy she was and rarely even tried reading them. She was easily able to speak with her mind over long distances, but never allowed herself to look at anything deeper than the “Public Mind” of those around her, so that part of her talent was not as strong.

Because she was such a physical child, when she turned six, her stepfather arranged for Martial arts training, thinking the discipline would help her deal with her temper. She took to the training like she was bred for it, and soon taught a few of the older children who were repeatedly harassing her a lesson that almost got her expelled. She kept to herself for the remainder of her schooling and had only a few friends; mostly the other non-Betazoids, with whom she had something in common

On her 13th birthday, she told her parents she was interested in learning about her Vulcan abilities and heritage. So, because he had never seen her so keen on anything; her father Ben arranged to take her to Vulcan. Sormock refused to see her but arranged for a Vulcan tutor to return to Betazed with her, and with the tutor’s help she did acquire a skill with the Nerve Pinch, though Mind Melding was something she had a lot of trouble with. ; which was perhaps due to the intimacy of it.

Shione was happiest when competing in physical games and challenges and she rarely lost. This made her determined to find more challenging opportunities and with her parent's blessings, she traveled with them to a few nearby worlds where the joy of exploration was awakened and finally gave her the inspiration to decide on the course of her life.

“I want to see it all. I want to go to the stars and find a place of my own!”

Knowing her birth Father’s status as a high ranking member of the Vulcan Science council gave him some authority, she sent him a message asking him to assist her in getting to the Academy, where she could take the exam and begin her life anew.

Shione was overjoyed when arrangements were made, and headed off into this new and exciting challenge, with the same zeal and enthusiasm she felt when ascending a mountain.

USS Pegasus

Transferred aboard straight from the Academy Shione first saw action aboard the vessel when a previously dormant Dominion cloning facility tractored the ship, using the link to clone every member of the crew. She played a significant role in stopping the killing of the clones whose remains transformed into acid, nearly destroying the ship.

Shione’s clone along with a number of the others was Cryo-frozen and shipped to Starbase Alpha where she and some others were saved. S’hiarra, as she called herself, was posted as a Security officer on the USS Sheridan.

[[[USS Reciprocity]] (Classified)

Spook ship recruitment while on Bravo after the Pegasus was mothballed. Captain Solek who knew her birth father enticed her to join. She had a difficult time adapting to the lack of a normal command structure and had some issues which were eventually resolved. The ship was based in Area 42 a classified base deep inside Andoria.

She participated and took a lead on the away team coming to a resolution only to discover that the entire mission was a holographic training scenario. But as a result of her actions and courage, she was promoted and received a Gold Star.

USS Reciprocity II (Highly Classified)

There was a new Command crew including her DH, and a transfer to Star Fleet Intelligence. Some short training sessions with topics like Asymmetrical Combat, Interrogation, and an Engineering briefing on the varied and classified features of the ship; such as a Phase cloak, temporal core, telepathic inhibitor, and a mission to hunt down a rogue former admiral and his team of criminals.

The ship was snuck into Sol space and phased into a secret base on Pluto’s moon Charon, where we engaged in a running gunfight with the criminals only to have a rogue member of our own crew rescue the criminals, and steal the ship. We captured the Admiral but the Captain was killed.

While awaiting a new ship Shione adopted a small dog named Asoka. She then spent 4 days with her birth father settling their differences and coming to peace with him, but a more significant development was her reunion and pledging to her Imzadi. Jelaya Al-Mazi was now a permanent part of her new life.

USS Beckett

After an interview on Mars with Captain Dmitri Malone she was promoted to Lieutenant and was assigned as the Chief of Security for the Federation’s new prize ship; the USS Beckett. And what a ship she was; assigned to deep space exploration, and filled with civilians and VIP’s the ship sailed for Bravo. Almost immediately after launch, the ship struck an undetected wormhole which caused massive damage, a complete loss of power and brought the ship into a position of falling towards an unknown world.

She was gravely wounded in an explosion likely caused by some sabotage but recovered with medical help and took her place again on the bridge as the ship finally limped into Star Base Bravo

Transition to the USS Copernicus

The Beckett was mothballed to the astonishment of the crew and with little to no reason the entire crew was scattered like flotsam throughout the fleet. Shione was fortunate to land a Chief of Security position on the USS Copernicus.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security ,Engineering.
Academy Minor(s): Armed and Unarmed Combat,Languages
Hobbies and Pastimes: Martial Arts, Mountain Climbing, Wilderness exploration
Short-Term Goals: Finding a place of her own in her new posting where she could earn the respect of her fellows based on who she was, not what.
Long-Term Goals: Becoming someone her Birth Father will acknowledge
Personality: Disciplined and quiet, but not introverted. Rarely starts conversations. Pathologically Honest. Loyal to her friends
Sense of Humor: Sarcastic, but never mean or mocking
Likes: Physical activity, including sex. Games of both mind and body. Competitive sports. Spicy food
Dislikes: Bullies, Bigots and Men who feel they are the Universe’s gift to Women
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Wasting time, people who think she’s stupid because of her looks
Bad Habits or Vices: Telling the truth even when it can be uncomfortable to those present. Swearing
Achievements: Has climbed the tallest mountain on the 4 planets she has visited (Including Vulcan)
Disappointments: None that she has been willing to share
Strengths: Concentration, Endurance activities
Weaknesses: Witty repartee and small talk
Fears: Failure
Prejudices: Male Vulcans
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Loose fitting athletic style clothes which serve to hide her curves
Distinguishing Features: Piercing gaze, Classically beautiful facial structure. Tattoos on her arms and back
Friends: Her Mom
Referrer: Nivran. I googled his name. He and I play on an RPOL Star Trek game and I was interested in why the format of his character looked familiar.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Her birth father’s rejection
Best Time: At the top of a mountain
Most Crucial Experience: Acceptance into the Academy
Role Model: Her Father

Career History

Cadet Star Fleet Academy 21702.21 – 21703.15 Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon  
Security Officer Star Fleet Academy 21703.15 Promoted to Midshipman  
Security Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21703.15 Assigned to USS Pegasus, CL-2500, 2nd Fleet  
Security Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21704.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month  
Security Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21704.01 Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal  
Security Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21704.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month  
Security Officer USS Reciprocity,ES-17413 21707.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month  
Security Officer USS Reciprocity,ES-17413 21707.07 Promoted to Ensign  
Security Officer USS Reciprocity,ES-17413 21710.01 Awarded Gold Star  
Security Officer USS Reciprocity,ES-17413 21711.01 Awarded Co-Role Player of the Month  
Security Officer USS Reciprocity,ES-17413 21801.21 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade  
Security Officer USS Reciprocity,ES-17413 21803.01 Awarded Diamond Star.  
Chief of Security USS Beckett, CX-2000 21803.03 Promoted to Chief of Security, assigned to USS Beckett, CX-2000  
Chief of Security USS Beckett, CX-2000 21803.03 Promoted to Lieutenant.  
Chief of Security USS Beckett, CX-2000 21806.01 Outstanding Unit Citation  
Chief of Security USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 21823.06 Assigned to USS Copernicus, GSC-9035  
Chief of Security USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 21809.01 Awarded Co-Role Player of the Month  
Chief of Security USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 21811.01 Awarded Co-Role Player of the Month  
Chief of Security USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 21901.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month  
Chief of Security USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 21902.01 Awarded Co-Role Player of the Month  
Chief of Security USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 21903.02 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander  
Chief of Security USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 22103.01 Awarded Star Fleet Achievement Medal  
Chief of Security USS Titania, RSV-88002 22106.01 Transfer to USS Titania, RSV-88002
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
  Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
  Star Fleet Achievement Medal 1
  Star Fleet Commendation Medal 1
  Gold Star 1
  Diamond Star 1
  Outstanding Unit Citation 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
  Role Player of the Month 8

Contact Information

E-Mail: bowantheblack@gmail.com

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