Krynar War

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Krynar War
Date 2412-2415
Location Alpha Quadrant, Beta Quadrant
Result Federation Alliance victory;
Federation Alliance destruction of Krynar Homeworld
Federation Alliance
Klingon Empire
Romulan Empire
Krynar Confederation Forces
Krynar Confederation
Notable Commanders
Tyra Crawford
Jane Fields
Griffin Wright
Adaran 225
Gabriel Archer
Sonia Nezmah
Derrick Grant
Nicholas Ristone
Aloysia Yvette
Benjamin Vaughn
Casualties and losses
Unknown, severe Unknown, loss of homeworld

Near complete destruction of Jem'Hadar forces in all quadrants

"Until Victory Always."

- Che Guevara, USS Ozaki dedication quote, 2370

The Krynar War was a four year (2411-2415) interstellar conflict between the Krynar Confederation and the Federation Alliance that consumed the entire Beta and Alpha Quadrant in one of the most destructive wars in galactic history. By the end of the war, the Beta Quadrant had lost most of their military power. Most galactic powers in the quadrant were set back for decades, and there remained a catastrophic death toll for all powers involved.


Unknown to the Federation and most of the Beta and Alpha Quadrant powers, the Krynar began to secretly attack the Federation Alliance with small incursion while largely attacking the Dominion and VolkAstrum. The Krynar in 2411 attack Star Base Charlie, posing as two Jem'hadar vessels. Charlie was destroyed, along with Bajor. Vice Admiral Shields, as well as the vessels USS Louis, Democracy, were all lost. In 241210.01, the USS Intrepid, CA-1708 investigated the Bajor system. When they arrived, they found Krynar Shards posing as asteroids. the Intrepid attacked but suffered no damage in return. Shortly after they encountered a Krynar Shard Capital ship which left the system quickly.

After such the Krynar begins their 'enlightenment' conquest on the denizens of the Federation Alliance.

Total War Begins

The war officially begins when Starbase Sierra Eighteen and the Staarc system is occupied by the Inquisition. Star Fleet responded with a minor defense force assuming that the Krynar were simply invading a sector of the Federation. The small force was overpowered and retreated quickly. After which, Star Fleet command reassessed the situation. In 2412, the Federation assumed a defensive posture against the Krynar as the Tal'Shiar began to militarize the DMZ the following year. In 2413, several terrorist attacks were committed within Federation borders leading to the capture of several Federation ships and weapon stocks, Star Fleet quickly recaptured the supplies.

In 241310.24, the Krynar attacked Tellar Prime, conquering the system. Shortly after, a Krynar dreadnought appeared in Earth. On 241312.01, a task force composed of the USS Avenger, CA-1500, USS Pegasus, CL-2500, and the USS Ares, CL-2012. The USS Ares was destroyed and both the Avenger and Pegasus suffered heavy casualties and damage. The USS Avenger was redirected to Tellar Prime to recapture the planet. Tellar Prime was relieved of the Krynar occupation but at heavy loss to the Federation.

During the intervals between battles, Commander Edward Gregg created a super-weapon known as the 'Graser'. This weapon was a graviton-based pulse cannon that could only be equipped to Battlecruiser (CA) class ships due to the extreme energy drain.

241402.15, the USS Intrepid, CA-1708, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471, USS Gettysburg, CA-1863, and USS Avenger, CA-1500 were tasked with attacking the Krynar Homeworld. During the battle the Ticonderoga attacked the Avenger, damaging their port nacelle. The Avenger launched their 'Graser' weapon, destroying and destabilizing the Krynar home system. The Ticonderoga was completely destroyed in the process.