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Kryn'tor is a class M planet near the border with Romulan space and inhabited by at least two sentient species the Nakai and Joran. The planet is rich in mineral reserves including dilithium and latinum, these are concentrated mainly in the forests of the Northern hemisphere and deep in the Equatorial desert with small deposits in the Western hemisphere and North Pole regions. The Northern Forest region is inhabited by the Nakai and the Equatorial Desert region inhabited by the Joran.

The planet has abundant flora and fauna in several locations, the latter including a small species of furry mammal, a cross between a dog and cat in appearance, with a seemingly friendly canine temperament. The mammals have been observed to live in large packs in the Northern forest region.

The local star to Kryn'tor is known as “R’ek” by the Joran.


Kryn'tor was first surveyed by the USS Cook which led to the discovery of the mineral deposits, though the planet was then believed to be uninhabited.

A short while after the Cook's survey, on Stardate 20809.13 the USS Copernicus, GEC-9035 was sent to conduct detailed surveys in preparation for a possible Federation mining operation. The advanced Joran people were using a shielding device on the planet to protect them from the harmful effects of their local star, R’ek, and which masked life signs from sensors making it appear uninhabited. The device affected sensors, targeting and guidance systems, making transport to and from the surface unsafe using transporter or shuttlecraft. On discovering the planet was inhabited, plans for the mining operation were abandoned (see Copernicus Mission Logs "If it Looks too Good to Be True"). The Romulans were known to have shown an interest in the planet after the Copernicus mission, but it is unclear if they attempted to colonize Kryn'tor themselves.

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