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Career Occupation
USS Avenger, BC-1500
Gunnery Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Raass Giraath
390 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Long; wild and bushy on top and in back, with dreadlocks on the sides
Tall, Muscular
Dead white, tinted a pale bone yellow
Facial Hair:
Deep and harsh; has a heavy Nausicaan accent
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Deceased; Murdered by Naurax
One brother, Naurax, 32; Criminal, wanted for numerous robberies, violent crimes, and smuggling; Deceased; Killed by Krax on a mission to sever Romulan supply lines.
Marital Status:

Personal History

Krax was born on Nausicaa. His father owned a dilithium mining operation, controlling and operating both the mines and the processing facility. Krax spent most of his youth working in the operations end of the processing facility and in the mining operation’s freighter fleet. He learned the ins and outs of supply chains, business administration, and maritime fleet operations. However, at age 21 he and his father had a serious falling out over a business disagreement about the mines. Krax also got into a bar brawl with one of his father’s freighter captains, and left the family business. He enlisted in the Starfleet Marine Corps, just before the General War broke out. Krax served well in the General War as a Scout Sniper, working his way up the ranks to Sergeant by the war’s end. After the war, he served a two year stint as a Drill Sergeant. Five years later, he was promoted to Staff Sergeant. Krax was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant on the eve of the Second Federation-Romulan war. He served as Platoon Commander after his Lieutenant was killed in the early days of the war. He continued to serve as a Platoon Commander until the Borg Invasion. He was given a battlefield promotion to Master Sergeant by his Company Commander, along with a letter of recommendation for the Medal of Honor (which was denied), and appointed as Company Second-in-Command. Two months later he was forced to assume command of his company, their Captain and final surviving 2nd Lieutenant having been assimilated when the company withdrew from Mars. Krax continued serve as Company Commander until the Borg were destroyed. He was then transferred to Starfleet Special Operations Command as a Special Operations Team Leader, and his battlefield promotion was confirmed. For the next three years Krax lead his team in numerous covert missions, earning a Diamond Star (though both the mission and the award were classified). Krax was then promoted to First Sergeant and reassigned to Delta Platoon stationed on Starbase-157 and deployed along the Romulan border, conducting reconnaissance missions to determine Romulan military strength in the region. After the Romulan invasion, Delta Platoon's activities turned to covert combat operation. Krax served with distinction, earning a promotion to Sergeant Major.

Delta Platoon remained assigned to Starbase-157, conducting operations against the Romulans, until losses suffered during the Krynar Inquisition began resulting in manpower shortages. At that time, Krax was assigned to the USS Avenger Marine detachment, with orders to assist in coordinating tactics between the Marines and the Dominion troops. Thus, he was aboard the Avenger when she arrived in the new universe. Upon arriving at Starbase Delta, Krax was detained and debriefed, in light of his counterpart's treasonous actions. After clearing his own name and establishing his loyalty to Starfleet and the Federation, Krax was reassigned to the new Marine complement aboard the Avenger, with his SOCOM Operator status revoked, pending review of his previous record by Starfleet Command.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Starfleet Special Operations School
Academy Minor(s): Marine Scout-Sniper School
Hobbies and Pastimes: Hunting; honing Scout Sniper skills; arena fighting, dom-jot, B’aht Qul challenges, dabo, tongo, kotra
Short-Term Goals: To excel in combat; to adjust to life in this new universe; to earn his reinstatement with Starfleet SOCOM
Long-Term Goals: Get married and raise a family; to secure appointment to the Starfleet SOCOM Command Staff in order to perfect Starfleet Special Operations
Personality: Mean tempered, has a cruel streak, gruff, quiet and brooding
Sense of Humor: Dark and morbid, and rarely seen
Phobias: Extra-Vehicular space experiences
Likes: Combat training, combat, competent officers, alcohol, Ferengi, Klingon, and Romulan cuisine
Dislikes: Vulcan cuisine, synthehol, Security Officers, diplomats, politicians
Pet Peeves or Gripes: By-the-book officers, inexperienced officers, Starfleet policy regarding the use (or lack thereof) of disruptors and torture
Bad Habits or Vices: Gambling, bar brawling
Achievements: His rank promotions, qualifying for SOCOM, earning his Diamond Star (Mission details classified)
Disappointments: Having his career of excellent service to the Federation sullied by his counterpart's actions; Having his recommendation for the Star Fleet Medal of Honor turned down due to both the classified nature of the mission and his Brigade Commander’s decision that protests by senior officers over a Nausicaan being awarded for indulging his natural predisposition towards violence outweighed the valor of Krax’s actions; his brother’s reputation as a an excessively violent criminal
Illnesses: Nothing worth mentioning
Strengths: Innovative mind, brutal ruthlessness in combat, tactical adaptability, strong determination to win, excellent marksmanship, superior stealth skills
Weaknesses: Brutal ruthlessness in combat, tendency towards insubordination with incompetent or inexperienced officers, total lack of social grace, lack of tact when addressing subordinates and junior officers
Fears: Being crippled and living
Prejudices: Krax hates pacifistic societies and rigidly structured societies, in general; specifically, he hates Vulcans, Deltans, Bynars, Chalnoth, El-Aurians, Cardassians, Angosians, and Zakdorn
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Dark leather clothes; blacks and dark crimsons are favored
Distinguishing Features: Bony facial features, and sharp fangs folding over an inhuman looking mouth (common to all Nausicaans), with a 3 inch furrowed scar across the right eye, running diagonally from above the brow down and away from the nose to the cheek.
Pets: None
Friends: None in this universe

Career History

Stardate 21210.15 - Assigned Marine Department, USS Avenger, BC-1500

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