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Korgano was the mythological moon god of the extinct D'Arsay civilization.

He existed in counterpart with Masaka, The D'Arsay Sun Godess. The exchange on night and day was referred to as "The Hunt."

Korgano was considered a more benevolent figure than Masaka. He was her nemesis, the one who controlled Masaka and made her vanish from the sky.

In 2370, the Enterprise encountered the D'Arsay archive, which downloaded information into the Enterprise's computer and began reconfiguring the ship, replicating a temple of Masaka.

It also affected Lieutenant commander Data, who began taking on personalities from D'Arsay mythology, including Masaka.
The changes threatened to completely take over the ship, until Captain Jean-Luc Picard correctly hypothesized the relationship between Korgano and Masaka.
Picard used his knowledge of similar legends from other cultures to assume the identity of Korgano and attempted to direct the archive to release his ship.

In the character of Korgano, he successfully convinced Data, as the archive's representation of Masaka, to rest, completing the legend and shutting down the archive.