Kirk, George S.

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You may be looking for George Kirk, father of James Tiberius and George Samuel.

George Samuel Kirk was the brother of Star Fleet captain James T. Kirk. He was usually called by his first name, but his brother always called him "Sam."

A scientist and Starfleet officer during the 23rd Century, he was married to a woman named Aurelan, with whom they had three sons. Promoted to Lieutenant by 2259, he was a research biologist, in contrast with his father and brother's ambitions for command.

In 2266, Kirk was working as a civilian research biologist, living with his family, on the planet Deneva. When vessels from Ingraham B arrived carrying flying parasites, many of the colonists, including Kirk, were attacked and infiltrated by the parasites.

Resisting the parasites' control was excruciatingly painful, but eight months after the Ingraham B vessels arrived, Kirk's wife Aurelan managed to break the long communication blackout and get a brief distress call out to the Enterprise.

By the time the ship arrived, Sam Kirk was dead, and his wife died soon after. Their son, Peter, lived and was ultimately freed of the parasites.