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Barjax Killrama
Career Occupation
Science Officer
USS Titania, RSV-88002
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Barjax Killrama
Leo Mirak
7' 0"
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Dark brown
Large powerful build, well-muscled, toned
Golden Furry
Deep Bass, Booming.
Oranth III
New Harkalla Village, Kilodara Island
Familial Relationships
Lenarka Killrama.
Mendera (Nekilsana) Killrama.
Bengara 20- (Brother), Penjuro 18 (Sister), Jentara 6 (Brother)
Marital Status:

Personal History

What can you say about the eldest son of the Village High Priest and Priestess, he was destined since birth to take over from his father someday, but Barjax had other ideas? Oh, he could have spent his life as the High Priest attending functions at the Clan Leaders Compound, his days spent blessing cubs, blessing new businesses, and fishing boats, instructing school children of the sacred texts. Saying prayers for the dead, performing the bonding rituals but Barjax was fascinated by the world around him, especially Science and Technology, especially on the microscopic level. germs and bacteria, microscopic lifeforms that had the ability to take down even the largest and most powerful of creatures.

In school, he excelled in Science and Technology classes. He was strong in Math but had to work at it. Many a day he wanted to hunt down and kill the being who came up with The Pythagorean theorem, the formula a^2+b^2=c^2 would be forever burned into his brain.  On the weekends he would read the books his father gave him, but only halfheartedly. After all, how many times can you read a story about a humble Sheppard, or lowly Widow who faced a journey or task beyond their natural abilities, but through the intervention of the Deities they were able to overcome insurmountable odds to be triumphant. How their faith in the deities carried them to the end when he knew there was a rational Scientific explanation for what happened. Barjax could care less about religious texts and sacred scrolls, he wanted to know the world from a scientific view.

Ever since he was a young cub, he wanted to know how did birds fly, what caused rainbows, what caused caterpillars to become butterflies? He was curious about the natural world. His room had terrariums full of spiders, and insects and things that slithered or crawled, his mother hated going in there. He had all kinds of experiments running, he tinkered around with different technologies, like E.M pulse generators and force fields, etc. Questions played on his mind all the time, like why do fish swim upstream, what causes Solar Flares? Barjax is a true geek, he polishes rocked creating beautiful jewelry, thus fulfilling his love of Geology.

On his eighth birthday he received a Telescope, he wasn’t sure who sent it to him, but he suspected it was from his mother, he would spend hours exploring space. He was fascinated by the Constellations and Nebula’s he could see with his telescope. Alien worlds just beyond his naked eye. Barjax would often go off into the jungle by himself, exploring ruins and caves, exploring the flora and fauna conducting experiments, the secrets of his island home were his to unlock.

When the Federation established a presence on Oranth III, Barjax would visit their compound daily, he was fascinated by the different Officers, he remembered the first time he had seen an Andorian, their rich Blue skin and fluffy white manes inspired him to learn what was beyond his island home. He wanted to join Star Fleet, to visit those worlds orbiting those stars in his telescope, but he knew his father would object to that.

One day while visiting the Federation outpost on the neighboring island, he saw an officer about to place a tricorder into a replicator to be recycled, he said it was damaged. Barjax convinced him he could repair it; he convinced the Officer to let him have it. He was like a kid in a candy shop, He repaired it and was scanning everything, plants, trees, flowers, animals, dirt, everything that moved flew slithered or crawled. The Universe was open to him. Those many questions he had were now beginning to be answered.

On his sixteenth birthday, his father Lenarka sat him down and said it was time for him to begin his Religious Studies in earnest, no more than half effort. Barjax would spend his days studying the Sacred Texts and going over the Sacred Scrolls to keep his father happy and at night it was Science and Cybernetics.  His mother, however, knew her sons’ heart and mind lay elsewhere. She saw how withdrawn and unhappy he was, she knew she had to help him.

Barjax was lucky, he was blessed with good looks, he was tall and powerful, but when it came to the females, he was out of his element and not just a little he would get tongue-tied, never knowing what to say, and when it came to dancing, he had two left paws. Things went well for a while, Religious Studies by day and Science by night, the perfect balance, but that balance would soon go off-kilter.

One day he had a huge fight with his father about him becoming the High Priest. Barjax’s father said it was the tradition that the eldest Killrama son become the High Priest.  Barjax’s mother went to her son, he will never forget her words, “My son you have the heart of a Scientists. Even when you were a young cub you were more interested in the Scientific World as opposed to the Spiritual World, you must follow and be true to your heart. Go join the Federation Star Fleet.”  Mendera loved her children and only wanted them to be happy, she also knew that her husband and eldest son were stubborn. Mendera informed her husband that she was with child and that Bengara can take over for her husband or wait until his youngest son came of age.

Lenarka was shocked, how could he break with centuries of tradition, Lenarka took over for his father and his father took over for his father, and so on down through the centuries, the first-born son always took over from their fathers. After, many days of long talks Barjax and his father agreed, that if Barjax should ever become injured to the point that he could no longer be in Star Fleet that he would return home and take his place as High Priest of the Village, his younger brother would be a place holder. Lenarka was happy and excited, Barjax’s mother told her husband that their son was meant for something more and that he has two more children who could take his place if they chose to, but it had to be their choice, she suggested he take on an apprentice among the other Mirak Leo’s in the village. After giving the idea some thought Lenarka agreed and wished his some the best of luck at Star Fleet Academy.

Barjax’s first year at the Academy was nothing special, your basic Star Fleet classes, Galactic History, Basic Warp Theory, Basic Star Ship Operations, the classes all Star Fleet Officer must take. During the first year most, cadets were still trying to figure out what they wanted to study. While others like Barjax knew his track was Science and nothing else, but to be a Star Fleet Officer one had to know the basics of operating a Starship, how and why things work on a Starship, especially in an emergency. Barjax excelled in his classes, he studied long and hard, because he wanted to do well, but also because it seemed that many of the other cadets seemed a bit uneasy around a seven-foot, 400-pound Lion, he accepted the fact that they were young and still trying to find themselves, he didn’t take it personally.

Year two at the Academy was a bit more challenging, the classes got progressively harder. Classes like The Morals and Ethics of Command taught that in some instances what is moral and ethical isn’t always right. The Second Year is when he discovered the Terran Sport of Billiards, it appealed to him as it applied geometry, A game of billiards can be both fun and educational. From simple geometry and shapes to more advanced physics. Year two usually saw many cadets drop out, but not in Barjax class, each Science Cadet tried to top each other, but Barjax thrived on competition.

The Third year was interesting and sad for Barjax, he had made a wonderful friend, a Bolian named Chell Jentara, he was also a Science Cadet, Majoring in Advance Plasma Physics. The two met during a Billiards tournament in Liverpool England, they hit it off immediately. Chell was a gifted Scientist. However, even the most gifted Scientists make mistakes. Chell had been working on an experiment, but something went wrong and Chell was killed in a massive explosion. Barjax would have been killed as well but he had been held up in a meeting with his Cybernetics Professor. Barjax felt bad, his friend had been killed. There was an investigation, they concluded that it was a simple accident the lead investigator a Scientist name Lieutenant Drake concluded that Chell overlooked a basic safety procedure, nothing more, nothing less. However, Barjax felt responsible for some reason, maybe if he had been there Chell would still be alive. Barjax looked over Chell’s notes and reviewed the evidence, he couldn’t prove that it wasn’t an accident, it was just a feeling and feelings weren’t evidence. It took him a while to get over the loss of his friend, but it still lingers in his mind.

Year Four, Senior Year, Barjax’s emotions were a jumble between happiness and sadness. He was happy he studied hard over the last three years, he didn’t go on School Breaks, he studied, he took extra classes. On weekends he would be in the labs running tests and experiments. He lived and breathed Science for the last three years. In his odd spare time, he visited all the Historical Sites on Earth. He enjoyed his time at the Academy but couldn’t wait to get out into Space. He was happy because he learned so many Scientific Theories. Unfortunately, like many cadets he was sad, most Cadets could see the light at the end of the tunnel, no more exams, no more Zero Gravity training, but sad because in many instances you make a friend, but you and your friends are very rarely if ever assigned to the same assignment and if they should get killed while on duty, you have lost that friend.  While the other cadets saw leaving the Academy as a sad ending, Barjax saw it as a shiny new beginning, as he was looking forward to his first Deep Space Assignment.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Science
Academy Minor(s): Exobiology & Botany
Hobbies and Pastimes: Billiards, reading, Astronomy.
Short-Term Goals: To become a Department Head of a Science Vessel or Star Base.
Long-Term Goals: To be the Captain of a Federation Science Vessel.
Personality: Barjax is shy at first till he gets to know and trust people. He is easy going, willing to help. he Is a true friend, and very loyal? In the notion of curiosity killed the cat, he is very inquisitive, he wants to be the first to know the who, what, when, where, why, how, and how often and the to what extent of the new and unknown. If he is quiet, people think he is standoffish, when he is usually in deep thought. He has a bit of a temper when provoked
Sense of Humor: Dry, after all, he is a Science Geek.
Phobias: Like Most Felineoids, he is uncomfortable around water and canine species.
Likes: Peace and Quiet, Terran Pizza.
Dislikes: Rude loud people, Violence when it is not needed. He believes in talking things through and if that doesn’t work, then violence can be used.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Hates when people use the word like in sentences when it is not needed. People who put others down behind their back.
Bad Habits or Vices: He sharpens his claws at inappropriate times. He can be easily provoked if he doesn’t control it.
Achievements: Entering and Graduating from Star Fleet Acade
Disappointments: Not living up to his father’s expectations
Illnesses: Normal childhood illnesses.
Strengths: He is extremely loyal.  Barjax never gives up he is physically and emotionally strong.
Weaknesses: His temper, he can be easily provoked, beats himself up if something goes wrong, even if his plan and research was perfect, has a difficult time accepting failure.
Fears: Barjax has a touch of claustrophobia, fear of confined or crowded spaces.
Prejudices: Barjax isn’t overly fond of the canine races like the Antican, Fenrisal, Balduk, and Grabanster. They are dogs after all, have you seen their table manners.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Traditional Mirak Robes, loincloths.
Distinguishing Features: His thick full mane and bright yellow eyes.
Pets: a Gyo, a flying snake-like creature common to the islands of Oranth
Friends: Lyndero Pentkemo

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The Death of his best friend Chell Jentara
Best Time: Technically speaking it was when he and Chell won a Billiards tournament against two Vulcans, but in his opinion, he hasn’t had it, yet. He figures the best time for him will be when he is assigned to his first assignment after graduation.
Most Crucial Experience: Leaving home and joining Star Fleet, he learned that a simple Mirak Leo can achieve their dreams no matter how impossible they seem.
Role Model: His Mother, is strong and confident.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 22101.26 Star Fleet Academy Graduation Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Science Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 221001.26 Midshipman Midshipman
Science Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 221002.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Science Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 221004.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Science Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 221005.01 Ensign Ensign
Science Officer USS Titania, RSV-88002 221005.01 Transfer to USS Titania
Science Officer USS Titania, RSV-88002 221008.01 Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Junior Grade
Medals Tally:
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 2

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