Khumalo, Edwin

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Edwin Khumalo
Career Occupation
Commanding Officer
Outpost Gamma-7
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Edwin Augustus Khumalo
Played By:
Braggins, Paul
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Facial Hair:
Arcadia, Dhar'hyyk
(N/A) 00.00
Familial Relationships
Marital Status:

Personal History

Edwin Augustus Khumalo, formerly the Honourable Edwin Augustus Khumalo, was born to a wealthy and titled family on the frontier world of Dhar’hyyk. Family history claimed that they were distantly related to the then-Crown Prince, Andrew, and their peerage was hereditary rather than earned – establishing themselves as the planet’s ruling ‘elite’. Edwin was educated on Earth, attending Eton College and Oxford University, before returning to his homeworld to serve as a commissioned officer in the Royal Navy – a career he found he might enjoy once he began to accrue seniority and order the ‘little people’ about.

Staunch isolationists, the Khumalo family backed the Anti-Unification Alliance that rejected closer diplomatic ties with the Federation and helped stage the coup d’état that sparked the civil war that ripped Dhar’hyyk in two and nearly destroyed an entire generation of young men and women. Utterly devoid of any useful combat skill, Edwin found himself assigned to the humiliating position of Quartermaster aboard a supply ship, which was sunk early on in the war. Surviving the sinking, Edwin was taken prisoner, and listened to stories about a group of upstart rebels slowly turning the tide against the Alliance – his distaste for the planet growing as the “old ways” were destroyed one by one. Though every adult member of his family was tried for treason, and in more than one case war crimes, Edwin’s role in the war had been insignificant, thus was exiled rather than executed along with his family.

Journeying back to Earth without family or social status, Edwin decided he would instead join Star Fleet, the cruel irony not lost on him, as surely in an egalitarian society he would be able to climb the rank ladder swiftly? Edwin’s hopes were soon proven wrong, however, as he found himself assigned to desk job after desk job in the middle of nowhere hundreds of light-years from any important event, achieving his promotions slowly and based solely on his time-in-grade rather than based on merit or to fill “dead men’s shoes”. A competent Quartermaster and a gifted administrator, Edwin was however swiftly left behind by other members of his graduating class, and even members of the Dhar’hyyk rebellion such as Braggins and his wife.

Edwin’s Captaincy, the rank he had longed for since joining the Navy, finally came through in 2398, and with it a new assignment: he was to command the USS Jupiter, one of the new Jupiter Class Fleet Tenders; an assignment he figured must have been a joke. When he queried the assignment, the Director (one ‘’’Vice Admiral’’’ Braggins) simply replied that it was no joke, and that he had a week to report. Seething, Edwin considered resigning in disgust, but realised that to be on the frontier with an expedition meant a greater likelihood of promotion, and determined instead to accept the posting and reap the rewards it would provide.

Once his term aboard the Jupiter was up, he was assigned to command Outpost Gamma-7, a former listening post on the Cardassian border, to act as the local CO in charge of all forces in the region. Though these forces consisted of nothing larger than a Frigate, it was the first step towards Flag Rank, and he accepted with gusto.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Tactical
Academy Minor(s): Logistics
Short-Term Goals: Achieve flag rank
Long-Term Goals: Return the legitimate isolationist government to his homeworld
Personality: Elitist, snobbish
Likes: Things being done “properly” (i.e. people being promoted based on seniority not merit).
Dislikes: People who disrupt the natural order of things, who are promoted before they’ve served sufficient time.
Achievements: Finally being promoted to Captain
Disappointments: Being forced to work for people socially inferior
Strengths: Organisation
Weaknesses: Social skills

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