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Alisa Kation
Career Occupation
Star Fleet Science Institute
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Quill Dramar
168 cm (5 ft. 6 in.)
61.2 kg (135 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Shoulder length flowing. A single small braid in the back tied with a blue band.
Fit and curvy.
Caucasian, tanned skin
Facial Hair:
Soft and soothing
Tico City, Luna
Familial Relationships
Michael Kation
Jessica Oltona
Status of Parents:
Alive living at the McCormick Science Institute where they work as researchers
Kristine, 29, Deceased, Killed during Borg assault on Star Base One.
Marital Status:

Personal History

Alisa was born on Earth where she lived for most of her child life. As a child Alisa showed a great interest in the world around her. She and her sister, Kristine, grew up on her grandparent’s small farm in Ohio, with whom they lived with as their parents were often away on archeological digs or at cultural monitoring facilities. It was here that she developed her strong love of nature.

She spent much of her young life outdoors. Apart from her sister, most of the other children her age were boys, so she spent most of her childhood activities roughhousing with the boys, exploring, and getting into trouble. When she was not studying, or playing, Alisa would help her grandfather on the farm. On the farm, she learned a lot lessons about life. While they worked, her grandfather would entertain her with stories about his days in Starfleet, which he always ended with a moral or useful lesson about life. It was through his lessons that Alisa found her path in life. At age 14 she vowed to enter Starfleet after hearing one of her grandpa’s stories about the ideals of Starfleet and the difference he made.

At age 18, Alisa applied to and was accepted into Starfleet Academy. There she majored in Natural Sciences and Physics. Her years at the Academy were enjoyable. The country girl charm and girl next-door looks made her quite popular. It was during the academy that Alisa met Simon Roark, a cocky engineering cadet. Simon, who was a class ahead of her, met at the Christmas ball Alisa’s freshman year. The two became fast friends. They entered a relationship during her junior year that effectively ended with his graduation. Though the relationship ended for the time being, they remained good friends.

After graduating with honors, Alisa received her commission and was assigned aboard a nova class starship, the U.S.S. Devonshire NCC- 7789 where she served as science officer. Though she was an old ship, Alisa fell in love with the quirky nature of the science vessel. She was really enjoying herself. Starfleet was turning out to be more than she had hoped. Alisa’s opportunities to prove herself as a scientist came often. One such occasion was during her 3rd year out of the academy while the Devonshire was charting a gas-super giant in the Branx system. An alien life form took up residence inside the warp core, feeding off the matter/anti-matter reaction and cutting to ship from the warp core. She managed to “sour” the matter/anti-matter reaction by flooding the warp core with ionogenic particles, causing the alien to leave to core in search of another food source. This allowed the Devonshire to warp out of the system before the arrival of the approaching level 8 ionic storm that would have likely spelled doom for the ship. Her good work earned resulted in a promotion to Lieutenant and assignment as Chief Science Officer.

Over the course of the next year, she met up again with Simon Roark, now a Lieutenant Commander. The two met on Starbase One while the Devonshire was undergoing a refit. Sparks flew between the two, who had maintained contact since their separation at the academy. They picked up where they had left off. Unfortunately, duty would call yet again. Simon received orders to report to the U.S.S. Randal as Chief Engineer, which would be embarking on a deep space survey mission. The Randal’s mission, slated to last 10 years, would spell the doom to their romance. She tried valiantly to arrange a transfer, but the Randal’s skipper, Captain Blair Maria, would have none of it. Scuttlebutt was that Roark had caught Maria’s eye and the Captain, used to getting her way, wouldn’t allow potential competition aboard. Alisa tried to gather evidence of this, but Roark convinced her to let it go saying that her career wasn’t worth it. Alisa was heartbroken as she stood in on the Promenade of Starbase One, watching the man she loved disappear into the depths of space.

With her love gone, Alisa threw herself fully back into her career. She begun taking long distance courses at Starfleet academy in to complete her doctorate in physics. Over the next five years, she continued serving aboard the Devonshire as Chief Science Officer (CSO) until her promotion to Lieutenant Commander. Shortly thereafter, the Devonshire was destroyed while passing through a J-class nebula when her warp core containment field collapsed. Fortunately, the crew managed to escape the destruction of the ship. With her home destroyed, Alisa had expected to be intermixed into an existing crew. Starfleet had other plans.

Captain Jaton, skipper of the newly commissioned Darwin class GEC, USS Kepler, chose Alisa to be his first officer. She served there for five years before the Kepler’s mission to the Ranyon II would spell the end of her command career. While enroute to Rayon II, Captain Jaston took a brief leave of absence to attend the funeral of a family member leaving Kation in command of the Kepler. It was during this time that the Alisa was approached by Lieutenant Commander Michael Cravis, the Chief Science Officer of the Kelper. He had an idea for using a chroniton particle based reactor and wanted to test it. Alisa was wary of the idea, having had bad experience with them before. Cravis was able to convince her that he had taken the necessary safety precautions and showed her his data to back up his claim. Unaware that Cravis had fabricated some of his data and against her better judgment, Alisa green-lighted the project.

The experiment resulted in an explosion which destroyed most of deck 12, killing 15 and injuring several dozen. As a result, Alisa was court-martialed on charges of dereliction of duty and manslaughter. It was a very dark time in her life. Once it became clear that Cravis had fabricated his data, JAG dismissed the charges against her, but the damage to her career had been done. Despite the fact that she was cleared any wrong doing, Captain Jaton felt he was unable to trust her and requested a new first officer. It looked as though her career was over when USS Republic was commissioned. She submitted her name as a candidate for assignment to the ship, and to her surprise, she was selected by Fleet Admiral Beckett (the ships commanding officer) to be the CSO.

During her service on the Republic, Alisa was wounded while taking a disruptor bolt meant for the Fleet Admiral when Romulans beamed on to the Bridge. For her efforts, Alisa was promoted to Commander and received a commendation of for bravery. The war ended while Alisa was recovering from her wounds. FAdm Beckett had handed relinquished command of the Republic to RAdm Gage, who selected a different CSO. In need of a new home, Alisa was recruited by Cmdr. Trinit, commandant of Starfleet Academy, to serve as an instructor.

While Alisa enjoyed teaching, she had begun to miss doing real science. Unlike other university position, being an instructor at Starfleet Academy left little time to pursue research. Her short stint aboard the Republic as Chief Science Officer had reignited her passion for science. She held out at the academy for three years until she could arrange a transfer to the Starfleet Science Institute. It was here that she was truly in her element. Her superior performance earned her a coveted assignment as commanding officer of Special Research Team Alpha, an advanced research unit.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Natural Sciences and Physics
Academy Minor(s): None due to double major
Hobbies and Pastimes: Kick-boxing, reading, and watching Reality TV shows
Short-Term Goals: To make the Special Research Team Alpha the best it can be
Long-Term Goals: Find some way to reconnect with Simon Roark
Personality: She is very outgoing
Sense of Humor: She enjoys a good joke, from the sophisticated scientific jokes to those common in a locker room
Phobias: An irrational fear of spiders
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Being late and the feel of chalk
Bad Habits or Vices: She will chew on her lip while in deep thought
Achievements: Earned her doctorate and was awarded a Gold Star for valor and Purple Heart for taking a disruptor bolt meant for Fleet Admiral Beckett
Disappointments: Was not able to arrange a transfer to the USS Randal before she left on a ten year deep space exploration mission
Illnesses: Normal Childhood Illnesses
Strengths: Strong analytical mind and ability to think outside the box
Weaknesses: Cannot carry a tune
Fears: There her friend and former love, will not make it back from his mission
Prejudices: Despises Romulans for their actions during the war
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Casual clothing, or a dress
Distinguishing Features: Eyes have a clarity and distinct piercing gaze to them.
Pets: A bamboo tree named Stick and a small panda like creature from Betazed named Patches who regularly eats Stick.
Friends: Simon Roark

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Her decision to allow the Chief Science Officer of the USS Kepler to go ahead with his experiment that resulted in the loss of 15 crewmembers
Best Time: Her time with Simon Roark aboard the USS Devonshire
Most Crucial Experience: The time she spent on her grandparents farm, listening to her Grandfathers stories of Star Fleet
Role Model: Her Grandfather, Robert Kation

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