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Kathrine "Kat" Natalya Rossi
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Career Occupation
Medical Officer
USS Titan, CL-2007
Biographical Attributes
160 cm (5 ft. 3 in.)
52.2 kg (115 lb.)
Eye Color:
Deep Black
Hair Color:
Very long, hangs down by her knees, layered; flat/straightened; wears to pointed buns uptop her head formed with rings below.
Attractive, curvaceous; quiet thin for her height/age
Slightly tan; very fair and evenly toned
Monotone, when excited her voice jumps up two octaves
United Federation of Planets
Sickbay aboard the U.S.S Bureau; Alpha Quadrant
Familial Relationships
David Rossi, 49, Italian-American Background, Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Commander
Emily Rossi, 45, Hispanic Background, No Occupation
Status of Parents:
Alive- Emily is a stay at home mom back on earth, she would be described as the worry-wart of the family, being the only one that has chosen to stay on earth. Her days are filled with reading and planting in her garden. She hopefully awaits her husband and her daughter to come home safe.

David is a Chief Science Officer, most of his time is spend away form his family and earth, however, any chance he gets, he will call and check in on his family, telling his daughter about his travels. He main area's of study are Anatomy and Chemistry, he studies plants and animals that are discovered to try to find new cures or illnesses or scientific problems that cannot be concluded at the moment.

Emily and David met on Earth during David's departure on his first mission. Emily's friend Haley was assigned to the same ship. Although it was not love at first sight, it was in fact Haley that eventually got them talking and dating. David's first mission did not last but only three months, and when he turned home, he used what money that he could to propose to Emily, who from then on lived on the ship with him, until Kathrine was born.
Marital Status:

Personal History

Kat's Father, David Rossi

Kathrine was born September 9th to Emily and David Rossi aboard the U.S.S Bureau in the Alpha Quadrant. Emily quickly decided that she did not want to raise her daughter up board a star ship and quickly made plans to stay with her mother, Aaron Strauss, as soon as they would arrive back on earth. Although David highly objected to this, Emily said it was better for Kathrine if she was raised in a stationary place. Plus, Emily argued about the time that they nearly had a breech of a very poisonous chemical.

Kat's Mother, Emily Rossi

Kathrine was 3 months old when her and her mother finally arrived back on earth. By the time Kathrine was one year old, she had already learned to crawl/walk and was no longer using her bottle. Her mother was slightly disappointed that she had not learned to talk yet, but remained proud of her daughter and loved her just the same.

By 2 years, Kathrine wasn't speaking in words, anytime she would speak, it would sound like a bunch of gibberish or as if someone was talking backwards. Her mother slowly began to teach her words like "Mama", "Dada", "No", "Hello", etc. It caught on slowly, but if Kathrine got excited or upset, she would revert to speaking in her gibberish language. The doctors reassured her mother that it would be alright, that she was just learning at her own pace.

At 4 years old, Kathrine had finally learned to talk, although she had a hard time expressing what she meant, she was a very bright child, above average for girls her age group. It was finally decided, by her parents, that her lack of understanding how to express herself was a result of her above average intelligence. They figured maybe her brain was moving faster then her mouth was, and that she could not keep up.

When Kathrine entered school at the age of 5, she was already above her class, but it did not get in her way of making friends or socializing. At this age was when she developed her fear of dying or Thanatophobia. Her school building caught on fire after the emergency fire system malfunctioned, igniting the wires around the system and she was trapped with another student. They were trapped for only 5 minutes, but because the teacher panicked she did not realize two students where missing. Kathrine survived with only minor injuries but the other student, Jacob Reid, was pronounced DOA at the scene.

At 7 years old, the sight of fire no longer caused Kathrine to flip out, but it did still scare her, something that her doctor said was purely normal, and maybe when she got older she would be able to finally overcome it. Two days before her 8th birthday, her father called to let this family know that he wasn't going to be coming home for awhile nor would they be able to contact or hear form him within that time. They were going to be doing research on a planet that was discovered and that possible could hold new minerals for them. Although Kathrine was upset the fact that she might not be able to see her father for an unknown period of time, she was mature enough to wish him a happy voyage and made him promise to come home and tell her all about it.

Kat's Pomeranian Puppy, Hotch

At the age of 8, Kathrine began researching ways to protect herself and her mother. She realized that Star Fleet does any many enemies and there would be a time that there could be an attack. Kathrine found out quickly that she could not use Phasers because she just seemed to be very unadapted to them. So, her best friend, Jennifer's father was an expert in weird and old melee and ranged weapons. Over the course of the next two years, Jennifer's father taught Kathrine how to use a bow and arrow, and a combat weapon known as a Katar. Kathrine trained daily with each set of weapons, and continues to train daily, if possible.

When Kathrine turned 10, her and her mother got a phone call from Star Fleet, informing them that her father was missing and had been for over a week now. They assured them that they would keep looking, but with it being this long, and not having any clues to where he was, they were 50% sure that he was dead at this point. Kathrine was stricken with anger, more then she was sadness, which alarmed her mother, but it was dismissed as Kathrine's way to keep from crying. 36 hours after the previous phone call was made, another call came through, this one bearing good news. David was found in a remote cave on the planet they were researching on, and a material in the cliffs blocked all signals coming in or going out.

David came home for leave shortly after that. He had not been hurt or injured in anyway that they could not heal, but he was very tried. His Commanding Officer suggested that he go home because they had worried his family by calling them. Kathrine waited on him as much as she could, waking up early and staying up late to make sure he had everything that he needed, much to his protests. It was in these 6months that Kathrine realized what she wanted to do for a living. Her father had always wanted her to join Star Fleet like he did, but she never really got interested completely in the aspect of science. After a long talk with her father, they both agreed about her perusing a Medical Career in Star Fleet. Not only did it include some science based knowledge at times, but it combined Kathrine's love for helping people as well.

Kathrine studied for three years before she was allowed to help out at a local hospital to try and develop her skills more. She started with animal's and quickly moved up to working with humans. She did not work with any other spices because they claimed she was too young and if anything were to happen, the hospital would be responsible. She bought many books, but her personal goal during that time was Neurology. She found out from one of the doctors at the hospital that Jacob would have lived if they had arrived only seconds earlier. It was not the actual smoke inhalation that killed him, they could have save him if it was, but it was because once the brain stops getting oxygen it beings to shut down and riot, causing all the internal systems to fail, and once that happens it becomes very unlikely that the patient will survive.

On the day of her 16th birthday, Kathrine begged and pleaded with her mother to let her go into the Academy. Her mother did not want her to go into Star Fleet that early, although her father had. Once her mother finally agreed to letting Kathrine go, she was off, hoping to make not only her parents proud, but in the end being proud of herself.

After 4 years at the Acadmeny, Kathrine graduated as a Medical Officer. She was promoted to the rank of Midshipmen and sent off on her first mission aboard the USS Titan, under the command of Captain Alexis Tregelen.

First Mission: From Kronos With Love

It was then, before her first mission, that Kathrine panicked on her way to the ship, unsure of herself. Suddenly, a voice began talking to her in her mind, not knowing it was her losing her mind or a telepath reassuring her, Kathrine took it in stride. Only to realize, as the days passed, it did not get better, but she decided that it was not something to worry about, as it did not tell her to do wrong or cause her to go insane.

Kathrine's fist mission was on Stardate 21004.11. The crew was ordered Kyrten system to introduce a race that had just broke the warp barrier. Captain Tregelen, Ensign Westfield, Ensign Boehm, and Herself took a shuttle to the planet as part of the away team. There they were confronted by the Kyrtens, who took them to their 'leader' the Prime Chancellor. Kathrine met Max, the Prime Chancellors son, who was also a Medic. Once they were allowed to look around the planet, Max took Kathrine to the Infirmary, where it seemed they did not have enough Medical knowledge to heal most of their ill and wounded. It also seemed, according to Max, that the planet had come down with an illness, and even though Kathrine knew that she should not, she swore that she would help them. Before she could do that, however, Klingons had arrived and on planet and all the officers were arrested and ordered to be taken back to the Prime Chancellor.

At that time, a fight broke out as the Klingons stated that they would take the planet in force if The Krytens did not give up willingly. During the battle, a shot was fired at Kathrine, but Max, who has swore to protect her, jumped in the way of the blast, knocking them both to the ground. Kathrine was able to get him to safety, trying her hardest to keep him alive. After doing all that she could, she had Max be taken to the Infirmary to be checked upon further, hoping that his people would be able to keep him stable, Kathrine let it in their hands. Not soon after, the Prime Chancellor accepted the invitation to join The Federation, and seeing that the diplomatic part of the mission was over, it was time for them to return to the ship. Kathrine, however, took a moment to make her way back to the Infirmary to say her goodbyes to Max, although he was not awake, she still made a point to say them anyway, although she had wished he was awake.

Personal Subplot: The Fire

Soon after leaving the planet, the crew was given shore leave, Kathrine took this time to head to Earth to speak with her mother about her latest mission. Her mother quickly figured out something was wrong, but Kathrine was not in the mood at the time to talk about it. She got a transmission of her father shortly before leaving for Betazed. After explaining to her father what happened, he seemed very proud of her, but warned her about letting her emotions get in the way of her duty. She quickly realized that not matter how hard she tried, she always knew that her father could read her like a book.

On Stardate 21007.09, Kathrine arrived on Betazed to attention fellow crew members, Rikk and Yas's wedding. She was the maid of honor although she was horrified by herself because she arrived rather late, instead of arriving a few days before, she arrived the day before, during the rehearsal dinner.

Instead of going back to Earth after the wedding, Kathrine decided to go and stay on the ship until they were assigned their next mission. During this time, Kathrine's depression about Max seemed to be at it's peak. She ran into Ensign Lym Vexx in 10 Forward and finally took the time to speak about Max and why she was feeling this way. Much to Kathrine's surprise, Lym offered to talk to the COS about letting Kat use the Firing Range to try to hone her skills up a bit. This was very surprising to Kathrine, but she was very grateful for the opportunity.

While Kathrine was training with Petty Officer Knoxville, there was an accident, causing a huge fire. The fire had also took out the Fire Suppression System for that room, and the two of them were stuck. Knoxville was knocked out before he could get help and Kathrine was not able to do anything to help them either. Luckily for them Ensign Lym Vexx came to see how Kathrine was doing and saved her from the fire. Lym removed the fire by sucking out all the oxygen from the room, but was unaware that Knoxville was still in the room.

Kathrine was taken to Sickbay where she suffered 1st degree burns covering about 30% of her back with 2nd degree burns covering about 10% of her back. She was put to sleep by the Doctor on duty and horrified herself by having a dream that she killed: Yasmin Boehm, Captain Tregelen & Lymtara Vexx. This caused her to wake up screaming, to which the doctor order her off duty and restrained. That same day, shortly after, Kathrine's father, David Rossi, showed up to see his daughter, only to be surprised by the fact that she was in sickbay as a patient and was restrained. He was able to get permission to take his daughter to her quarters and proceeded to talk to her about what happened. After the long discussion, Kathrine realized that she need not worry about anything and the best thing for her was to rest up, so that she could worry when the time came.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Biomechanics(Bioengineering), Immunology(Bioscience), Pulmonology/Neurology. Kathrine is only studying the latter two because of Jacob, it haunts her that there isn't a way to rebuild the brain cells from the lack of oxygen given off from the lungs when breathing lapses.
Academy Minor(s): Tactical, Weapons Training. Kathrine is unable to kill/injure a living being no matter if it is friend or foe.
Hobbies and Pastimes: If she is feeling more lazy then usual or just tried, she will sit in her room with a book and read until it is time for work or she feels the need to rest. When she has energy she will go to the Holodeck and jog, or work learned to defend herself, she is skilled in Hand-to-Hand combat as well as Melee and Ranged Weaponry. She is skilled in using the Bow and Arrow, and also skilled in the use of Katar's, being able to wield one in each hand.
Short-Term Goals: She wants to be able to call her father/mother after her first mission to finally be able to tell them a story instead of vice versa.

Get enough knowledge and Training to become a Chief Medical Officer
Long-Term Goals: One day she wishes to surpass her father in rank, although her father has never had the interest in moving up the chain of command, Kathrine one day hopes to make him proud by doing just that.
Personality: She is very shy at first, but once someone gets to know her or she gets to know them, then she can be very caring and outgoing, she does not often think of herself and puts others problems before her own
Sense of Humor: If you do not know her then it appears as if she has no sense of humor whatsoever, but she does, it is just not shown to people that she does not trust or isn't familiar with. It is very witty and sarcastic, getting her into trouble with those that do not know that she joking.
Phobias: Thanatophobia (the fear of death or dying)
Likes: Mystery Novels/Books, Sleeping in late, Writing in her journal or speaking her personal log, socializing/getting to know people and how they think.
Dislikes: Seeing people/animals hurt, people failing/not being able to succeed where they should, fire/any kind of heated flame, people shouting/yelling.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: If she is suddenly determined to do something she will crack her knuckles, when she becomes impatient she will start shaking her leg or her foot if her legs are crossed, and when she is tired or aggravated she will constantly rub her face with her hands.
Bad Habits or Vices: She cannot stand people that think they are "above" or "better" then people when they really are not (IE: A cadet that thinks they could do a better job then the senor officer of duty).
Achievements: Kathrine has prided herself on her perfect scholastic record, although she has never really competed in anything, she believes that her knowing that she has done well is better then winning any prize.
Disappointments: She is very disappointed that she did not know more when she worked at the hospital when she was 10, it haunts her to the fact that she was not quick enough and was too scared to save Jacob, also she believes she failed in helping her roommate and did not clearly state how important studying was and thus her roommate failed many classes and was not able to proceed any further.
Illnesses: Kathrine developed acute asthma from the fire she was trapped in, although the doctors cured it, it will sometimes resurface for unknown reasons, the doctors think that it is just mental that it even happens, but Kathrine does not seem to think so.
Strengths: Kathrine is able to take in information quickly and retain it, recalling it whenever she believes it is needed, people often times look at her and ask her how she can remember something like that or something so small and trivial, and usually she just shrugs.
Weaknesses: Kathrine has the inability to fire a weapon, although she can defend herself hand-to-hand, no matter how many times someone shows her or how many times she tries, firing a weapon of any kind stops her in her tracks.
Fears: Kathrine fears fire, but only if it is uncontrolled or if there is an abundance of it around her, blocking an exit or a way out.
Prejudices: Kathrine can be a little hostile towards Engineers, solely based on the fact that she believes they were responsible for the fire and death of Jacob when she was 5.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: If she decides to stay in her room while off-duty then she will usually stay in her sleeping attire. If, however, she goes to the Holodeck or to Ten Forward, then she will wear pants, usually jeans, and a long sleeved shirt or sweater.
Distinguishing Features: Her eyes; they seem larger then normal although medically they are the correct size, her pupils are what catches peoples attention, they appear to always be dilated.
Pets: Hotch, 6 years old, Male, Pomeranian
Friends: Jennifer Reid, twin sister of Jacob Reid. They became good friends after Jacobs death when they were 5. Jennifer is introvert, who rarely trusts people, and has a hard time expressing herself. Kathrine and Jennifer get along for the pure fact that since Kathrine is sometimes mixed up about her feelings, it helps Jennifer feel that she is not alone. Although Jennifer had no interest in joining Star Fleet like Kathrine did, she will wishes her friend the best of luck.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: It would have to be the time when she was 5 years old, trapped in the burning school room. Although it was only a short time, but for Kathrine it seemed like forever. She remembers trying to hold her breath, but at the same time, making sure not to inhale any smoke. Jacob, the boy her age that was trapped with her, died in her arms before anyone arrived to find them. The one things that sticks out in Kathrine's mind about the fire was the fact that even though she was scared and even though she was trying to hold her breath to stay alive, she hummed a song to Jacob as he was dying. Even though, she has finally faced that fact that she was only 5 and that it wasn't her fault, it still gives her nightmares, but only on the day of the year that it happened.
Best Time: She was at her happiest when she was working at the hospital during the ages of 10 to 13. Even though she saw the most horrible things that could happen to people, from broken bones before they were mended, to dead animals that she could not revive, it made her feel alive to help save and to see people suddenly recover with no more then a flip of a switch or a pass of a device. She also took pride in making everyone smile and in return caused her to smile more and it made the days seem less horrible and more hopeful.
Most Crucial Experience: For Kathrine, the most crucial in her life was when she was 10 years old and her father came home for leave after being missing for nearly a week and half. Not only was she able to help him fully recover faster then predicted, but it helped shape her love for helping people and brought her future into a different light. Leading her to make the decision to join Star Fleet.
Role Model: Her role model with be her mother, although most people think it is her father that she looks up to, it is in fact her mother. Kathrine believes that it is just as hard to raise a child by yourself (Even though her mother got support from her father, he was only there for short periods of time). She wishes that one day she could have the confidence and strength that her mother possess, because anyone willing to take on a challenge like raising a child alone would have to possess great strength and patience.

Career History

Stardate 21003.29 - Graduated Medical Division, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 21003.29 - Assigned, USS Titan, CL-2007
Stardate 21008.01 - Awarded Role Player of the Month, USS Titan, CL-2007
Stardate 21008.01 - Awarded Gold Star, USS Titan, CL-2007
Stardate 21008.01 - Promoted to Ensign, USS Titan, CL-2007
Stardate 21104.01 - Awarded Star Fleet Achievement Medal, USS Titan, CL-2007

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