Kata, Mihar

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Mihar Kata
Career Occupation
Chief of Security
Pioneer Outpost
Biographical Attributes
165 cm (5 ft. 5 in.)
63.5 kg (140 lb.)
Eye Color:
Dark brown with hints of gold
Hair Color:
Black with brown streaks
Long and Layered, tied back at the base of her neck while on-duty
Short, but not stocky like some of her people. She is quite muscular but maintains an hourglass figure.
Heavily accented and low. She can easily command a room with a loud voice.
United Federation of Planets
Familial Relationships
Mihar Kabili
Mihar Aulii
Status of Parents:
Kabili was a politician on Bajor, who was assassinated during the latter years of the rebuild process after the Dominion war by a displeased faction. Aulii is a doctor, who just recently returned to Bajor after a self-induced exile following her husband’s death.
Marital Status:

Personal History

Early Life

Kata was born to a wealthy family on the Southern Islands of Bajor. Her father was an up and coming politician with controversial views and her mother was a talented neurosurgeon, who gave up her career to support her husband’s ambitions. Kata had a very privileged childhood, where she got almost everything she wanted and more. She went to the most prominent school in the area, where she was taught by some of the best and brightest of Bajor. Much to her parents’ displeasure, Kata was more interested in the arts and martial arts than she was the sciences.

At the age of 12, Kata’ father was assassinated shortly after reaching the highest office available in the island’s local government. However, his inability to immediately fix the economic problems plaguing the community is what most likely led to his death. He was killed by a long range rifle, and his killer has never been found. This changed everything for Kata, and while she has tried hard to find answers for herself, she has been unable to.

Her mother, having put everything into her husband, fell apart after losing him. She began drinking heavily, and it became apparent that she was deteriorating mentally. Even when she wasn’t drinking, she was very volatile, and borderline abusive. She would do absolutely anything to get attention, going as far as creating additional problems to receive sympathy. It forced Kata to grow up, and assume a parental role at a young age. It wasn’t until her grandparents, diplomats on Earth, noticed the change in her mother that she was forced to relocate to Earth with her daughter to receive help. Her grandparents became more like parents to her than her own mother, and they often tried to protect her from her mother’s antics. Kata quickly adapted to life on Earth. Her grandparents were not as traditional as her parents had been and gladly supported her interests in the arts, as well as the “soft” science of psychology when that developed. They also were less controlling, and Kata developed into quite the party girl.

By the age of 17, Kata strongly resented her mother for using her over the years to gain more attention for herself. With her grandparents’ blessing, she chose to forego returning to Bajor but did leave the house to find herself. She spent a year as a starving artist in Venice before deciding she wanted a purpose and a goal in life.

Star Fleet Academy

Applying to Starfleet was a bit of a whim, and when she was accepted, she wasn’t entirely certain it was what she wanted. However, she knew it would ensure her a career, and most likely, an interesting one if she chose her path correctly. She chose psychology because it was something that greatly interested her. However, it also caused her a great deal of pain because it often times reminded her of her mother. The more she learned, the more she was certain that her mother could be helped if she’d just accept it. However, she knows that is not something that will happen, ever.

During the Academy, Kata blossomed into a social butterfly. She was friends with a wide variety of cadets, and while she was quite the party girl, it didn’t distract her from her studies. She graduated at 22 with honors, and was then assigned to the USS Gettysburg.

Starfleet Career

She spent a major part of her career on the Gettysburg. She entered the Gettysburg with Midshipmen Tyra Crawford and Joe Abila, who would both remain with her until they had all reached authority position in the security department. They weren’t separated until Crawford took an FO position, and Abila, unfortunately, died on a mission that went very wrong. Fortunately, the COS that replaced Crawford, Nick Ristone, was someone that Kata got along with very well. Interestingly enough, following his promotion to FO, she was reunited with Crawford upon the transfer of the Getty crew to the Nova and Crawford taking the COS spot back.

Kata is not a traditional security officer. While she is more than adequately skilled in combat and has vast experience, she doesn’t hold the same combat perspective as is prevalent in security. She has no obsession with combat, nor is she an adrenaline junkie. She is talented in executing combat plans, but she is even more gifted in creating combat plans. That’s the challenge she prefers, and both of the COS she’d served under had been more than willing to let her do the strategic planning.

USS James Madison

After staying for so many years with the same group of officers, Kata was not surprised to find herself transferred off of the USS Pegasus. However, she was surprised to find out she had been placed as not only a COS, but as the new FO of the USS James Madison. While the James Madison is a small vessel, she was unsure of how well she would perform in this capacity. While she did a lot of administrative work as ACOS, there is a large gap between ACOS and FO. Also, she had little to no ambitious for moving up the ladder, and being forced up it didn’t not settled well with her.

Her time on the Madison was a good experience for her in hindsight, and developed an understanding that she was capable beyond the walls of security. She grew to respect her former CO, Torkav, and learned to operate within such a small crew. However, her time there was short lived as the USS James Madison was assigned as the auxiliary vessel for the newly arrived USS Avenger.

Base Security

Following her assignment on the Madison, she was assigned as the Assistant 4th Fleet Security Commander under Commodore Nick Ristone, a close friend of hers from the USS Gettysburg. This placed her in a prime position to use her talents as an analyst and she greatly enjoyed her time in the position. Upon Ristone’s promotion to Base Commander, Kata was promoted to 4th Fleet Security Commander. This is a position she held until Starbase Delta was reorganized following the end of the 4th and 1st Fleet conflict.

Following the shuffle, she was transferred to Security HQ, where she oversaw a portion of the Profiling and Interrogation division. In addition to this, she continued to do analytical work that had her working with Ristone once again. She remained there for approximately a year before Ristone offered her a position on Starbase Bravo as 2nd Fleet Security Commander and Chief of Security. It is the type of challenge the Bajoran thrives on, and she looks forward to the increased workload.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Criminal Psychology
Academy Minor(s): Strategy and Tactics
Hobbies and Pastimes: Martial arts, fencing, painting, drawing, and reading about mythology
Short-Term Goals: To effectively juggle two full-time positions
Long-Term Goals: To eventually find out who killed her father
Personality: Kata has a very vibrant personality, sometimes a little overpowering. She’s very social, and quite intuitive when dealing with others, which has helped her succeed in her line of work. However, her lack of formality has often been a problem in the workplace.
Sense of Humor: Kata has a strong sense of humor. She can laugh at a joke even at the most stressful of times, and tries to dissipate tension with jokes
Likes: Organization, a good laugh, and long vacations
Dislikes: Tension, uptight people, and brig duty
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Recklessness and action without a plan
Bad Habits or Vices: None
Achievements: Top of class all throughout schooling, and skilled martial artist
Illnesses: None
Strengths: Quick thinker, extremely organized, and great at reading people
Weaknesses: Often times, she isn't quite serious enough
Fears: N/A
Prejudices: Cardassians
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Normal Terran attire
Distinguishing Features: Her nose ridges, and while off-duty her traditional Bajoran ear adornment..
Pets: Ayalah (Aya), a Siberian husky she acquired as a puppy from her grandmother.
Friends: Kata has a number of friends both on Earth and Bajor. While it’s been difficult to keep the relationships alive while on the Getty, she is still very close to her childhood best friend, Aida. She’s also built a close friendship with her former COS, Tyra, who she has vowed to keep in contact with.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The death of her father and her mother’s inability to remain stable afterwards.
Best Time: The year she took off before attending the Academy was the best time of her life. She has never felt so carefree or relaxed.
Most Crucial Experience: Dealing with her mother’s illness shaped how she grew up, and who she became as an adult. Without her mother’s problems, she never would have taken an interest in psychology.
Role Model: Her grandfather. She has always admired the way he handles all problems with a sense of humor and a sense of respect at the same time.

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