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Kashar, Son of Qeng
Career Occupation
Security Crewman
USS Avenger, BC-1500
Crewman Recruit
Crewman Recruit
Biographical Attributes
1/2 Klingon, 1/2 Vulcan
173 cm (5 ft. 8 in.)
68.9 kg (152 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Long, kept back in a tail. Straight, a heritage of his Vulcan blood, as is the color, but thick from his Klingon side.
Heavily muscled athletic build, a bit smaller muscle size than a typical Klingon, but more dense with heavily defined/cut muscles.
Light bronze
Facial Hair:
Light mustache and a long goatee, with a 4” wrapped tail.
A deep baritone, with a fairly well developed upper-mid range. Can go from throaty and gutteral to a melodic clarity he affords as another result of his Vulcan blood.
United Federation of Planets
Familial Relationships
Qeng (Klingon, Adoptive). Kashar does not acknowledge kinship with VarSch, the Uncouth, a Klingon bandit who took his mother after a raid and specializes in dishonorable tactics. He also rarely speaks of Bayaak, his Vulcan stepfather. Though he holds him no ill-will, they are not particularly close.
Sharei (Vulcan)
Status of Parents:
All of Kashar’s parents, blood or not, are currently alive. Kashar still occasionally hears news about raids involving VarSch.
Sister: Xanthe (Vulcan Halfsister), Sister: Hu’lgha (Klingon House Sister)
Marital Status:

Personal History

Kashar is a hybrid Klingon/Vulcan mix. The offspring of his mother Sharei, who was taken as ‘rightful spoils’ by a Klingon bandit and outlaw, VarSch the Uncouth, through trickery and deception.

Born and raised initially on Vulcan, Kashar’s physical appearance was heavily skewed towards his Klingon heritage. Hard to control, he possessed the urges of both races. As he grew up he eventually became more and more interested in the teachings of Vulcan culture.. logic, meditation, self defense, even agricultural pastimes, eager even. While eager to learn these things, he was equally standoffish about some of their methodology. He loved his emotions. They were strong, vibrant, and made him feel alive. He was happy to learn to control them, to master them and not allow them to control him instead. But, much to the chagrin of his instructors, he adamantly refused to fully suppress them, to become outwardly and somewhat inwardly unemotional, as Vulcans were known for. In one such exercise in his 9th year, he finally managed to stir one of his instructors to anger, who told him he would never truly be Vulcan nor would he ever be accepted. He should just leave and let them be. While the instructor regained his composer in mere seconds, and apologized, the damage was done.

Always eager to see the land of his Klingon blood, the incident with his instructor merely spurred Kashar’s desire to see Qo’noS to new heights. One night, while a Klingon vessel had arrived to trade for medicines and ores at his settlement, he stowed away on their vessel thinking surely he would finally find what he was looking for. Going unnoticed, the ship left with him hiding onboard.

About on hour underway to Qo’noS however, Kashar was detected moving about the ship by the sensors and caught by none other than the ships commander himself, Qeng. Qeng grilled him about why he was there, and when Kashar was silent he tossed him against the wall and barked at him to speak again. Kashar rushed at Qeng, in a fury, but mostly angry at himself for being discovered. Qeng was surprised by him, though not unready, and Kashar found he could not push the Commander down. For all his strength Qeng simply grunted and held his ground. When he finally stopped Qeng picked him up and moved him a few paces back to get a look at him and said “Now you will tell me the truth, young one.” He smiled at the Kashar’s passion, and did not mock him, but neither would he let him leave until he had told him what he was doing on the ship, to Qeng’s satisfaction.

Kashar told Qeng he had run away from a home that didn’t understand him. He told Qeng he had wanted to know what it was to be Klingon since he was small, to understand the things about him that made him so different from the other Vulcan children who ridiculed him. To belong to something.

Qeng smiled at him, and then frowned deeply. “To run and deceive your parents, to not tell them your true desires, that is cowardly. You are without honor and are unwelcome on my ship. I am taking you back.” With that, Qeng had his ship turn about to Vulcan where he signaled ahead to his mother Sharei.

Upon arriving back at Vulcan his parents transported up to Qeng’s vessel. Kashar’s stepfather Bayaak voiced his disappointment immediately. Qeng commanded Kashar to tell his parents what he had done, and why. Kashar explained how he felt like an outsider, unrespected, and how he had wanted to experience his other side for years. And then how he had ran away in the night to escape his life, not even saying goodbye. Sharei and Bayaak spoke to him while Qeng just stood tall and silent, leaving the matter to his parents. They were disappointed, but also understanding. Bayaak told him he could not leave. As it was, it was illogical. They had no family on Qo’noS... neither did Kashar. They simply could not send a child on his own across vast expanses of space to fend for himself. Kashar bowed his head and apologized, telling them he would submit to their decision.

Qeng finally spoke. He announced he would ‘take this child and give him a seat in my house’ if they would give their blessings. He said he would take it on his honor to give the child a home and teach him of his Klingon blood, of honor and respect. He said nobody of Klingon blood should be deprived of their heritage. Qeng told him the boy had spirit, but it needed to be tempered. Vulcan ways of the mind were powerful, but could not fully quell the warriors’ blood within him while he still yearned to experience it. Sharei and Bayaak were hesitant, but agreed that keeping Kashar on Vulcan would only bring more hardship to everybody, especially Kashar. His parents, with Qeng’s oath on his honor that the boy would be safe and provided for (at least in the Klingon sense), they allowed Kashar to travel to Qo’noS with Qeng.

The journey to Qo’noS was hard. Qeng told Kashar that he would labor on his ship in the most distasteful duties he could find for his lack of courage, but upon arriving to Qo’noS he would consider his Honor clean. A fresh start only afforded to him because he was still a child, and more so, because he had never been taught a Klingons true values. There would never again be such a light punishment for transgressions. Kashar cleaned, lifted, moved, and climbed through spaces too narrow for the other Klingons on board in order to repair simple issues. By the time they reached Qo’noS Kashar was dirty, unkempt, tired and largely without sleep.

He felt more alive than he ever had before.

In the years that followed Kashar became indoctrinated to the Klingon ways, though some things he could not bring himself to feel quite so strongly for, such as the constant necessity for physical conflict (though he had no qualms about such activities). He learned honor, he learned of Kahless and other Klingon ancestors. Though he started his studies later in life, his time learning mental and physical disciplines on Vulcan gave him great preparation for the trials on Qo’noS and he learned quickly. After five years of time, his 15th year, he completed the first Rite of Ascension. This was followed by much celebration, much drinking, and many physical contests. More importantly, at the end of the ceremony Qeng publicly named Kashar as his son. He finally belonged.

The next five years were spent learning, much as the last five had, and taking more responsibility within the House of Qeng. On his 19th year, he expressed to Qeng a desire to see more of the worlds in the stars and asked for his permission to join Starfleet. Qeng gave him his blessings, with a reminder never to forget his every action would either bring Honor to his house, or take it.

Kashar travelled to Earth and enrolled at SFA on a commission program. He did well, though many of the other cadets were leery of him. They simply didn’t know what to make of such an odd racial heritage. His studies were usually commendable, and his practical skills laudable. In combat situation simulations however, he often made his instructors uncomfortable, even queasy. Kashar fought with a ferocity and dedication unseen. He would howl a war cry to his House and Kahless, but otherwise fight in silence, his face calm and serene. He told them he used both Klingon and Vulcan meditative techniques while he was fighting to focus his mind, even when confronted with pain. This was the most unnerving. The most extreme incident occurred during a simulation where an intruder had gained access to the bridge. Being without a firearm at the time a melee ensued. Kashar was stabbed through the heart with a long blade. The safety protocols were on of course, but the pain was very real. The instructor started to end the simulation but Kashar simply growled no, and then went silent again, face placid. Grabbing the blade with one hand to steady it he stepped into the blade, pushing his body further down the blade and crushing the intruders’ windpipe with his free hand. He looked down at the photonic opponent, who was gasping for air, and executed the Tal-Shaya, a Vulcan martial technique which breaks the neck, causing instant painless death. It was meant as an act of mercy, but the entire situation left his instructor sick and retching. They shut the simulation down and left. He did pass at least.

While no physical damage from the event occurred, he did feel phantom pains for the next week or so. Kashar would later describe it as the most intense pain he had ever experienced.

Nearing the end of his first year however, another tense simulation in which he had to team up with another person, Cadet Johnston, ended with his removal from the commission program and near expulsion from Starfleet. Grossly outnumbered and in a hostile situation, Kashar did what he had on occasion allowed himself to do before, trusting on his ‘battle meditation’ to provide control as it always had. He let his inner rage to the surface and let it flow through him, a blood rage, so to speak. As it turned out he was not nearly as in control as he thought he was. He lost focus and lashed out at his own teammate, Johnston, in the process. He nearly killed him, and would have if the Commander running the simulation hadn’t released a neural gas onto the holodeck to incapacitate him.

Kashar was immediately put into isolation and later brought to a council informing him of their decision to remove him from the Academy and send him packing. He had failed, this would bring dishonor to him and his family. Kashar pleaded his case, attempting to persuade them to give him another chance, but they told him he simply did not show the stability they needed in an officer. Despite his proficiency and classroom AND simulation marks, they simply could not proceed with his training and commission.

Kashar appealed, asking them to allow him to take some time in retreat and continue his Vulcan training that had been left unfinished, and to help him find a suitable mentor to continue to teach him. He asked that he be allowed to train until this instructor could determine him to be fit for duty, or determine him as unable to fit for duty. Upon this determination he would either return home.. or continue his training in an enlisted capacity. From there he would perform his duty and prove to them through strength of character and purity of action, that he was capable of holding the commission he originally sought.

The council convened and ultimately accepted his request. They assigned his instruction to a Vulcan named Calek, a Lieutenant Commander. Calek became his mentor, going over what Kashar had learned on Vulcan, refreshing his training, and then continuing it from where he had left off. Kashar quickly gained great respect for Calek, who was always understanding, always patient, and never tried to force Kashar to do what he had always been so distasteful of – completely denying his emotions. Calek told him his dual nature would make that exceedingly difficult. Both races in his heritage housed powerful, powerful emotions and while great control was certainly possible, it would take a master of both disciplines to perform such a feat as denying his emotion. It was illogical to try to force Kashar to train that way for both that reason, and that Kashar truly didn’t desire it which made it nearly impossible anyway. It took nearly another year of training, but by the time Kashar was 21, Calek had given his blessing and he went back to school, finishing his training and joining Security as an enlisted crewman.

His first duty station was Star Base Alpha. Starfleet wanted to keep him close for a while, to monitor him. No further incidents occurred however. Kashar did well, quickly being promoted from Recruit to Crewman Recruit. Kashar began to hear rumors that there was a great warship new to the fleet. It was just rumor of course, but it inspired Kashar to request a transfer to a combat vessel. Starfleet must have been happy with his performance, because the transfer was approved…

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Federation Law and Procedure, Humanoid Psychologies, Advanced Weapon Course, Leadership Principles, Special Operations
Academy Minor(s): Advanced Survival Course , Armorer Course, Federation Races Diplomatic Primer, Interstellar Anthropology, First Contact Primer, Ponn-ifla (Vulcan Defensive/Momentum based Martial art), moQbara’ (Klingon Martial Art)
Hobbies and Pastimes: Martial Disciplines, logic puzzles, snowboarding, sculpting, and singing
Short-Term Goals: Earn the respect of his immediate peers and command structure. To earn the privilege of leading a team of Security Crewman and guiding them to uphold the utmost standard in honor and dedication to duty. To find a suitable mate.
Long-Term Goals: Prove through actions in honorable service, that he is a strong, stable asset to the Federation recommended for commission. To obtain a commission. Not to fail in this, and dishonor his House. To find a suitable mate. To confront his father, challenge him to one on one combat and defeat him publicly, renouncing any and all ties to his blood before the Council.
Personality: Fastidious, focused, logical.. and boisterous. Kashar is loud and brash, as he was raised to be in his time on Qo’noS, but always aware of his words and actions. He loves to laugh, enjoys lifes pleasures and good conversation. Unlike most Klingons he does not mind small talk, and enjoys it even, but still has little to no patience for people whom are indirect when it is important or they want something from him.
Sense of Humor: Variable. Enjoys both obvious humor and crude jokes as well as wittier, dryer material
Phobias: Rodents. While not scared of them personally, he finds them distasteful and dirty and will clean obsessively if he encounters one in his living space… after he kills it/them. He worries that they will make his space ‘unclean’ and that others will judge him as ‘unclean’ if they bear witness to it, even if no mess has actually occurred.
Likes: Real alcohol, preferably with BOTH strong flavor and an intense burning feeling. He also occasionally consumes Vulcan wines, which he acquired a taste for in his youth. Tall women, otherwise they’re simply too small for him! People who are passionate about something. Ferenginaran Tube Worms, packed in Targ blood.
Dislikes: Bandits, specifically those who prey on peaceful civilian vessels and settlements. People who assume they know and understand him without actually knowing him. *Forced* Solitude, rather than self imposed isolation, meditation or spiritual journeys.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Improper dress (shabby or unkempt uniforms in particular), leaders who are content to command and sit back, never willing to get dirty with their men and perform the same tasks.
Bad Habits or Vices: Absentmindedly squeezes his left ridges when stressed. Continually makes himself tactically aware of his surroundings, sizing up advantageous locations, location and activity of others, whether they seem to be carrying anything useful as a weapon, overtly or covertly, etc. Pops his knuckles when nervous, but would never admit to being so.
Achievements: Joining Starfleet despite doubts.
Becoming “Klingon” by means of being adopted into the House of Qeng and taught their ways
Disappointments: When he was younger, not having the courage to tell his Vulcan parents his wishes to travel to Qo’noS, and running away instead.
Nearly killing a fellow cadet during a training exercise while attending Star Fleet Academy on pre-commission.
Illnesses: None currently, but temporarily suffered from most of the normal infections found in children on Qo’noS in his first year there, as he had never encountered them before.
Strengths: Great physical strength, an uncanny willpower thanks to his dual heritage and training. Kashar is exceptionally good with children, with seemingly infinite patience for them and their antics. Kashar is experienced in dealing with various cultures and races and actually spent some of his free time during his Starfleet training in classes to gain further understanding.
Weaknesses: Whereas Kashar might show exceeding patience with children who fail to follow simple instructions, or make highly illogical decisions that turn out badly, he has very little for adults who do the same and will not hesitate to call them out on it.
Fears: Becoming his ‘father’, VarSch, however unrealistic that might be. Failure in his duties to the Federation, his peers, and by extension, his House on Qo’noS and family on Vulcan.
Prejudices: Kashar, often being a victim of prejudice himself, strives not to show it, nor to make decisions based on such feelings. Still, he cannot help but feel uncomfortable around races he feels historically are untruthful and dishonorable, such as Romulans, Cardassians, Ferengi, etc.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Enjoys a wide variety of things, especially functional items, but with a superb appreciation for more intellectual things. His quarters sport various items from various cultures, primary Klingon armaments and décor with vulcan art and objects meant for meditation and mind games. He also enjoys ancient terran impressionism pieces, of which he has a few reproductions adorning the walls. In clothing he prefers loose fitting clothing which breathes well and allows him to move freely. Very deep, dark greens and browns bordering on black are his color preferences in most situations.
Distinguishing Features: Small scar, about 1.5” long and at a slight angle, on his right cheek. Caused by a stabbing.
Pets: None
Friends: His sister Xanthe, who he is close to and communicates with frequently, and Runga, a male Klingon who befriended him after he moved to Qo’noS.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Kashar’s most painful memory was back on Vulcan, when he was approximately 9. Fed up with his slow taking and seeming disinterest in a new mental exercise, he managed to upset his then teacher. A Vulcan, ever so cool and logical, he managed to push him to lose his temper, just momentarily. His teacher told him he was a bastard, little more than an animal who would never truly be able to understand his Vulcan blood, and that he was unwanted. It would be better for him to go live in the mountains away from the settlement and leave the real citizens to themselves. He later apologized profusely to Kashar and his parents, but the damage had already been done. This largely exacerbated Kashar’s desire to leave and travel to Qo’noS.
Best Time: The best time in Kashar’s life was after being permitted to take part in the Rite of Ascension, becoming accepted as a Klingon man… and Qeng officially acknowledging him as his son, instead of ‘just’ a boy he adopted into his house. For the first time in his life Kashar felt he finally belonged.
Most Crucial Experience: The most crucial time in Kashar’s life to date was the training incident in which he nearly killed a fellow cadet. Having gone into a sort of ‘controlled’ meditative blood rage before, he did it again upon seeing that his partner (Cadet Johnston) and himself were severely outmatched in the simulation. Unfortunately he could not maintain control and ended attacking Johnston as well. The instructors had to release a neural gas into the chamber to knock him out. When he realized what he had done he howled in despair. For harming his comrade, for being so arrogant as to think he could control the inner rage of both his bloods without even having achieved mastery in either of their mental disciplines, and especially for his failure to his house, in that he was removed from SFA and denied a commission on grounds of unstability.
Role Model: His ‘true’ Father Qeng, and his Vulcan teacher and mentor Atneer

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 21208.19 Received Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Security Crewman USS Avenger, BC-1500 21208.19 Promoted to Crewman Recruit
Assigned to USS Avenger, BC-1500
Crewman Recruit
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1

Contact Information

E-Mail: tyrell.plumb@gmail.com

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