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Marei Kaila
Career Occupation
Security Officer
Biographical Attributes
160 cm (5 ft. 3 in.)
54.4 kg (120 lb.)
Eye Color:
Honey brown
Hair Color:
Dark brown, almost a dark chocolate color
Mid back, normally worn up in a braided bun but worn loose, held back by barrettes when not on duty
United Federation of Planets
Familial Relationships
Marei Javid
Marei Kanya
Status of Parents:
Her father disappeared when Kaila was nine and her mother never re-married. Her mother still lives on Deep Space 9.
Marital Status:
Single and not dating

Personal History

Kaila was born on Deep Space 9 to Marei Javid, a pilot on a Bajoren trade freighter, and Marei Kanya, a seamstress who owned a shop on the Promenade. She was their first and only child. For the early years of Kaila’s life Javid was rarely around, normally off in space with his ship and when he did come back to the station it was normally only for a few days.

Finally when Kaila was nine her parents had a fight, one that had been brewing for several years, about Javid always being gone and never being there when his family needed him. The next morning Javid returned to his ship and neither Kaila nor Kanya have seen him since. However Kanya still believes Javid is alive and she has not officially separated from him or considered re-marriage.

After her father left Kaila and her mother had to adjust to life without him. Kanya started to spend more time at her shop, trying to supplement Javid’s lost income. This resulted in her spending less time with Kaila, often leaving her to entertain herself for long periods of time.

Kaila did help at her mother’s store some but she found the work boring and she would normally leave to find something more interesting to do. She started to spend more time hanging around the Promenade and watching the many kinds of aliens that came through and watching the Federation officers both on and off duty.

When she was eleven she was helping her mother at her store when it was robbed by a human named Arion Panos. Panos stole the latinum that Kanya kept in a locked box under the counter and after he had taken the money he shot Kanya with a stolen phaser, wounding her. Kanya did not die and Panos was caught by security but the incident proved to be one that still frightens Kaila from time to time when she thinks about what could have happened.

When she was eighteen she left the station and moved to Bajor for a time, wanting to experiment with being out on her own before she seriously committed herself to any kind of life. She lived and worked on Bajor for a year before she settled on what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She joined Star Fleet with the goal to become a Security officer, feeling it was the most practical field for her and the one that she would excel in.

Her decision to join Star Fleet in general, and as a Security Officer in particular, was drawn both from her gratitude to the Federation for what they had done for Bajor in the past and for the memory of what the Federation Security on Deep Space 9 did for her mother and her after her mother’s store was robbed. Aside from gratitude she was drawn to Star Fleet by the chance for adventure and to be able to go to new and interesting places.

She got through the Academy rather easily, making a special effort not to gain her teachers ire. She applied herself to her studies, enjoying what she was learning and enjoying the challenges she received, both from her teachers and ones that she created for herself

Personality Profile

Hobbies and Pastimes: Working on shooting simulations on the holodeck and playing other holodeck programs. Her favorites are simulations of historical events that she can live through and take part in. She also likes to play pool when the chance in presented to her although she isn’t especially good at it. She reads any kinds of books she can get her hands on, especially ancient Earth works such as Shakespeare and political thrillers and spy novels. She also favors Bajoran poetry. She is presently learning to play the flute, having gotten interested in the instrument when a friend from the Academy demonstrated it to her
Short-Term Goals: To work her way up through the ranks of Security. To get a promotion soon after graduating. To master playing pool and the flute
Long-Term Goals: To become a Chief of Security. Eventually she plans on getting married and retiring to Bajor if possible to raise a family
Personality: Kaila is pleasant most of the time and she can be quite open and chatty when she isn’t on duty. However when she’s on duty she adopts a strict no-nonsense attitude that more then makes up for her less the intimidating build and looks. She doesn’t tend to be over-bearing around her friends or co-workers but if someone proves themselves to be a problem she has no trouble with becoming pushy with the problem person and during times like that she’s more prone to using her “outside” voice rather then her “inside” one.

She tends to follow rules and orders to the letter, uncomfortable with the idea of annoying her superior officers but she can think outside of the box, and employ unorthodox methods, when the situation calls for them. When she has an idea or thought about something, and she feels it might help in some way she isn’t shy about suggesting it. She is also almost incapable of lying or even telling partial falsehoods as she starts to stammer and become flustered. Normally after she starts acting like that the real truth will come out only moments later.

She doesn’t make many friends but for the people that she does count as her friends she will go to extraordinary lengths for them. For people that have seriously wronged her she’ll forgive them but she never forget what happened and she won’t give the person a chance to hurt her again.

She considers her religion important to her and she tries to follow all of the customs and holidays as best as she can. However she doesn’t make a habit of widely spreading her religion around to people who really don’t want to hear about it although she is more then happy to answer any questions curious people direct towards her about her beliefs
Sense of Humor: Mostly clean but with a slightly odd edge to it and at times it can range to the rather warped side. Often when she’s stressed or worried she’ll try to make light of it by making jokes
Likes: Salty foods, most kinds of instrumental music, good artwork, people with whom she can hold intelligent conversations and debates with
Dislikes: Klingon opera, bland foods, prejudice people, people that judge her on her looks and size
Distinguishing Features: A strong assertive voice that is surprisingly loud when coming from such a small build. A piercing in her right ear where she wears her earring when not on duty

Career History

Stardate 20704.16 - Graduated Star Fleet Academy.
Stardate 20704.16 - Promoted to Midshipman, Assigned to USS Drake, CL-2509.
Stardate 20707.01 - Awarded SFAM, USS Drake.

Contact Information

E-Mail: spaceroses@yahoo.com

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