Jupiter Class Fleet Tender

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United Federation of Planets logo.pngJupiter Class Fleet TenderUnited Federation of Planets logo.png
Jupiter Class Fleet Tender
United Federation of Planets
Type: Fleet Tender (FT)
Length: 1250 Meters
Beam: 770 Meters
Height: 500 Meters
Mass: 7,500,000 Metric Tons
Decks: 60
Crew Compliment: Standard: 100 Officers, 500 Enlisted
Emergency: 2,000
Warp Speed: Type: 4 Main Warp Engines (Type 6D)
Cruise Speed: 6
Sustainable Speed: 8
Emergency Speed: 9.6 (12 hour automatic shutdown)
Impulse Engines: Type: 2 Main Impulse Engines (MIE),
2 Secondary Impulse Engines (SIE)
Speed: .7 C
Defensive Systems: Type 1 Main Shield Generator (MSG-2)
Armament: Phasers: 4 Dorsal Type-3 Phaser Turrets (Primary Hull), 4 Ventral Type-3 Phaser Turrets (Primary Hull)
Computer System: Daystrom Industries HSCS-2
Tractor/Repulsor: 2 Main Tractor/Repulsor Beams,
6 Docking Tractors,
2 Shuttle Tractors
Shuttlecraft: 1 Bay: 10 Delta Class Runabouts, 20 Shuttles (Type 17), 10x Work Bee.
Sensors: Andorian Industries FSMSA-2


The Jupiter-class is one of the newer concepts to come out of the Fleet Modernization Program. Originally designed as a dedicated small-craft carrier, the idea was put on hold when resources were developed to the design and redesign of the Beckett-class. It was brought forward again at the onset of the program, though the mission it was tasked with changed dramatically due to Star Fleet's restructuring.

The large through-deck Shuttlebay is the last vestige of it's original purpose as a carrier, though that now services cargo shuttles and work bees rather than fighters and bombers. Vast areas that were once dedicated to armaments and scientific research were instead dedicated to storage and workshops, housing large industrial replicators capable of producing anything that could possibly be needed, from food stores to farm equipment, shield capacitors to small arms. Powered by dual Thrawn-type M/AM cores and streamlined to incorporate the new slipstream system, the Jupiter-class is a fleet tender without parallel, and is capable of relieving famines on planets as easily as it is of supplying a fleet exploratory mission.

While a capable ship, it is ungainly and slow in combat situations, and is ideally protected by other ships when deployed anywhere on the edges of Federation territory. Given the supporting nature of the ship, it also has the distinction of being one of the few starship captaincies that is open to Support-department staff.


Name Registry Launched
USS Jupiter FT-96100 2420