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Jhalan zh'Matis
Career Occupation
Fleet Commander
2nd Fleet, Star Base Bravo
Vice Admiral
Vice Admiral
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Adaran 225
173 cm (5 ft. 8 in.)
54.4 kg (120 lb.)
Eye Color:
Pale gray-blue, with almost no visible pupil
Hair Color:
Long and wavy, pulled back with an elaborate clip when on duty
Thin but well proportioned
Pale white
Soprano, very even toned
United Federation of Planets
Northern Wastes of Andoria
Familial Relationships
Sinoshra (charan), Velad (thavan)
Thosuna (zhavey), Marath (shreya)
Status of Parents:
Alive and well in the Aenar home city. Thosuna and Velad are physicians. Marath is an engineer. Sinoshra is a nutritionist.
Lemathra (shen), 35; Galat (chan), 29; Meht (chan), 26
Marital Status:
Never married

Personal History

Jhalan zh'Matis was born and raised in the Aenar home city under the Northern Wastes of Andoria. As a young girl she was known for her highly inquisitive nature and for her curiosity about the world outside of the relatively isolated existence of her species. As a present for her tenth birthday, her zhavey took her to the Andorian capital city, where she first came into contact with Andorian culture and by extension Federation culture as well. The trip also instilled a fascination with the stars, and she decided that she'd like to fly starships when was older. It was a dream her parents tolerated only as a simple childhood fantasy.

After finishing her education at home, she managed to convince her parents to let her attend an Andorian university where she could study the skills necessary to pilot space vessels. They reluctantly approved, and she soon found herself studying navigation and basic engineering at a private school in the capital city. There, she met Leda, an Andorian shen, and the two quickly developed a strong romantic link that led to their consideration of finding a chan and a thaan to bond with. Jhalan's parents, however, disapproved of her involvement with an Andorian, wishing her to help perpetuate her own species instead of diluting the dwindling Aenar gene pool even further than it already had been. They forbade her to marry anyone but an Aenar and ordered her to return home at once. She refused to return and entered a period of deep depression, knowing that without their permission she would never get the approval of her cultural authorities to marry into a quad with Leda.

Wanting to put distance between herself and her family, as well as between her and Leda, she felt the need to leave Andoria for a while. Her dream of piloting starships remained intact, and it became the one thing she had left to believe in. After watching a news story one day, she realized that both her current goals could be met by joining Star Fleet. She applied to the Academy and was soon accepted as a tactical cadet. After graduation, she served on several ships during the First General War, earning multiple commendations for her skill as a pilot and her bravery. Though she still held the pacifist beliefs of her people, she realized that there were times when fighting was necessary, and that to stand by while an aggressor tries to take away all that you cherish is the path of fools.

By the time of the Second Romulan-Federation War, Jhalan had risen to the rank of commander and the position of first officer. She proved herself a capable command officer who believed that diplomacy was the first weapon of choice for any starship but who was also more than willing to engage an uncooperative enemy in combat. At the end of the Borg invasion, her skills and accomplishments were rewarded with a promotion to captain and command of the destroyer Yamamoto. When the Third Romulan-Federation War began, she was given command of the much larger battleship USS Quasar, and spent most her time on the front lines. After the war, when the Romulans asked for Federation help to evacuate their world in advance of a supernova blastwave, she was promoted to commodore and given command of the 2nd Battle Group, where her skills as a diplomat would be a benefit to the increased Federation-Romulan cooperation that was hoped to result.

She was later promoted fully to Rear Admiral and transferred to Star Base Bravo, where she was given acting command of the 2nd Fleet, replacing Admiral Sovak, who was recalled to Earth, and promoted to acting Vice Admiral.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Starship Combat, Stellar Navigation
Academy Minor(s): Diplomacy, Political Science
Hobbies and Pastimes: Meditation, Drawing, Ice Climbing
Short-Term Goals: Doing the best job she can managing the 2nd Fleet.
Long-Term Goals: Earn a position at Star Fleet Command.
Personality: Jhalan is very professional in her work life. She holds herself to a high discipline, and she expects those who serve under her to have the same attitude towards their jobs. In her personal life, though, she can be candid and friendly but prefers to maintain a very small circle of friends rather than be overtly social. Being blind and sensing the world around her telepathically gives her a different perspective on the universe than that of most people, and her observations of people's behavior are usually insightful.
Sense of Humor: Reserved
Phobias: None
Likes: Cool temperatures
Dislikes: Hot environments, warm sunlight
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Officers who don't know how to work within the system.
Bad Habits or Vices: Staring at people when she's annoyed with them, even though she's blind.
Achievements: Being named Fleet Commander.
Disappointments: The rift between her and her family.
Illnesses: No major illnesses, but she cannot overexpose herself to bright sunlight. Even with sunscreen she's susceptible to a severe burn, as she has no pigment in her skin.
Strengths: Strong telepathic skills, though her culture forbids her from using them to read other people's minds without their permission. It is a taboo she strictly follows, unless either ordered to do otherwise or people's lives depend on it.
Weaknesses: Inability to spend much time in sunlight.
Fears: Not being effective in her duties.
Prejudices: None
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Comfortable but stylish. She prefers white and tan clothing, like most of her species. Color is a concept that means something entirely different to Aenar. Texture of a material and the shape of patterns interest her more.
Distinguishing Features: Her colorless skin, her forehead ridges and bumps
Pets: None
Friends: She has recently struck up a strong friendship with Commodore Samantha Trent, the commanding officer of Star Base Bravo.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Her family not allowing her to form a quad with Leda, an Andorian, and having to leave Andoria to get away from her pain.
Best Time: Her years on the USS Quasar as commanding officer.
Most Crucial Experience: The decision to leave Andoria and attend Star Fleet Academy
Role Model: None

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
2nd Battle Group Commander Star Base Bravo 21004.25 Promoted to Commodore
Named 2nd Battle Group Commander
2nd Fleet Commander, Acting Vice Admiral Star Base Bravo 21009.17 Promoted to Rear Admiral and then Acting Vice Admiral Rear Admiral
2nd Fleet Commander Star Base Bravo a. 21009.17 Promoted to Vice Admiral Vice Admiral

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