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The OJAG is located in Falls Church, Virginia, and serves as the central location for JAG operations. Cases that are appealed to the OJAG are tried here, on site. The Judge Advocate General and the Deputy Judge Advocate General both have residences in the facility. All other JAG personnel utilize either the base quarters, or offsite quarters. Civilian personnel that are liaisons to the JAG from the Federation Judiciary also have offices and quarters on the base. With the retiring of the SFMC from active duty, their base facilities have been converted to civilian facilities, given that SFSOCOM manages its own personnel in cases with the assistance of the JAG in their own facilities.

Map Locations

1. Enlisted quarters (Block A)
2. Enlisted quarters (Block B)
3. Courthouse
4. Security, Remand centre and brig
5. Special Judicial Investigation Service headquarters
6. Main gate
7. Admissions building
8. Inspector General’s office
9. OJAG archives building
10. JAG’s residence
11. Officer’s quarters (Block C)
12. Officer’s quarters (Block D)
13. Medical facilities
14. Shuttle maintenance building
15. AJAG’s office block
16. OJAG headquarters building
17. Federation Judiciary Representatives Offices
18. Civilian personnel quarters
19. Conference centre
20. Ground vehicle parking area
21. Shuttle control centre
22. Shuttle landing area
23. Shuttle hangar