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Based in its main Headquarters in Falls Church, VA. The Office of the Judge Advocate General (OJAG) choose Starfleet personnel who show an exceptional aptitude in Law, or who attend Law School on their own worlds are usually tapped to serve within the OJAG for at least one tour of duty. This is not purely restricted to those with a legal bent as the department requires officers with a nose for the truth and a particular devotion to the principles, rules and regulations that govern Star Fleet.

To this end the OJAG investigates, prosecutes and defends the members of Star Fleet in criminal and civil matters. It also provides legal advice to the Federation Council and as its most senior officer, the JAG is also legal advisor to the CIC and President. The Corps consists of 1520 Judge Advocates and Duty officers, 1260 Enlisted and 550 Civilian personnel serving under the direction of the Judge Advocate General.


Com-cmdr.jpg Commodore/Captain Akaeldrin Dal-Mar

The JAG is appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Federation Council and Senate. Under the direction of the Federation Judiciary, the JAG provides or supervises the provision of all legal advice and related services throughout Star Fleet. He/She also performs the functions required and provides legal and policy advice to the Minister of Defence on military justice, administrative law, claims, operational and international law, Cyber law, national security law, intelligence oversight and litigation involving these issues and also acts on other matters as directed by the Judiciary.

The JAG is also designated as the Starfleet/Marine representative for Interstellar Policy Affairs (REPIPA) and as such, serves as the Star Fleet representative to international and interstellar meetings, negotiations, and conferences involving Interstellar policy matters.

As of Stardate 21807.16 the current JAG is overseeing JAG operations on Pioneer Outpost, and as such, has temporarily demoted himself to Captain to prevent chain of command issues on the base.


Com-blank.jpg Position Vacant

The DJAG deals with all the administrative needs as directed by the JAG or in his/her absence. He/she is also responsible for the day to day operations of Military law proceedings, such as hearings and court-martials and other related tasks.


Com-cmcpo.png Command Master Chief Lance Rhodes

Serves as the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Judge Advocate General (JAG). He/she is also the principle advisor to the JAG on matters pertaining to the Legalman community.

The CMC maintains and promote effectiveness and efficiency of the chain of command. He or she assists the JAG and LSO in all matters pertaining to welfare, health, job satisfaction, morale, utilization, and training of enlisted personnel to promote traditional standards of good order and discipline. The CMC helps JAG and LSO establish a positive command climate and advise JAG and LSO on formulation and implementation of changes in policy pertaining to enlisted personnel.

He/she attends meetings as directed by the JAG and LSO to keep apprised of current issues and provide a representative enlisted input. The CMC participates in ceremonies honouring all service members throughout the JAG Corps and Legalman communities. When appropriate, the CMC represents the JAG and LSO, or accompany them, to official functions, inspections, and conferences. He or she participates in receptions and hosting of official visitors as well as represents the JAG and LSO at community and civic functions.


Com-cdr.jpg Commander Leon Cordoba

This officer is the principal advisor for the JAG and DJAG on all strategic planning efforts in the OJAG. He/she provides guidance and oversight for strategic planning and is responsible for the development, modification and oversight of all OJAG strategic plans and annual guidance. Also provides flexible on-demand support for special initiatives, projects and tasks as directed by the JAG and DJAG.


Com-capt.jpg Captain Salena Valtier

This office is assigned to the JAG and DJAG for public affairs and functions as the interstellar media point of contact. The PAO is responsible for developing or adapting JAG or DJAG communications strategy to ensure that accurate and effective information reaches external and internal audiences. The PAO also researches, writes, reviews and edits articles, press releases and speeches for the JAG and DJAG.


Commandant: Com-capt.jpg Captain Ashleigh Gates

Assistant Commandant: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Samuel Nyguen

Since the establishment of the Star Fleet Law School (SLS) at Charlottesville, Va. It has annually trained thousands of Star Fleet personnel in all aspects of military law and currently provides long-term legal training for all Star Fleet lawyers, enlisted legal professionals, active and reserve. In addition, the SLS provides training for civilian personnel, legal officers, senior enlisted and others in the administration of military law.

The mission of SLS is to:

Train all Star Fleet judge advocates, and enlisted and civilian legal professionals to deliver quality legal services, promote justice, and enhance Star Fleet readiness. Train Star Fleet legal support personnel to perform their command and staff duties in accordance with the United Federation of Planets laws.


Com-capt.jpg Captain Edwina Dullan.

The Inspector General (IG) provides sound, impartial advice directly to the Judge Advocate General (JAG) concerning the efficiency, effectiveness, readiness and morale of OJAG. This office also provides oversight of and positive assistance to organizations and individuals in order that the Office of the Judge Advocate General (OJAG), and the entire Judge Advocate General’s Corps community can maintain the highest levels of efficiency, effectiveness, readiness, integrity, morale, and public confidence.

The IG also conducts assessments, inspections and investigations as directed by the JAG. He or she cooperates fully on matters relating to OJAG and acts as a change agent for continuous improvement and performance excellence throughout OJAG and highlights those best practices that merit emulation. He or she notes opportunities for improvement when observed, especially those existing in more than one command. Finally, the IG strives to prevent and eliminate, when found, fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement and serves as the point of contact for Hotline complaints for OJAG.


Director: Com-cmcpo.png Command Master Chief Alfred McMichaels

Deputy Director: Com-scpo.png Senior Chief Petty Officer Edward Springer

This department is responsible for the day to day running of its offices. JAG support personnel range from clerk to yeoman, performing a wide range of duties.


Based in the Falls Church complex. The AJAG’s are assigned functional areas of responsibility when neither, the JAG or DJAG are able to perform their respective duties. The Minister of Defence will then detail one of the AJAG’s to the position of AJAG of Star Fleet, whoever is senior will then perform the duties of the JAG.

In addition to other duties assigned, each AJAG supervises his or her respective divisions and their staffs within their area of responsibility. This also entails preparing and signing fitness reports or civilian performance appraisals as appropriate for the assigned divisional directors and military personnel under their supervision. There are four AJAG’s and their areas of responsibility are Civil Law, Military Justice, Chief Judge and Operations and Management.


Com-capt.jpg Captain Rolf Galway

This AJAG has primary responsibility for:

• Interstellar and Operation Law

• Maritime Law

• Environmental Law

• Administrative Law

• General Litigation

• Claims Division

• Cyber, Information Ops & Intelligence Law

Each of these branches have their own Divisional head and staff.


Divisional Director: Com-cdr.jpg Ccmmander Mitchel Wilson.

Provides legal advice, assistance, research, interpretation and training on Interstellar law and policy issues involving Starfleet/Marine operations, Interstellar environment law, Law of armed conflict, Interstellar agreements and Interstellar criminal jurisdiction. The division also responds to requests for legal and policy reviews from the Minister of Defence and the CIC and their staff, including all shore and fleet commands of Star Fleet throughout the UFP.


Divisional Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Justin Reid

This division adjudicates affirmative and defensive tort claims and defensive salvage claims on behalf of the Defence Ministry. Also advises on contract, environmental, international and domestic Maritime issues.


Divisional Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Rosalind Jorstad

Provides legal advice, assistance, research, interpretation, representation and training involving environmental and energy laws and policy issues as they pertain to Star Fleet training, testing and operations as well as environmental compliance ashore. The co-operate closely with the Interstellar Environmental law branch of the OJAG Interstellar and Operational Law Division.


Divisional Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Rose Mostyn

The division supports the Ministry of Defence, CIC, Marine Corps HQ and all space and shore commands of Star Fleet and the Marine Corps throughout the UFP on issues affecting military personnel law, standards of conduct and ethics, freedom of information act and privacy act policy, disability law, legal review and co-ordination of proposed legislation and regulations affecting Star Fleet and the Marine Corp. Also conducts administrative fact finding investigations and courts and boards of inquiry.


Division Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Paolo Parizzi

Oversees the conduct of civil litigation cases incidents to the operation of Star Fleet. Responsible for all administrative appeals under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA) and co-ordinates litigation demands for Star Fleet information and witnesses as required.


Divisional Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Petra Willoughby

Adjudicates claims against Star Fleet. Provides litigation support to all OJAG staff representing Star Fleet cases that are in litigation.


Divisional Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Tameka Matsumoto

The branch provides legal and policy advise on cyber law and cyberspace operations, Interstellar operations, information and influence operations, information law, national security law, intelligence law and oversight of intelligence programs and sensitive activities. They also review proposed legislation, all legislation and regulations pertaining to cyberspace matters.

Act as JAG point of contact for the Intelligence community legal events and co-ordinates as needed for advice on counter-terrorism, special warfare and information warfare operations and other classified and sensitive programs. Also provides training, resources and advice on cyberspace and interstellar matters.


Com-capt.jpg Captain Kate Witherington

This AJAG has the primary supervisory responsibility for the performance of JAG’s statutory duties in all military justice and related matters as authorised by the JAG manual for Courts-Martial and the UMCJ. Also coordinates administrative matters with the AJAG (Chief Judge) and Ministry of Defence. There are six areas of responsibility for the AJAG for Military Justice.

• Criminal Law Division

• National Security Litigation Division

• Administrative Support Division

• Legal Services Office

• Appelate Defence Division

• Appelate Government Division


Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Bernice Wayman

Assigned to co-ordinate military justice policy within Star Fleet. Also, drafts legal and policy advice for the JAG on a wide variety of military justice matters and reviews all legislative or regulatory proposals affecting military justice.


Director: Com-capt.jpg Captain Ira Fountain

Provides training and litigation support to Staff Judge Advocates, trial and defence counsel, military judges, investigating officers (SJIS) and all court security officers on all Star Fleet matters pertaining to the processing and litigation of all cases involving classified information. Co-ordinates classification reviews on litigation involving classified information and provides advice, training and support to other armed services upon request. Serves as the JAG and CIC’s central point of contact for the supreme court and components of the Intelligence community on litigation involving classified information.


Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Katherine Montrose

Maintains a post-trial case tracking system of those records of trial required to be forwarded to the OJAG for review in accordance with articles 66 and 69 of the UCMJ. Also provides administrative and logistical support services to personnel assigned to OJAG and controls and maintains courts-martial records of trial.


Divisional Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Christian Derosa

The LSO provides proactive, highest caliber command advice, trial services and claims processing in support of Star Fleet and all ground installations, and Starbase commands operating on with the jurisdiction of the United Federation of Planets.

LSO’s are dedicated to providing professional legal services and solutions in support of military justice and other legal issues involving Star Fleet commands located within their area of operation, as well as other functions and tasks necessary in support of the mission and core capabilities of the Office of the Judge Advocate General. The highest priority will be given to Star Fleet and any operational units, particularly those deployed or preparing to deploy.

The LSO also provides training and administrative support to Star Fleet reserve units and Judge Advocates providing appellate defence representation and Star Fleet trial defence attorneys.


Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Alan Purefoy

The mission of the OJAG’s Appelate defence division as a branch of the Legal Service Office is to provide quality defence counsel services for Star Fleet active duty and reserve personnel, throughout the United Federation of Planets whenever required by law or regulation and authorized by the Judge Advocate General (JAG). These services may include advice and representation in confinement, courts-martial, non-judicial punishment or administrative discharge proceedings and representation before the Supreme Court.

Defence counsel are also available to answer questions concerning SJIS Investigations, mental health proceedings, complaints, fitness report and evaluation matters, interrogations following invocation of Article 31(b) rights, and other matters where appropriate.


Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Arven Lex

Has primary responsibility for oversight of appellate advocacy matters with Star Fleet. Prepares and files pleadings in co-operation with the Supreme Court of the United Federation of Planets. Also advises trial counsel and other UFP attorneys on military justice matters having appellate implications.


Com-capt.jpg Captain Lyndon Forrester

The AJAG Chief Judge is the senior supervisory jurist of Star Fleet with primary administrative oversight responsibility of the judiciary at both trial and appellate levels as judges throughout Star Fleet execute their statutory duties. He/she is the principal strategic planner for professional development, selection, training and deployment of the judiciary. There are four areas of responsibility for this AJAG.

• Star Fleet Trial Judiciary

• Star Fleet Courts of Appeal

• Special Judicial Investigation Service

• Star Fleet field offices division


Director: Chief Trial Judge Com-capt.jpg Captain Damien Roberts

The Star Fleet Trial Judiciary (SFTJ) is a joint Star Fleet Corps activity led by a Chief Trial Judge who serves as Officer-in-Charge. Its mission is to provide certified military judges for Star Fleet general and special courts-martial and hearing officers for sanity hearings on confined prisoners. In addition, military judges sometimes serve as Article 32, Federation Uniform Code of Military Justice (FUCMJ) and pre-trial investigation officers.

Its principal Functions are organized into several judicial circuits staffed by active-duty military judges, and is supported by Star Fleet Reserve personnel. The number of active duty judges fluctuates around 27, depending on open positions. Due to the enormous responsibility for trials throughout the United Federation of Planets, military judges spend much of their time traveling.


Director: Chief Appellant Judge Com-capt.jpg Captain Elena Vandermeer

The Star Fleet Courts of Appeal job is to conduct mandatory reviews, unless waived by the appellant of all courts-martial of members of Star Fleet referred to the court pursuant to Articles 62, 66, 69 and 73, Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and, when necessary in furtherance of its jurisdiction, reviews all petitions for extraordinary relief properly filed before it.


Director: Com-capt.jpg Captain Stephen Bennet

Deputy Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Kurt Ashbrook

This branch of the OJAG has highly trained Investigators to inquire into wrongdoings, or possible wrongdoings within Star Fleet. They generally travel with their own security teams, but protocol also calls for Starship or Starbase Commanding officers to have their security forces at the disposal of visiting Investigators.

The Investigators job are to gather facts and evidence for the acting lawyers or judges so they can determine if the instigation of a Courts-Martial is warranted. They continue until a case is either, solved, dismissed or no clear evidence can be made (In this case the relevant file is left open until new evidence is brought to light).

Normally, SJIS Investigators become involved in cases where a member of Star Fleet is accused of wrongdoing by someone outside their chain of command. If no JAG officer is available to conduct an investigation, then it falls to the highest ranking officer to appoint an investigator – normally, the ship or Starbase, Chief of Security.

Security officers, Science officers and other experts in the field can find themselves detailed to the SJIS for a particular investigation.


Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Jane Fellowes

This office deals with all day-to-day running of the field offices regarding supplies and other information. Each of the two Starbases assigned for each sector have their own directors and staff and also have a degree of autonomy regarding JAG operations within their fields of responsibility.


Being based on Earth’s major hub Starbase Alpha, this office has more staff than the other field offices. Although attached to the Star Fleet Field Office Division, it still has its own directors with the same degree of autonomy regarding JAG operations within their fields of responsibility. Because of their proximity to Earth they can call on more resources as and when needed.

The Directors assigned to the JAG field Office usually are officers with several terms of experience in most areas, but can have a field that they are expert in.

Civilian personnel tend to be Administration and Support for the individual Offices and staff, all are trained Legal Assistants/Secretaries.

Staff: 75 personnel (Officers: 19, Enlisted: 6, Civilians: 40)

Director: Com-capt.jpg Captain Neil Pergande

Deputy Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Kelly Torrens

Directors Assistant: Com-mcpo.jpg Darin Bernardi (Chief Legalman)

Directors Assistant: Com-mcpo.jpg Wendy Bonner (Asst Chief Legalman)

Legal Personnel:

Com-lcdr.jpg Lieutenant Commander Dustin Cole (Defence Counsel)

Com-lcdr.jpg Lieutenant Commander Cassie Dean (Prosecution Counsel)

Com-lcdr.jpg Lieutenant Commander Jeff Santana (Chief Judicial Service Investigator)

Com-lt.jpg Lieutenant Ola Bonner (Defence Assistant)

Com-lt.jpg Lieutenant David Crighton (Prosecution Assistant)

Com-lt.jpg Lieutenant Kasper Kjaer (Civilian/Litigation Counsel)

Com-lt.jpg Lieutenant Hannah May (Prosecution Assistant)

Com-lt.jpg Lieutenant Orville West (Defence Assistant)

Com-lt.jpg Lieutenant Trevor Wooton (Judicial Service Investigator)

Com-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant [JG] Zahava Calev (Civilian/Litigation Assistant)

Com-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant [JG] Sheila Evans (Judicial Service Investigator)

Com-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant [JG] Max Fielding (Defence Assistant)

Com-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant [JG] Sally Johns (Prosecution Assistant)

Com-ens.jpg Ensign Tom Cohen (Judicial Service Investigator)

Com-ens.jpg Ensign Johnathan Fernstad (Legal Assistant)

Com-ens.jpg Ensign Rachel Manning (Legal Assistant)

Com-ens.jpg Ensign Marcel Weber (Legal Assistant)

Com-cpo.jpg CPO Diane Gregson (Legalman Assistant)

Com-cpo.jpg CPO Clement Hughes (Legalman Assistant)

Com-cpo.jpg CPO Julian Marsh (Legalman Assistant)

Com-cpo.jpg CPO Serena Poller (Legalman Assistant)


Although attached to the Starfleet Field Office Division on Earth, each of the two Star Base’s assigned for each sector have their own directors and staff and also have a degree of autonomy regarding JAG operations within their fields of responsibility.

The Directors assigned to the JAG field Office usually are officers with several terms of experience in most areas, but can have a field that they are expert in.

Civilian personnel tend to be the Administration and Support for the individual Offices and staff, all are trained Legal Assistants/Secretaries.

Staff: 38 personnel (Officers: 15, Enlisted: 3, Civilians: 20)

Director: Com-capt.jpg Captain Jamie Hill

Deputy Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Gaye Ashman

Director's Assistant: Com-mcpo.jpg MCPO Carole Everson (Chief Legalman)

Legal Personnel:

Com-lcdr.jpg Lieutenant Commander Raphael Cortez (Chief Judicial Service Imvestigator)

Com-lcdr.jpg Lieutenant Commander Sharron Gilpatrick (Defence Counsel)

Com-lcdr.jpg Lieutenant Commander Noel Dunn (Prosecution Counsel)

Com-lt.jpg Lieutenant Kathryn Bauer (Defence Assistant)

Com-lt.jpg Lieutenant Daniel Combes (Prosecution Assistant)

Com-lt.jpg Lieutenant Marcus Larsen (Judicial Service Invesigator)

Com-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant [JG] Leola Foley (Legal Assistant)

Com-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant [JG] Ferris Miller (Judicial Service Investigator)

Com-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant [JG] Lily O'Connor (Legal Assistant)

Com-ens.jpg Ensign Vincent Harvey (Legal Assistant)

Com-ens.jpg Ensign Manuella Potts (Legal Assistant)

Com-ens.jpg Ensign William Spencer (Judicial Service Investigator)

Com-cpo.jpg CPO Ephraim Bennett (Legalman Assistant)

Com-cpo.jpg CPO Elise Sykes (Legalman Assistant)

Com-cpo.jpg CPO Tristan Warner (Legalman Assistant)


Com-capt.jpg Captain Lance Sherwood

This AJAG exercises primary responsibility for operations and management functions within OJAG and supervises the executive director. There are eight areas of responsibility within this branch of OJAG.

• Executive Director

• Military Personnel Division

• Management Operations Division

• Personnel Support Division

• Reserve Services Division

• Fiscal and Resource Services Division

• Information Technology Division

• Civilian Personnel Management Services Division


Com-cdr.jpg Commander Michelle Keyter

Is the primary assistant to the AJAG (Operations and Management) and is responsible for the seven divisions within this branch. He/she oversees the day-to-day operations of this branch, including managing civilian and military staff. He/she assists in the formulation, development and execution of organization policies and oversees the provision of manpower, budgeting, supply and information technology to all personnel within OJAG.


Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander James Hayward

Oversees the development and execution of policy in the areas of officer recruitment, military manpower management, military personnel strength planning, promotions and career progression of Star Fleet Judge Advocates for the JAG and oversees development and implementation of the JAG’s recruiting policy.


Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Adam Urbanski

Provides OJAG with policy guidance, statistical research and analysis and has the responsibility for courthouse security management and senior watch officer duties.


Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Barry Wood

Conducts full range of administrative services for military personnel and manages command level databases and programs to include check-in, indoctrination and sponsorship. Manages OJAG information security programs and the handling of classified material. Is also responsible for OJAG travel services programs.


Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Robert Ashford

Provides technical and administrative support to the JAG and DJAG. Recommends specific missions, objectives, plans and policies for the reserve law programs and units. Advises the JAG regarding professional training and makes recommendations concerning training to reserve Judge Advocates and Legalmen.


Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Victoria Hartley-Jackson

Formulates OJAG budget and provides procurement services for administrative supplies for the OJAG.


Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Gemma Arthurson

As the OJAG command information branch they oversee and manage information assurance, information security and IT resources including hardware and software throughout OJAG. Also co-ordinates training services for all OJAG personnel.


Director: Com-cdr.jpg Commander Hazel Pike

Provides OJAG employee and management support services to perform classification functions and administering civilian training programs.