Interphase cloaking device

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The interphase cloaking device was an advanced type of cloaking device that allows a starship to travel through solid matter and high-energy fields. A molecular phase inverter moves the ship out of phase with the spacetime continuum.

In 2358, a branch of Star Fleet Intelligence Corps illegally developed such a device in direct violation of the Treaty of Algeron, which explicitly banned the Federation from developing cloaking technology.

Several other races have either experimented with, or utilize interphasing technology:

  • The Romulans were experimenting with a molecular phase inverter to create an interphase cloak. The experiment failed, heavily damaging the vessel on which the experiment was being run.
  • The Klingons also experimented with interphase cloaking technology in the early 2360s but they abandoned their research because of several accidents.
  • Interphase technology was used extensively by the Srivani to hide their scientific experiments.
  • The Voth also used interphase cloaking technology.