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Career Occupation
USS Avenger, BC-1500
Biographical Attributes
Eye Color:
Very dark green
Hair Color:
Tied behind head in a short 8cm pony-tail style
Tall, thick, and sturdy
Plain greenish-gray reptilian appearance
Facial Hair:
Deep and level
United Federation of Planets
Dominion Hatchery #033, Gamma Quadrant - Alternate Universe
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
As a Jem'Hadar, Ikat'Ukan has no parents
Ikat'Ukan was bred in a batch of 75 others. Those are the closest beings he has to siblings. Of those living, they share his same age and birthday.
Marital Status:
Incapable of biologic reproduction

Personal History

Ikat'Ukan underwent the standard conditioning that adolescents of his species experience in order to prepare them to join the ranks of Jem'Hadar soldiers in battle. Because maturation only takes a matter of days, it does not take long for Jem'Hadar, and did not take Ikat'Ukan long either, to undergo and complete the extremely arduous training to get him ready to join a front line unit.

Ikat'Ukan was assigned as a new seventh, and immediately assigned to an attack vessel sent to defend the rapidly condensing Dominion from the incredible Krynar threat. Within a day his vessel, and the task force it was assigned to, took heavy casualties in a quick and disastrous confrontation with a Kynar mothership and its accompanying shards. Ikat'Ukan survived the near destruction of his vessel, and assisted in repairs that were adequate to see them rescued by search parties days after the battle. From both his performance in battle, and being one of the few survivors, Ikat'Ukan was elevated to third and reassigned. Ikat'Ukan then deployed with the fleet that entered the Alpha Quadrant following the mutual aid alliance with the battle weary United Federation of Planets.

His next taste of 'battle' was the unannounced and surprising, to the UFP, all out annihilation of the Cardassian civilization. Ikat'Ukan deployed to many Cardassian colonies and home worlds, including Cardassia prime. He followed orders given to him by his Vorta, with the authority of the Founders, and carried out the ruthless and brutally efficient slaughter of Cardassian soldiers and innocents alike. Upon complete elimination of the Cardassians, many Jem'Hadar were assigned to supplement Star Fleet crews. As such, Third Ikat'Ukan and his platoon were assigned to the USS Avenger, NCC-1500.

Several months more of continued bloody losses and costly conflicts with the Krynar, when the Avenger found itself in a battle with the IRW Shadowhawk, a well as several shards, an inexplicable event landed the vessel in a parallel universe. Ikat'Ukan suppressed any worry or concern in trying to understand the quandry, and instead focused on how to assist the crew of Captain Grant in defeating the Krynar.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Dominion Combat Training - Small Unit Tactics, Marksmanship, Close Quarters Battle.
Academy Minor(s): Dominion Starship Training - Operations.
Hobbies and Pastimes: Holodeck combat simulations where he pits himself against tougher and tougher opponents, forcing himself to win.
Short-Term Goals: Serve The Founders in all things
Long-Term Goals: Become an Honored Elder
Personality: kat'Ukan is normally stoic. He distinguishes himself from his other Jem'Hadar because he has developed the habit of vocalizing his evaluation of the failures of others, both Star Fleet and Jem'Hadar alike. Ikat'Ukan can get overly aggressive when he finds himself faced with a challenge he cannot immediately overcome.
Sense of Humor: None - he views humor as weakness.
Phobias: None
Likes: Combat and combat training. Victory.
Dislikes: Non-combatants.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Deficient soldiers. Those who fail in their objectives due to inadequate skill or preparation.
Bad Habits or Vices: Voicing his opinions of the failures or under performance of others.
Achievements: Killing the enemy in the service of The Founders. Achieving the rank of Third.
Disappointments: Never having yet killed a Krynar in close quarters battle.
Illnesses: Ketracel White dependency
Strengths: Ikat'Ukan spends hours upon hours ever honing his combat skills, and is especially skilled with his kar'takin.
Weaknesses: Inability to confront challenges that cannot be met with violence
Fears: Failing The Founders
Prejudices: Anyone he views weaker or inadequate in comparison to himself.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: The standard issue gray and black tunic worn by Jem'Hadar under their Dominion battle armor
Distinguishing Features: Tied behind head in a short 8cm pony-tail style
Friends: The closest things to friends Ikat'Ukan has to friends are the surviving members of his squad.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Suffering from Ketracel White withdrawal while the Avenger transitioned universes.
Best Time: Serving the founders by reclaiming his life in battle.
Most Crucial Experience: His first blood. Ikat'Ukan's first kill was an elderly Cardassian Militia Glinn who had been the first Cardassian he saw upon materializing on his first assignment in the Alpha Quadrant.
Role Model: The Founders - they are infallible in all things.

Career History

Stardate 21208.05 - Assigned to Marine detachment, USS Avenger, NCC-1500

Contact Information

E-Mail: donovan@fed-space.net

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