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The Iconian Gateway on Iconia.

The Iconian gateway, or trans-dimensional gateway was a technology developed by the ancient Iconians, about 200,000 years ago.
Essentially a sophisticated transporter, the underlying principles of this technology remained a mystery to the Federation.

These gateways allowed instantaneous travel over enormous distances (at least 70,000 light years). Physically, the gateway appeared as a "door," suspended in space or surrounded by a frame. An individual could step through the gateway and emerge on the other side at their destination. The gateway's network allowed the Iconians to travel the galaxy without the use of starships, and was the primary way they controlled their vast empire. Traveling in this fashion earned them the reputation (among their more primitive subjects) as "Demons of Air and Darkness."

Only two Iconian gateways are known to have survived the destruction of the Iconian civilization, both of which were later destroyed.