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Joseph Dean Hudgins
Career Occupation
Chief Tactical Officer
USS Yeager, FSC-28018
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
210 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
cocoa brown
Short buzz
Athletic build
Facial Hair:
smooth and caring baritone
United Federation of Planets
Black Oak, Arkansas,Earth
Familial Relationships
Egbert Hudgins (43)
Arbie Hudgins (40)
Status of Parents:
Both are living happily back home and couldn't be more proud of their son.
13 brothers and sisters which are too numerous to list.
Marital Status:
Engaged to his girlfriend Rita Mae Fowler.

Personal History

Joseph Dean Hudgins was born in Black Oak, Arkansas back on Earth to Arbie and Egbert Hudgins. Unfortunately there wasn't much time to get to a hospital from his home so Joe was born in the master bedroom of what would be his childhood home.

When he was 10 years old he met a young man by the name of John Harvey. The two boys were inseparable all the way through their teenage years. Many people would make fun of Joe simply because of his stutter. They would do everything from calling him names to comparing him to a Ferengi on tax day, due to how nervous he always was to speak around others. Things continued to get worse to the point that they would even gang up on him and beat him until one day the boy had enough. It was all over quickly and the extremely one sided fight immediately sent the bullies running the opposite direction. The next day Joe found out that he had hurt one of the bullies pretty badly. He felt so bad about it that he went to check on him to make sure that he hadn't seriously injured him.

Joe and John even went through the academy together and majored in the same thing. Both of them had always wanted to operate the big artillery since they were just teens so they both chose to go into tactical. The two of them studied harder than they had ever studied in their lives for anything. One night the two of them were out for a guy's night on the town. They were on their way back to their rooms when they decided to stop by a local bar for a few drinks before calling it a night. The two guys were enjoying themselves, watching women, and playing a few games of pool. Joe looked over toward a corner where a ruckus had appeared. A young woman was being harassed by a bulky man that both Joe and John had seen at the Academy on a regular basis. Joe quickly downed his drink and told his buddy that he would be back. He walked up behind the giant man and tapped him on the shoulder only when the man turned around expecting a conversation he received a knuckle sandwich instead. The giant man hit the floor with a loud crash. The bar went silent as everyone turned to see the large man out cold on the ground. The man's friends, along with the bouncers, threw Joe out of the bar, quite literally. Joe began yelling and swearing back at the men that had thrown him out when a young woman passed by with her friends. The friends of the man on the floor had given Joe to a bloody nose and he was lucky that he didn't receive more of a beating, but he continued to yell. Seeing this, the young woman walked over to the man on the ground and offered to help him. By the end of the night the two of them were talking like they had known one another for years. They kept in touch after that night and pretty soon the conversations turned into them getting together for dinner, which then turned into a date, which turned into a relationship and continued to evolve into what it is today. After about four years it came time for them to graduate. Joe's instructor told him that it was a miracle hands down. Joe wasn't one to brag about his abilities but he would have liked to believe that natural talent had something to do with it.

The day after graduation both men received their orders and to their surprise they had been assigned to the same ship, the USS Phoenix. They went through mission after mission together, John always on the helm and Joe always at the tactical station. Pretty soon the two “brothers” reached the rank of Ensign and were both excited for one another. The Phoenix was sent on a mission out to the Neutral Zone to investigate a distress signal. As they came closer their sensors picked up a Star Fleet vessel that was in danger of drifting into Romulan space. When the Phoenix went in for a closer look they were ambushed by several Romulan ships, the battle was on. As normal John was at the helm and Joe was at the tactical station, things quickly went downhill. Soon the ship was taking a beating, the shields were down, and the hull was beginning to buckle. Suddenly, the bridge took a direct hit and the vacuum of space began sucking everything and everyone out of the gap. Joe struggled to keep hold of his console; John on the other hand was immediately sucked off the bridge and into open space. The oxygen shields kicked in, sealed the hole, and the young tactical officer hit the floor. The crew quickly put together a plan to eject a couple of their anti-matter pods in order to use them as weapons so the Phoenix could make a quick retreat. Once the pods had made their way into range to do significant damage Joe opened fire with every phaser. The pods exploded and dealt a hard blow to the Romulan ships and the Phoenix was able to make it back over into federation space before the Romulans could catch up to them.

Joe was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade for the part that he played in the mission to the Neutral Zone. Months passed by and Joe had trouble coping with his friends demise. The memories of his best friend haunted him; he had nightmares of that battle almost every time he slept. A couple of times he even thought that he saw John around the ship, but it was just a mix of his imagination and wishful thinking. Not long after that he requested to come aboard the Yeager.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Tactical
Academy Minor(s): History and Psychology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Enjoys spending time with his family and his fiancé. He also likes to play Texas Hold em' Poker and performing magic tricks.
Short-Term Goals: Make friends who he can go back home and tell his family about one day.
Long-Term Goals: Make a difference in the universe.
Personality: Easy going, easy to get along with but is authoritative when he has to be.
Sense of Humor: Random and misunderstood sometimes
Phobias: None
Likes: People that have a sense of humor.
Dislikes: People who have no sense of humor.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People with no common sense at all.
Bad Habits or Vices: Smokes cigars with his friends at the end of each mission.
Achievements: Graduated from Star Fleet Academy and joined the Yeager and became Chief Tactical Officer.
Disappointments: Could never figure out how to hit with a phaser rifle. He could shoot it but could not hit the broad side of a battle cruiser.
Illnesses: None
Strengths: Always seems to know what to say in order to comfort someone, no matter how random or dumb it makes him sound.
Weaknesses: He is easily swayed unless it is going to get someone hurt or is just plain wrong.
Fears: He is afraid of letting his family and friends down.
Prejudices: None: He was raised to treat everyone equally.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Jeans and Sleeveless shirt
Distinguishing Features: None
Pets: None
Friends: Ensign John Harvey (K.I.A.)

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Losing his best friend, John Harvey, while on a mission near Romulan space.
Best Time: When the love of his life agreed to marry him.
Most Crucial Experience: His mother and father's seemingly harsh discipline shaped and molded him into the man that he is today.
Role Model: His father, Egbert, is his role model. He always does what he believes is right no matter what the cost.

Career History

Stardate 21303.04 - Promoted to Chief Tactical Officer, USS Yeager, SC-8018.
Stardate 21308.11 - Assigned as Chief Tactical officer, USS Yeager, FSC-28018.

Contact Information


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