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Reginald "Reggie" Hendrix
Reginald Hendrix.jpg
Career Occupation
Security Officer
USS Sheridan, DD-4086
Biographical Attributes
3/4 Human, 1/4 Klingon
165 cm (5 ft. 5 in.)
68 kg (150 lb.)
Eye Color:
Dark Brown, almost black
Hair Color:
Short; keeps his hair cut into a faded style
Facial Hair:
Deep with a slight southern twang
United Federation of Planets
Altair III
Familial Relationships
Kadir; Jacen Hendrix
Kari Hendrix
Status of Parents:
Kadir (Biological father; deceased); Jacen Hendrix (Stepfather) Retired from Fleet Marine Corps. Lives on an lesser known planet with his wife and daughter. He is one of the head historical advisors for the planet's unique "Earth Historical District". His specialty in that field is the 2000 to 2020 era, in particular the "War on Terror" period in the early 2000's.Kari Hendrix (Biological mother) is a stay-at-home wife who oftentimes assists her husband Jacen with his historical research. His mother also speaks halfway decent Klingon
Noryo Hendrix (Brother, Deceased at 20, would be 26); Tamyra Hendrix (Sister, 25)
Marital Status:

Personal History

Reggie was born in a lesser know system near the Klingon border. His biological father was a half-Klingon and his mother full human. He is the youngest of three kids. His biological father was killed before he was born fulfilling a Klingon blood oath to his former house against the Cardassians shortly after the First General War. His mother remarried when he was two. His adoptive father, Jacen, tried his best to instill the Klingon sense of honor that Kadir had raised the three children to have while still raising them in his own way. He grew up on Altair III, a small system near the Klingon border. Altair III is an advanced planet, yet the planets population behaves in a manner reminiscent of the late 20th to early 21st century.

Reggie and his family lived on the largest continent on Altair III, which is also home to the Earth Historical District and is the only planet known to have such a district. His stepfather, Jacen Hendrix (LtCol; FMC; Ret.) is the head advisor for the military history board. Reggie grew up learning about Earth's military, he, his older brother and sister spent their childhood helping their father at work. Reggie and his brother Noryo were also the wilder of the three, often getting into fights at school and out in town.

At the age of 16, Reggie joined the Altair Inactive Ready Reserve, an inactive component of the planet's standing militia. His brother, Noryo, at the time 18, was part of the active component. Joining the planet's militia also allowed the two to also work in the EHD's live military scenarios. These scenarios are used not only to show visitors how the military performed during their respective time periods, but they were also used as training programs for the active and inactive components. Reggie's dislike of confined places also stems from his time in the IRR. During a scenario, he was on the roof of a house providing security for members of his squad with two other militiamen. A stray artillery round hit the bottom level of the house and cause it to collapse. Reggie survived, buried inside the rubble with several broken ribs and serious injuries to his right arm and left leg. The other two on the roof with him were killed. Reggie's sister, Tamyra worked with their father to ensure the historical accuracy of the scenarios.

When Reggie turned 18, he and his brother got into a heated argument about their birth father Kadir and how Jacen was trying to make them forget about him. Klingon tempers started coming out and a brawl ensued, putting Reggie in a hospital with severe head trauma and suffering from aphasia. When he was released, he found out his brother had killed himself for "dishonoring himself and their father...both of them."

Several months after his brother's suicide, Reggie joined the active component. He was a fast learner, especially when it came to tactics and emergency field medicine. His first mission was to help support a relief effort after a meteor shower devastated a city and it’s surrounding area. After two years in the active component, he began to realize that it was no different then being back in the IRR, except more training. Wanting to put his skills to use, Reggie decided to separate from Altair's military (with some help from his stepfather) and sent in an application to Star Fleet Academy

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Ship-based tactics and theory
Academy Minor(s): Emergency medicine
Hobbies and Pastimes: Drawing and writing stories; Football; Basketball; Mixed Martial Arts; Klingon weaponry and language. He also loves running 21st century military simulations on the holodeck. He also loves old 21st century movies and cartoons
Short-Term Goals: Learn to speak klingon fluently
Long-Term Goals: Command his own ship. Possibly go back to Altair III and take over his stepfather's position
Personality: Sometimes seen as uncouth on first impressions. Laid back and goofy with a smart and sometimes foul mouth. He's quick to fight when he feels it's worth it and will almost always say what's on his mind.... rather bluntly at that, although he’s curbed that due to his position. He's also good at keeping his Klingon temper in check and can be very respectful. Despite his mannerisms he is also a very warm-hearted and caring individual
Sense of Humor: Can range anywhere from dry to slapstick, sarcastic to downright crude
Phobias: Claustrophobia
Likes: Homemade potato salad; "Old school" (read 20th and 21st century American rap, hiphop and R&B) music; A good fight; Good alcohol
Dislikes: Stuck up and conceited people; People and actions he believes to be dishonorable; Jeffries tubes; Confined places
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Disrespectful, liars, and thieves (people who do it in the serious way)
Bad Habits or Vices: Sometimes a smart ass, sometimes inadverently instigates fights, cracks knuckles
Achievements: Graduated high school, joined the ADC to follow in his stepfather's footsteps, joined Star Fleet, and hasn't died yet. Made Chief of Security
Disappointments: The death of his brother over a misunderstanding, never getting to meet his biological father
Illnesses: See Medical Records
Strengths: Fast thinker, prior leadership experience before Star Fleet, level headed
Weaknesses: Fast mouth, short temper, can be blunt to the point of insulting when he's not thinking about it
Fears: Not living up to his family's expectations/ bringing dishonor upon them, losing a loved one, and small places
Prejudices: None
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Loose fitting pants and a tee shirt
Distinguishing Features: Less prominent Klingon forehead ridges. 21st century era tattoos on left shoulder and upper arm. 1inch scar near his left temple. Various small scars on his body ("Scars are a way of showing that a man is not afraid of life and willing to go through the hardships that also bring with them experience. You should wear your scars proudly"--Kadir, quoted by Kari Hendrix). Wears a set of three "old style" dogtags around his neck at all times. One for Kadir, Jacen, and Noryo. (Under his uniform of course).
Friends: LCdr Ristone, PO2 Ian Macfie and INCO2 Carlos Garcia

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The last fight between his brother Noryo, and finding out he committed suicide while recovering
Best Time: Fighting alongside his brother or his friends back home. (Well he is part Klingon)
Most Crucial Experience: Realizing that he wasn’t really doing any good, or making a difference with the ADC
Role Model: Reggie's mother and step-father

Career History

Stardate 20711.15 - Graduated, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 20711.15 - Promoted to Midshipman. Assigned to, USS Sheridan DD-4086
Stardate 20712.01 - Awarded Co-RPGer of the Month, USS Sheridan DD-4086
Stardate 20801.01 - Awarded Co-RPG'er of the Month, USS Sheridan DD-4086
Stardate 20802.01 - Awarded the Star Fleet Commendation Medal. Promoted to Ensign, USS Sheridan DD-4086
Stardate 20806.01 - Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal for input to Star Fleet Enlisted Rank Images,
Stardate 20806.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, USS Sheridan DD-4086
Stardate 20807.01 - Awarded the Purple Heart for injuries, death suffered during the battle of Starbase 157, USS Sheridan DD-4086
Stardate 20809.01 - Awarded Star Fleet Achievement Medal, USS Sheridan DD-4086
Stardate 20903.01 - Awarded Co-RPG'er of the Month, USS Sheridan DD-4086
Stardate 20907.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant, USS Sheridan DD-4086

Medical History (Taken from Altair Defence Corps records)

Stardate Dates Classified - ADC Initial Physical conducted; Fit for Duty (IRRC),

Stardate Dates Classified - Sick Call: Broken nose from fight; Pt. Arrived on orders,

Stardate Dates Classified - Medical Emergency: Hypothermia; Extreme cold training,

Stardate Dates Classified - Sick Call: Concussion from fight: Pt. Arrived on orders,

Stardate Dates Classified - Medical Emergency: Broken ribs x10, crushed arm (R ) crushed leg (L); Building collapse during training,

Stardate Dates Classified - ADC Rehabilitation Physical conducted: Fit for Duty,

Stardate Dates Classified - Medical Emergency: Severe head trauma; Pt. diagnosed with Aphasia,

Stardate Dates Classified - ADC Rehabilitation Physical conducted: Fit for Duty,

Stardate Dates Classified - ADC Transitional Physical conducted: Fit for Duty (AC),

Stardate 20306.18 - Initial Star Fleet Academy Physical conducted,

Stardate 20712.15 - Final Star Fleet Academy Physical conducted: Fit for Duty,

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