Helm and Pilot Training

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The Star Fleet Pilot Corps is comprised of officers who have completed the two stages of pilot training, and serve as the pilots for all spacecraft in Star Fleet.

Phase One - Initial Training

Duration: Approximately 24 months

Phase one takes place at Star Fleet Academy at the beginning of the cadet's second year when they are selected from among the Tactical program and identified and classified as Pilot Cadets, and assigned to one of three academy training wings headed by Wing Commanders. The wings are divided further into squadrons commanded by Squadron Leaders. Just as every other cadet receives the preliminary training in the division they will graduate and join; Pilot Cadets work hard in learning the basics of piloting Star Fleet's vehicles and vessels. Upon completion of phase one, the candidates are streamed into one of three categories: Helm Officer, Auxiliary Craft Pilot or Attack Craft (formerly Fighter) Pilot depending on their aptitudes.

Phase Two - Intermediate Training

Duration: 12 months

In their final Academy year, the Pilot Candidates are put right to work with more courses of instruction to prepare them for their follow-on training. In addition to classroom lectures, the Candidates eventually progress into advanced simulator training on the craft associated with their training stream, where they spend the majority of their time. The culminating weeks at Tactical HQ involve several dozen manned flights. These include atmospheric and intra-system flights in two-seat training craft as well as the craft for which they are training to pilot. Auxiliary and Attack Craft pilots receive additional hands-on engineering training to ensure that prospective pilots know how their ships work and how to maintain and repair the relevant controls and systems in the event an engineering team is unavailable - with most pilot cadets taking advanced maintenance courses which allow them to graduate with a Minor in Auxliary Craft Maintenance and Repair. It is at this point that Candidates receive assignments, based on performance, to the specific type of craft they will specialise in. Upon completion, the Candidates graduate from the Pilot's Course and are for the first time recognised as Star Fleet Pilots before being assigned to their first duty stations.

Phase Three - Advanced Training

Duration: 6 months

After serving for some years as Star Fleet Pilots, Officers may apply to attend Advanced Training. Advanced Training is a six-month course that teaches candidates skills they would not require in their day-to-day duties. These skills may involve advanced combat tactics and how to operate in hazardous environments. The course also involves an operational control section, teaching candidates how to manage movement and deployment of spacecraft – though this is not a lead-in to a Strategic Operations role. Graduates of this class may return to their vessels as training officers, and have the option of becoming instructors themselves later in their career.