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Carol Harriman
Career Occupation
Tactical Officer
USS Artemis, EX-11000
Time on Site:
Longevity Medal 16
Biographical Attributes
165 cm (5 ft. 5 in.)
61.2 kg (135 lb.)
Eye Color:
Deep brown
Hair Color:
Usually pulled back
Athletic build, toned
Light tan
Facial Hair:
Colorado Springs, Colorado, Earth
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Married and living in Colorado Springs, CO
Betsy – 45; Jacob – 39
Marital Status:

Personal History

Carol’s mom and dad have been professors at the University of Colorado for years. Despite having three children, Betsy, Carol and Jacob, Tom and Mollie continued to stay active in their careers, modeling the importance of a career. As their children were young, they often attended formal events with Tom and Mollie.

When all three children were old enough, they attended a private boarding school. They all chose a different school: Betsy stayed closer to home, choosing the Fountain Valley School of Colorado; Carol chose Villanova in California, and Jacob chose Cranbrook in Michigan. Carol did well in school, although studying was more of a chore. She paid more attention to athletics, namely playing soccer, and being with friends than studying. She did well though and not studying and yet still passing with good grades became the norm. Her family kept in touch with each one throughout the school year, calling each other during good and tough times in school. Both parents were very supportive of their children, but demanded excellence in school. Summers were spent together traveling throughout the states.

Each child chose different career paths from the other: Betsy followed their parents into the teaching field and is happily married and teaching in Colorado Springs. Jacob did end up moving closer to home and attended the University of Colorado. He studied criminal law and moved through the ranks of a successful law firm.

And then there was Carol’s trajectory. Carol was similar to her siblings in her school path, never having too much difficulty in classes. Despite this, she tended to be more relaxed in her studies. After taking an elective course in astronomy, she found herself diving deeper into the topic. She threw her personal studies into learning more. Her parents were okay with Carol’s new ‘hobby’ especially because they saw her visiting libraries, museums, and planetariums with a greater appeal. While doing so, she also began investigating more about Star Fleet.

It took some convincing for Carol’s parents to let her enroll in Star Fleet Academy and become a pilot. They’d always assumed she would be better suited in an engineering field. When Carol announced her specialty area, they began to convince her that her talents were in engineering and this was simply a fad she was only interested in. Carol insisted it wasn’t a fad and even invited them to watch a few flying scenarios she’d created. They relented and supported her in her choice.

Star Fleet Academy was definitely one of fun for Carol, especially her first year. Her natural charisma found her with many friends quickly. She lost focus her first year, befriending many who didn’t finish their first year at the Academy. She attended many “study sessions as she would tell her parents. These sessions put Carol into a situation she’d not been in before. Her grades were the worst she’d ever had though they weren’t failures. Her second year was much more focused from the assistance of her parents and instructors as well as she had met Ian Brooks, a fellow tactical cadet, who was just about to complete his training. Ian became much like a brother to Carol, helping her stay focused. He helped her to understand the tactical department was more than just piloting. Carol was well-liked by her instructors, and because of this, her instructors supported Carol through mistakes made. With their support, she did manage to graduate. Her piloting scores ranked her near the top of her class.

She began her career on board the USS Gettysburg. Her charisma helped her form many relationships, especially with one of the ship’s counselors. She and Henri grew close. She lost touch with Ian Brooks during this tour with the USS Gettysburg. She started only worrying about piloting and having a good time, while forgetting the rest of what she should be doing. The captain seemed to be good natured about Carol’s off duty time, but the first officer was more than icy towards her. She did seem to get straightened out, whether that be from growing older, from her parents, from her superior officers, or finally reaching back out to Ian. But she seemed to get a little more balanced in her career and social activities. She left the USS Gettysburg, being transferred for another tour of duty on board the USS Pegasus. While she kept in contact with Henri at first, they slowly grew apart. She did grow more with Ian and found herself spending shore leaves with him. After Carol’s tour of duty on the USS Pegasus, she and Ian spent an incredible leave together, leading them to getting married. Ian wanted to have a more formal wedding, with guests and traditional flair, but Carol’s impulsiveness won out and they were married quickly. Leave continued to be amazing as they did a lot of activities, like skydiving, however there was a sense of awkwardness between the two. This caused them to avoid anything romantic. The two enjoyed a very short honeymoon before being called back to duty. Neither had discussed serving on different ships or retiring from Star Fleet. Their relationship continued much as it had, they talked as they had been best friends since attending the Academy. After being married for just under a year, they came to the mutual decision that their relationship wasn’t a husband-and-wife type relationship and they divorced. They continue to be best friends.

Carol had some difficulty with her new ship, the USS Pegasus. The department chair seemed to put her in jobs that took her away from flying despite Carol’s scores in qualification exams. She finally decided to transfer ships but also departments. This was done large in part to Carol’s impulsivity to accept the first opening found. This happened to be with the security department on a small cargo ship. Ian tried talking her out of it, but she refused, citing the need for a new start. She accepted the new position, which required returning to the Academy for specialized training for the switch in departments.

Serving in this new department saw a growth in her fitness as well as the job duties. Carol grew up in athletics and wasn’t , the demands of this job were much different. Her interest in studying various defense techniques increased, specifically martial arts. This helped grow her interest in kick boxing and began training specifically for this style. In the beginning, she was often mistaken for someone who couldn’t hold her own, but she steadily grew. She continues to train in this area, striving to enter competitions. The focus Carol spent on learning the skills needed for security impressed her supervisors and even Ian. While she was never one to study, she started reading to learn. She learned all she could about the weapons that were available on this small ship, but then turned her focus to bigger things: learning ship weaponry. She also started to compare Security maneuvers to Tactical maneuvers, even working to develop her own tactical maneuvers from what she learned as a security officer.

Carol got along with her supervisor. While she enjoyed kicking back, she knew how to focus and get stuff done. The more Carol grew, the more her supervisor, Commander Mikael Carr, knew she wasn’t destined to stay and he even encouraged Carol to return to her former department. She was much more astute than when she arrived. After a lot of thinking (and nudging from Commander Carr), she sought transfer back to the tactical department. It didn’t happen quickly, but she showed a rare trait of patience, and received orders to report to the USS Artemis under the command of Tyra Crawford.

Carol felt a sense of anxiety for the first time. She remembered Tyra from her first tour of duty on the USS Gettysburg. It was a happy time for Carol, socially, but the more she thought about it, her career suffered. She hoped Tyra didn’t know (or remember) any of Carol’s actions from that time. She was different now. She threw herself into learning everything she could about her new ship. The slipstream technology fascinated her. It was definitely different from the ship she came from. She had to put a lot of focus in learning the ship and it seemed to pay off, as she was kept busy with Briggs away. She liked her new supervisor, as he seemed to have similar traits as Commander Carr. Ian had been happy to see Carol move back to Tactical. He felt her skills were never fully utilized in Security, although it did seem to help her. He continued to encourage Carol, but now it seemed his challenge involved matching him in rank. This is something that Carol hadn’t been interested in when she was younger. She had been seemingly happy with doing her job and having a life after hours. The older she became, the more she wanted more for herself.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Tactical
Academy Minor(s): Helm/Pilot
Hobbies and Pastimes: Creating holodeck programs (usually involving flying); drinking; playing soccer
Short-Term Goals: To continue with Kickboxing and compete.
Long-Term Goals: To match her friend Ian’s rank and eventually surpass
Personality: Arrogant, confident, competitive, extremely fit, friendly, not tolerant of Ferengi. Distrustful of Romulans
Sense of Humor: Loves a great joke or practical joke!
Phobias: Hemophobia
Likes: Socializing, flying, music, drinking, ice cream, adventure activities
Dislikes: Boredom, ice chomping, squeak/feeling from holding cotton
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Know-it-alls,
Bad Habits or Vices: Chewing gum, not applying herself to her full potential
Achievements: Playing soccer on the state runner-up in high school, graduating from the Academy, getting married
Disappointments: Not finding the right one
Illnesses: Typical childhood illnesses
Strengths: Charismatic, flexible, creative
Weaknesses: Reckless, impulsive, punctuality, emotions show, lazy smart
Fears: Being alone
Prejudices: Ferengi, Romulans
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Casual: jeans, shirt, sandals, etc
Distinguishing Features: Has a small tattoo of a rose on her right breast
Pets: None
Friends: Ian Brooks

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Marrying & divorcing
Best Time: Shore leave – any
Most Crucial Experience: Carol’s elective course in Astronomy was instrumental in career choices. Switching departments helped Carol’s skills improve, she became less dependent on one skill (helm).
Role Model: Her friend, Ian Brooks

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Acting Chief Tactical Officer USS Artemis, EX-11000 242201.25 Lieutenant Lieutenant

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