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John Halpert
Career Occupation
Senior Instructor
Star Fleet Academy
Biographical Attributes
165 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
A little longer than a crew cut but still quite short.
Lightly tanned
Facial Hair:
Slightly baritone
United Federation of Planets
Earth, North America, United States, Colorado.
Familial Relationships
Blaine Halpert
Karla Halpert
Status of Parents:
John's parents live on Earth and are mostly retired. John's father started working with wood when he retired and now sells his work at craft shows.
Sister- Brittany - Married
Marital Status:

Personal History

John was born on Earth the son of two civilian scientists. Due to their work John’s parents moved a lot and John spent his childhood and adolescence living in such places as Colorado, San Francisco, The United Kingdom as well as a couple of colonies on Mars, Vulcan and even a four month stay at a Klingon Colony. John along with the older researches children was privately tutored and received an excellent education. As John grew he began to love all of the changes of scenario he had. He loved getting to go to new places and experience new things and from a young age knew Star Fleet was for him.

As he grew up John grew to also love sports and being very active. For that reason when he signed up for Star Fleet he began a career in security. While his parents did not speak down about this idea they did make it clear that they wished he had chosen to begin a more “scientific” career. For that reason John minored in science, where he was a decent but not exceptional student. John did however excel at security work. He loved the responsibility, the physical demand, and also the knowledge that he would be making a difference.

When John graduated he was assigned to the USS Achievement where he began to fit in well with others and truly begin his Star Fleet Career. After several years onboard the vessel while at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade John suffered an injury during an away mission. A beam from an alien technology they were investigating shot off and hit John in the eyes leaving him temporarily blind. Thankfully, due to the amazing work of the Chief Medical Officer and her staff they were able to treat John’s problem long enough for them to get him to Star Fleet Medical Headquarters. Over the course of several months John was treated and eventually his sight fully returned though he would be required to wear glasses the rest of his life.

John’s recovery was a slow one. Even with his sight returned it took him almost a full year to see things clearly and adapt. During that recovery time John went back to Earth where he worked at the Security offices at Star Fleet Headquarters. During that time John was occasionally loaned to Star Fleet Academy to serve as a guest lecturer for some security courses. Eventually John fell in love with being around young students who were eagerly waiting to start their career. For the remainder of that year John went and got his teaching degrees and when he was fully released from Star Fleet Medical he applied for an instructor position at the Academy and was hired as a Security Instructor.

John taught a variety of security courses for several years and established himself as the Head of the Security Department. John enjoyed the extra duties and found that he rather liked the administrative side of the Academy.

His success in the position eventually led John to being named the Dean of Admissions for Star Fleet Academy. While in this position John oversaw the recruitment and training of Star Fleet Cadets and Star Fleet Instructors. He worked hand-in-hand with the Dean of Evaluations and the Superintendent to ensure that the Academy was running smoothly.

John served in that position for several years before being named the Dean of Evaluations. This was more of an administrative role than he had previously served in but did allow him to continue to oversee the training of new Instructors as well as assisting the Superintendent in any way that was needed.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security: Tactics and Strategies
Academy Minor(s): Science: General
Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading. John never fully realized what an amazing thing it was to be able to open a book and read until he lost his sight for a short time
Short-Term Goals: Impart as much knowledge as possible to his students
Long-Term Goals: Continue to serve as a Dean for the Academy and eventually retire. He would also like to marry one day.
Personality: Friendly, easy to get along with. Does not loose his temper often but when he does you know about it
Sense of Humor: A big prankster.
Phobias: Losing his sight forever
Likes: Books, a good holodeck program, working out
Dislikes: When it rains for days and days without the sun coming out
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who complain or quit because things are not going the way they planned
Bad Habits or Vices: When nervous he tends to drum with his fingers
Achievements: Graduated Star Fleet Academy. Served faithfully while on the USS Achievement. Earned teaching degree. And John’s personal favorite: overcoming his disability and not giving up when things got hard
Disappointments: Though he could return to duty on a ship John realizes he probably never will. While this is not a huge disappointment John sometimes wonders what his career would have been had he stayed on a ship. Also the fact that he will not be traveling like he did all of his childhood and career so far
Illnesses: Has to wear glasses due to injury sustained on an away mission
Strengths: Very dedicated and motivational
Weaknesses: Vision is not great without glasses on
Fears: Going blind forever
Prejudices: None
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Jeans and long sleeved shirts
Distinguishing Features: Wears glasses
Pets: None
Friends: Landon Douglas – His roommate from the Academy who was a fellow security cadet.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The temporary loss of his sight
Best Time: Traveling as a child with his parents
Most Crucial Experience: The loss of his sight and the recovery to regain it
Role Model: Doctor Wilson who was his doctor while at Star Fleet Medical. Doctor Wilson always encouraged him and pushed him and truly was a key part of John’s recovery

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