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Trella Grex
Career Occupation
Security and Interrogation Specialist
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Xan Macleod
178 cm (5 ft. 10 in.)
59 kg (130 lb.)
Eye Color:
Dark brown almost black
Hair Color:
Short serviceable
Athletic, slim but muscular
Rosy, looks younger than she is
Facial Hair:
Deep and pleasant
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Unknown, she hasn’t spoken to them for years
Marital Status:

Personal History

Trella was born on Betazed to very loving parents. She developed her telepathic abilities during adolescence and ended up having several arguments with her parents about the ethics of reading others minds. In the end she learnt to not repeat the things she heard, unless she wanted to start a fight.

Fascinated by the way peoples minds worked, Trella at first decided to become a psychologist, but as she got into more and more trouble, her parents decided that she needed a more disciplined way of life. They introduced her to a friend of theirs who was in Star Fleet Security, a Betazoid friend, who had no trouble detecting her scanning him, or giving her a mental slap for doing so. Fascinated by the things Commander Croner told her, and by the commander himself Trella immediately changed her focus and applied for the academy. Alex Croner instilled her with a deep passion and loyalty for Star Fleet and the Federation.

Commander Croner was killed on a mission not long after Trella graduated, breaking the young womans heart. She was fiercely proud of him however and vowed to be as good an officer as he was. Trella’s mental abilities were strong and she welcomed the chance to develop them. In addition to Security she continued to study psychology and biology, two things she felt could help her against her opponents.

Despite her dedication, Trella felt that her parents were embarrassed by her and had tried to get rid of her by sending her to Star Fleet so after the Commander was killed she cut all contact with them. She prefered not to have any ties anyway and seldom allowed herself to make friends.

Star Fleet

Assigned to Starbase Alpha security under Derrick Grant, Trella distinguished herself as a dedicated security officer and it wasn't long before she rose to the rank of Lieutenant. She was good at her job and willing to take risks, and it wasn’t long before she was recruited into the intelligence side of things. Grex never balked at undercover assignments, no matter the danger to herself or the ethics involved, as long as it furthered the interests of the Federation. She didn’t hesitate to use any means necessary to accomplish her ends, whether it was her telepathic abilities or her body, though after Alex’s demise her physical needs had become just that anyway, and she selected partners to share her bed in the same way she might choose a meal. Species and gender meant little to her, save how it would further her pleasure.

Things changed slightly for Trella when Derrick Grant once more entered her sphere and after a few ‘special assignments’ he asked her to join him permanently as his aide. Grant was running a special ops group that officially didn’t exist and she followed his orders without question. Grex isn’t a naturally trusting person but since he allowed her to mentally piggyback his thoughts in the most secret of meetings, there was nothing for her to be suspicious about.

The special ops team was run by a slightly mad Vulcan/Romulan hybrid named T’Kir, who was ably assisted by her doctor/computer expert wife Tess. T’Kir took an instant dislike to Trella because of her telepathic abilities, though under strict orders from Derrick she’d never actually used them with the team except to listen to surface thoughts.

Tess was separated from her wife for the duration of one mission, and due to the unusual circumstances that involved Grant’s time travelling friend O’Malley, Grex was her only contact with the outside world. Conscious that it was her responsibility to keep the woman sane during her isolation, she made an effort to befriend her and somewhere along the line the friendship became real to Trella, which wasn’t entirely eyed with favour by T’Kir.

Grex was also aware of an attraction to both Tess and T’Kir – possibly fuelled by the security officer having to review the video letters she sent to her wife. Trella dismissed the feelings though, not wanting to say or do anything to ruin their friendship or cause trouble between her and T’Kir. She secretly envied the relationship the two women had, though it made her miss Commander Croner more than she would admit.

Once the team was reunited, Trella found that T’Kir had decided to amuse herself by telepathically teasing Grex with inappropriate suggestions. Since Grex had no objection to her proposals, the teasing turned to flirting, though neither of them thought anything of it other than as a way to amuse themselves.

A major dimensional rift stranded the Gettysburg and the SFSIS ship Apparition in another universe, minus a couple of members of their team. After various adventures they found a way to get home but the two ships were separated and the SFSIS team was officially declared lost. Unluckily, or perhaps luckily for Grex, she was with them at the time.

Things had moved on in their absence, Smith had taken over from Grant and since none of them trusted him in the slightest, it quickly became clear that it wouldn’t be safe for them to make themselves known. The team chose to go underground until they could find out what happened to the Gettysburg and get in contact with Grant. Deciding to base themselves on Risa, they got caught up in a kidnapping and lost Kiron to the authorities, though it was clear from what they found out later that he had landed on his feet.

Trella spent a lot of time with T’Kir during the early days of their exile, their telepathy making communication easy and covert, even when they weren’t physically together. The two women found they had a lot in common and Trella found something she had never had before, even with Alex… acceptance of who she was. The Betazoid discovered that T’Kir had begun to replace Croner in her heart, though the relationship was dangerous since both of them needed a moral compass, something Tess provided for T’Kir and the memory of Alex had provided for Trella.

Tess had never been out of their thoughts and neither woman considered betraying her, though they finally had to admit that their feelings had gone beyond friendship. T’Kir made no secret of the fact that she hoped the three of them could move on together and Trella was in agreement with her, though she was more cautious about revealing her own feelings when it came to her lovers wife.

At first, Tess struggled with the idea that her wife could love two women at once, but she surprised Trella with her determination to accept it and to not let it destroy their own friendship. By the time they caught up with Grant, there was no doubt in Trella’s mind that her place was with the SIS team, even if it meant leaving Star Fleet behind.


Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security Operations, Weaponry
Academy Minor(s): Psychology and Biology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Martial Arts, languages and behavioural analysis
Short-Term Goals: To do her job
Long-Term Goals: To serve Star Fleet and the Federation
Personality: Hard and unforgiving. Analytical and curious. Even temperment
Sense of Humor: Sometimes, a little sick
Phobias: Dogs
Likes: Fighting
Dislikes: Traitors
Pet Peeves or Gripes: None
Bad Habits or Vices: Reading minds
Achievements: Becoming part of Star Fleet
Disappointments: Her parents
Illnesses: None
Strengths: Telepathy and combat
Weaknesses: Finds it hard to make friends and Dogs tend to turn on her
Prejudices: Anyone she perceives as a threat to Star Fleet and the Federation
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Plain, easy to move in
Distinguishing Features: None
Pets: None
Friends: T'Kir and Tess Natilique She didn’t seek friends or keep them for very long before she met the couple.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The death of her mentor Commander Croner
Best Time: Graduating from Star Fleet
Most Crucial Experience: Her time at the Academy
Role Model: Commander Alex Croner

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