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Benjamin Jane Grayson
Career Occupation
Engineering Officer
USS Columbia, FF-6145
Biographical Attributes
124 lbs
Eye Color:
Depending on the angle and the lighting, Benjamin's eyes look to be either a light blue or a grey color.
Hair Color:
Her hair is a pretty standard mahogany shade, although there are a few strands of varied shades thrown in there.
Although Benjamin normally ties her hair back while working, a few strands always seem to end up loose in front of her face. Additionally, when not on duty, she just can't be bothered to tie it up, and leaves it out instead.
Benjamin isn't thin, however, she isn't overweight either. She had a broad frame and long legs, which make her seem a bit bigger than she is.
Benjamin is fair of complexion, although her skin usually had a flushed tint to it.
Benjamin's voice is always gentle and soft, and she has a rather obvious American accent.
San Francisco, Earth
Familial Relationships
James Grayson
Marianne Grayson { nee Colliard }
Status of Parents:
Marianne Grayson is alive and well, working in a hospital in San Francisco. James Grayson works at the Starfleet Headquarters, as a starship designer.
Joanna Grayson { age 21 } is working through the Starfleet Academy in San Francisco; Lewis Grayson { age 15 } is currently in secondary school on Earth.
Marital Status:

Personal History

Some women cry when they’re giving birth. Marianne Grayson was instructing the doctors on how to deliver her baby. James Grayson was seated outside the delivery room; he had never appreciated the sight of blood. The decision to name the child Benjamin, regardless of her gender, occurred due to the recent death of Marianne’s father, also named Benjamin. So, Benjamin Grayson’s story in this world began.

Her parents were both respectable scientific professionals; her father was an engineering officer at the time, and her mother was a doctor at one of the San Francisco hospitals. While her father was gone for long periods of time during her early childhood, off on various starships, when Benjamin was three, her sister, Joanna, was born.

Even from an early age, Benjamin was always rather talented, logistically speaking. She thrived in science and maths, and she loved to read. Her father was sure she would make a fantastic engineer when she grew up. Her mother quickly learned that medicine, especially if she practiced on a starship, would not be a feasible career for her as Benjamin always felt a bit queasy around blood, even her own.

Although, that didn’t stop her from continuously putting herself in reckless situations, and if scars hadn’t been so easily repaired, she would have been covered in them. She would build structures out of scrap wood in her backyard, which, more often than not, were rather precarious and dangerous. Additionally, although her father spent a large amount of time teaching her how to properly use tools, she would often end up injuring herself with them.

When she was nine, her brother Lewis was born, and she adored him. While at first, she thought he looked like a ‘pudgy, tiny, and red old man’, she soon doted on her little brother. He was the sweetest boy ever, at least in her opinion. His birth made her into a sort of second mother to him, and she would credit most of her maturity and responsibility to his birth.

In school, Benjamin thrived, her love of learning being utterly fulfilled. She devoured book after book, and often would spend hours after school reading up on the latest developments of whatever she’d learned in science that day.

In her junior year of high school, everything changed. While she had been working towards a career in Engineering, as she enjoyed that aspect of science the most, her father had been stationed on a ship, and had been injured after attempting to repair a conduit in a damaged Jefferies tube. He ended up being paralyzed from the waist down.

The next summer, Benjamin’s father took her and her siblings on a visit to a ship. They were amazed by the view of Earth, and even more, the incredible ship itself. Benjamin was amazed that humans could actually build something like that, something so huge and amazing. She entirely fell in love with space ships then. There, her father also broke the news that he would no longer be serving on a ship, and would instead be working from Starfleet Headquarters.

At this point, Benjamin decided to also start studying programming. She wanted to design a hologram that would be able to prevent people like her father from getting injured in dangerous situations. So, upon entering the Academy, she majored in both Engineering and Holographic Programming.

Her Academy years weren’t entire different or unusual, in that most of her time she spent studying. She did form friendships, and occasionally, she would hang out with them or participate in a holo-novel, and it was there she met William Kent.

He was very much the opposite of Benjamin, academically speaking. Never on time, assignments always late or skipped, he took the Academy as a joke. In fact, Benjamin often wondered how the two of them had even ended up friends, but she usually accounted that to William’s relentless personality. However, in their second year, William dropped out, somewhat putting a strain on their relationship. Still she kept in touch, and while they were never as close as before, she knew they would be lifelong friends in the least.

Benjamin continued her hard work, and graduated the Academy, Magna Cum Laude. She was rather proud of that achievement, although she would never say much about it, afraid if she were to, it would be bragging.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Engineering, Holographic Programming
Academy Minor(s): Psychology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Benjamin absolutely adores holo-novels, although, she sometimes prefers to just sit in her quarters and read novels on her PADD. If she isn't in the mood to read or go through a novel, she'll usually content herself with working through puzzles in her room.
Short-Term Goals: To settle into her assignment after the Academy properly and comfortably.
Long-Term Goals: To design a program similar to the EMH, that would be able to work in dangerous situations that living beings wouldn't be able to survive.
Personality: Benjamin, while indeed a bit cunning and manipulative at times, prefers to put those qualities to the benefit of others. She is an intelligent and independent person; who can be found utterly lacking in the charm and guile section, as she is rather awful when it comes to sugar-coating things. She can be very indecisive, although, she can be really stubborn about things going her way when she does make a decision. However, she always does what she believes to be right. Benjamin also can have a bit of a temper, although she tends to bottle it up.
Sense of Humor: Benjamin's sense of humor is rather dry and understated. Occasionally, she'll make sarcastic remarks, but her attempts at more traditional humor are often rather corny.
Phobias: Benjamin is terrified of heights, and has an unreasonable fear of bugs.
Likes: Benjamin likes reading fictional novels, most types of music - especially an old genre called 'Alternative Rock', cooking various foods from across the universe, and writing.
Dislikes: She dislikes when people tell her something is impossible, doing nothing, being left out, and when someone expects the impossible. She also gets a bit queasy around blood.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Benjamin absolutely despises it when she can't grasp a concept or idea. It frustrated her immensely, because she thinks she should be able to get it. She also gets incredibly annoyed by people trying to sugar-coat the truth or their opinion.
Bad Habits or Vices: Whenever she's nervous, she pushes her hair back, and it often makes more hair fall into her face in the end.
Achievements: Graduating the Academy Magna Cum Laude.
Disappointments: Benjamin’s greatest disappointment so far is that she never really paid attention to her mother’s teachings, and that she never really considered medicine a useful field for her to have knowledge in.
Illnesses: Benjamin is completely healthy.
Strengths: Benjamin's strengths are her honesty, her determination, and her intelligence.
Weaknesses: Benjamin's weaknesses are her temper, her indecisiveness, and her apparent lack of manners at times.
Fears: Benjamin is terrified of heights; the possibility of falling just utterly petrifies her, and she can’t think straight.
Prejudices: Benjamin has always been prejudiced against those who don’t think about things rationally, which, oddly enough, isn’t rational in the slightest.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: When off duty, Benjamin prefers to wear a t-shirt and jeans, or if she doesn't have to leave her quarters/home, she'll be fine just wearing some pajamas all day.
Distinguishing Features: Benjamin has an interesting oblong shaped birthmark on her upper right arm.
Friends: William Kent initially attended the Academy with Benjamin, however in his second year, he dropped out. Still, Benjamin maintained a close relationship with him, and she considers him her closest, best friend.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Benjamin’s most painful experience was waiting for news on her father. She’d heard about the ship’s damage in the news, and she was worried he might have been hurt more than he had.
Best Time: Benjamin's best time, so far, was her graduation from the Academy.
Most Crucial Experience: Experience: Her most crucial experience was perhaps her father’s injury combined with the visit to the starship. She decided that no one should have to give up their love of space due to an injury.
Role Model: Benjamin’s role model is B’Elanna Torres. She’s amazed by what she was able to accomplish, even so far from home and without the tools she’d normally have.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Engineering Officer USS Columbia, FF-6145 21505.13 Assigned to USS Columbia
Engineering Officer USS Columbia, FF-6145 21507.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Medals Tally:
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 1

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