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Career Occupation
Klingon Empire
Biographical Attributes
Klingon, House of Telargh
201 cm (6 ft. 7 in.)
106.6 kg (235 lb.)
Eye Color:
Dark brown, almost black at a glance.
Hair Color:
Slightly longer than shoulder length, pulled back, and naturally wavy/curly.
Solid, heavy, wide
Light--think similar to a Terran Brazilian.
Facial Hair:
Classic Klingon short goatee, with the beard coming to a point.
Deep, but not the normal guttural. Tends to speak loudly, especially when giving commands or excited for some reason.
Klingon Empire
A mining colony in the border regions near the galactic rim.
Familial Relationships
Klarq, killed during an insurgency.
B'Soe, works at the Imperial Ship Yard on Vardan.
Status of Parents:
Mother alive, father dead.
Sister, Arna, deceased.
Marital Status:
Widowed. His wife (L'Vora) was killed during the recent civil war.
Three. Boys. All in the KDF, assigned to various posts. Names (Age): Sednem (21), Munsak (19), Xentel (16).

Personal History

Gorram was born on the fringe, or hinterlands, of the Empire. It was a poor mining world, and life was hard growing up, despite the fact that Gorram was a member of a rather successful and influential family on that world.

His mother was and still is a worker/laborer at the shipyard there. His father was the leader of the security forces in the city in which Gorram grew up. Unknown to Gorram and the rest of his family, his father was working with an insurgency for most of his life, the very people he was supposed to be protecting the Empire from.

After Gorram grew up, he was entered into an arranged marriage with L'Vora, a member of the house of Telargh, a house which would later become prominent in Klingon politics. He and his wife had three boys, and she raised them well while Gorram went off to fight for the Empire.

A few years ago, during the civil war, Gorram's father was found to be a member of an underground group. During an attack on Imperial forces, his father was killed, and were it not for Gorram's stellar record in the KDF combined with his marriage to L'Vora, he'd have been exiled or at least discommendated. However her great uncle, General Tragh, saved the rest of the family from shame. A few months later L'Vora was killed in battle honorably.

Gorram's sons serve proudly in the KDF, the youngest having just exited the warrior academy; while Gorram served on a variety of vessels and posts, most recently on the Emperor's flagship, the IKV Nightslayer. He was Second Officer of that ship during the recent expedition to Carraya IV, where he was formally reassigned to command the Dreamslayer.

He did not want the assignment, however he was honor-bound to accept it, as it was personally offered by General Tragh and the Emperor himself. One does not disobey the Emperor.

Personality Profile

Personality: Serious. All business. Gorram does not socialize with his crew, and drives them hard--constantly.
Sense of Humor: Gorram's sense of humor could best be described as VERY DRY.
Phobias: Klingon warriors do not have fears.
Likes: The smell of dead romuluSngan porghmey. The taste of fresh bloodwine. And Rokeg Blood Pie.
Dislikes: The smell of live romuluSnganpu'. The Federation. Moderate Klingons.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Anyone who is not fully direct and honest and blunt. You lie to Gorram, you will be punished--severely.
Achievements: Gaining an honorable position within the Imperial military.
Disappointments: His father's betrayal of all that Gorram values.
Strengths: His focus and dedication to duty and the principles of Klingon culture.
Weaknesses: His tendency to dispatch those who annoy him--before finding out if they were actually responsible.
Fears: Klingon warriors do not have fears.
Prejudices: romuluSnganpu'. verenganpu'. vulqanganpu'. tera'nganpu'. Anyone who is not tlhIngan.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Uniform--always.
Distinguishing Features: Gorram has a lateral scar on his left cheek. It is very prevalent and obvious. It appears to be a cut from a very sharp blade.
Headridges: Prominent, sharp.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Best Time: Watching his sons grow into warriors.
Proudest Moment: Killing his previous commanding officer after they refused to destroy an unarmed Gorn cargo ship. He then took command and destroyed the ship which was believed to be shipping weapons to insurgents.
Most Crucial Experience: The death of his father, who was a traitor to the Empire.
Role Model: General Tragh, leader of the house of Telargh.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Commanding Officer IKV Dreamslayer 21002.25 Assigned HoD (Captain)
Chancellor Klingon Empire a. 21002.25 Appointed

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