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William "Bill" Gillenwater
Career Occupation
Star Fleet Academy
Rear Admiral
Rear Admiral
Biographical Attributes
196 cm (6 ft. 5 in.)
115.7 kg (255 lb.)
Eye Color:
Steele grey, very piercing when staring at you.
Hair Color:
Sandy brown, graying at temples.
Regulation length, parted on left.
Tall for a human, solid build.
Lightly tanned.
Facial Hair:
Usually clean shaven.
Calm and even, rarely raised or emotional.
United Federation of Planets
Familial Relationships
Virgil Gillenwater
Eleanor Patterson
Status of Parents:
Living on Earth
Marital Status:
Married to Abigail Taylor

Personal History

Bill grew up in Flagstaff Arizona, a town in North America on Earth. His father was the curator of a natural history museum, his mother a mountain climber of some reputation in her younger days. Immersed in the natural sciences as a youth and sharing his mother’s love of discovery and adventure it was natural for Bill to join Star Fleet and train as a science officer.

On graduation from Star Fleet Academy, Bill was assigned to the USS Yellowstone a scientific survey ship tasked with exploration on the fringes of known space. After demonstrating exemplary skill and dedication, he was promoted up the ranks to Chief Science Officer after several years. Sensing his wife wasn’t happy with his deep space assignments Gillenwater took a teaching position at Star Fleet Academy where he found new enjoyment in training the next generations of cadets.

Suddenly, three years ago his wife Beth, whom he had known since childhood announced she was not happy being he wife of a career Star Fleet officer. Despite his willingness to resign from Star Fleet she insisted on a divorce and Bill was left emotionally devastated and distrustful of others.

Bill had minored in philosophy during his training and had studied Vulcan teachings at length. After conversations with a Vulcan colleague Bill took a one-year leave of absence to study at the Vulcan Science Academy. On his return to Earth bill was summoned to see Commodore Keleios the SFA Superintendent. To his surprise, he was offered the Dean of Admissions position at the academy. After serving in this capacity for a time Bill was promoted to Captain and made Commandant of the academy, then somewhat unexpectedly some years later he was made Superintendent and promoted to the rank of Commodore

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Exobiology
Academy Minor(s): Philosophy
Hobbies and Pastimes: Being outdoors, camping, hiking and exploring
Short-Term Goals: To reconcile his feelings about his divorce and to learn to trust and enjoy the company of others again
Long-Term Goals: To continue to help train new Star Fleet officers. Perhaps to return to a deep space assignment someday. Eventually to retire somewhere in the mountains, build his own home and spend his last years tramping about the wilderness studying and living in harmony with nature
Personality: Publicly, Bill is casual and friendly especially to cadets. He recalls bad experiences he suffered at the hands of mean and downright sadistic instructors and officers during his career and has vowed to himself that no cadet will have to endure such treatment so long as he is Superintendent. Off duty, Bill is somewhat shy and reclusive. He still suffers from the emotional wounds of his divorce and has great difficulty forming new friendships
Sense of Humor: Largely hidden the last several years
Phobias: None specific
Likes: Science, nature and animals, being outdoors preferably in a high mountain environment. Teaching others
Dislikes: Wastefulness, disregard for nature and the environment
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Can be less than punctual, likes to sleep in
Bad Habits or Vices: People who disregard nature, who exploit natural resources for personal gain
Achievements: Served as Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Yellowstone. Star Fleet Academy Instructor, Dean of Admissions, Commandant, and now Superintendent of the Academy
Disappointments: The breakup of his marriage
Illnesses: Usual human childhood illness. As a teenager, Bill was severely mauled by a mother grizzly bear when he inadvertently came between her and her cubs. After nearly dying from his injures, Bill left the hospital against medical advice to track down and stop the team of hunters who had set off to destroy the bear. He was successful and do this day carries the scars of the attack alongside his deep-rooted love and respect for nature
Strengths: His sharp intellect coupled with his gentle nature make Bill a natural teacher and nurturer of cadets and his fellow officers. He is dedicated completely to Star Fleet and the ideals for which the Federation stands
Weaknesses: Bill dislikes politics and the duality possessed by the vast majority of politicians. This has hindered the advancement of his career until he returned to Star Fleet Academy. Bill will often speak his mind before considering the consequences. Since his unexpected divorce, Bill has been unwilling or unable to form a close relationship with another woman and indeed is somewhat mistrustful of women outside of the academic arena
Fears: Of becoming useless, a burden to others. Of never being close to another person again
Prejudices: Anyone who disregards nature. People who use violence or intimidation to further their agendas
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Comfortable, natural fibers usually in some shade of green.
Distinguishing Features: Numerous scars on his back and extremities from a grizzly bear attack when he was a teenager.
Pets: Currently has a Wombat named Charles. Bill found the orphaned creature while leading a group of science cadets on a field survey in Australia. Charles was named after a character in a book Bill was fond of as a child
Friends: Since his divorce, Bill has lost touch with most of the people he knew outside of Star Fleet. His is close to some of his colleagues including Captain Kilbourne and Jonathan Byers, the head groundskeeper at Star Fleet Academy

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