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John Gifford
Career Occupation
Tactical Officer
USS Gettysburg, CA-1863
Biographical Attributes
Eye Color:
Clear Blue
Hair Color:
Sandy Brown
Straight and collar length
John is a bit on the thin side. Average height for a Human male but perhaps a bit under weight. Well toned would be a fair description.
Darker than most, he has spent his youth in the outdoors. This has given him a somewhat dark tan.
Deeper than expected, without a high range.
Near Austin, Texas
Familial Relationships
John Stoneman Gifford
Maria Atarde- Gifford
William, 28 & Tonia, 29
Marital Status:

Personal History

John was born at the family ranch near the town of Creedmoor Texas. His earliest memory was playing with his older siblings on the farm. His mother was full a blooded Mescalero Apache Native Indian. Many said she was the most beautiful woman in Texas. His Father John Gifford was a well known rancher and Law Officer. John was Three years old when the Borg Collective struck Earth. He didn't remember the event however his Parents opened up their land to assist a flood of refugees from larger cities that were destroyed. It started as a tent city and buy the time John was Ten years old it was a large settlement with a school, medical facilities. Small homes were built by his father and local friends.

John thrived on the ranch and learned many skills as a youngster. He had many friends and a heavy load of chores to complete. John was always very keen to go into Austin for supplies so he could see the aircraft that flew in and out of the small spaceport. From the moment he saw them he wanted to fly. He was fascinated and learned everything he could about orbital and space flight. A neighbor flew a vintage Helicopter and would take John for flights often and by the time John was Sixteen he was flying the old contraption all over the county. Their were a few shaky takeoffs, and more that a few hard landings but he did very well. John was quite good with his navigation and was even able to accomplish several medical emergency flights to Austin. It was one of these flights that John garnered the attention of the local media in Austin and was asked if he was planning on attending a formal flight school. He made the decision to join the Fleet that day. His parents knew he would and encouraged him to follow his dreams, however as the time came for him to depart his Mother really had second thoughts, he was the youngest child and the first to leave home. His father knew the young man well. John was half Apache and determined to say the least.

At eighteen John was a young Cadet but very serious in his studies. He focused on learning as much as he possibly could. He was painfully quiet but gained the respect of his fellow Cadets and Academy staff as a reliable and capable Man.

Gifford Graduated Starfleet Academy and was Promoted to Midshipman as a Pilot rated tactical Officer. His first assignment was the USS Gettysburg operating in the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Flight/Pilot, Powered Flight Phase One and Two. Completed at Saturn Range
Academy Minor(s): Air Frame and Propulsion Systems, Tactical Station Defense Systems
Hobbies and Pastimes: Always the pilot, will attempt to get “Check hours”, on any type of aircraft he can get into. Enjoys historic aircraft and non-powered Gliders.
Short-Term Goals: Test his skills in Fleet operations.
Long-Term Goals: Interested in future development of Next generation aircraft. See's a future in designing and testing new prototypes of Aerial platforms and stations
Personality: John is a quiet man. He can hold his own in conversation and certainly not shy. He chooses his words carefully and speaks what’s on his mind. He is quick to smile, and just as quick to anger. He is an excellent listener and a memory some say as harsh as a steel trap.
Sense of Humor: John see's humor much like any other and known to avoid any practical jokes. He would never make fun of another or tease.
Phobias: Flash Floods or any fast moving deep water.
Likes: Home cooked meals, his book collection and Flying all types of aircraft.
Dislikes: Anyone who blames others or makes excuses for there failures. Foolish or immature attitudes.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Tardiness, those who are always behind schedule or just plain late. John considers this behavior very disrespectful.
Bad Habits or Vices: Cigar smoker.
Achievements: Starfleet Academy Graduate. Pilot Rated. Avid and accomplished student. Skilled pilot.
Disappointments: John attempted to join the Academy underage. He was Seventeen at the time, one year before minimum age for Terrans. However he re-submitted after his Eighteenth birthday and was excepted.
Strengths: Remarkable attention to detail. Good reflexes and good common sense.
Weaknesses: Gifford is a Texan, and prone to be brutally blunt at times. This leads to few trusted friends of course in life. He refuses to suffer a fool.
Fears: John knows he will be challenged. The thought of failure drives him to worry about every critical situation that may cost injury or death of another unintentionally.
Prejudices: Highly distrustful towards Caitians. In Texas Large Cats are dangerous... Pahkwa-Thanh just give him the creeps.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: John has simple tastes, Jeans or slacks. Button down shirts or pullover sweaters. If going out he wears a light sport coat or vest. Not a fan of bright colors he stays with common western earth tones. Prefers western boots most times.
Distinguishing Features: John has one of the rare, rugged faces. Most notice his clear Blue eye's on a very angular facial structure. Longer arms and large hands may also be observed.
Friends: Thomas V. Clark. (Deceased)

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Leaving Home for the Academy. His father very proud, however his Mother had a breakdown watching her youngest leave. It really shook John up as his Mother had always been “The Rock” of the family. There was a lot of guilty feelings as he left her.
Best Time: Flight training at the Saturn Range
Most Crucial Experience: Attending the funeral of his childhood friend Tom Clark. Clark was scheduled to attend the Academy when John was in his second year. Tom and Three others were killed in a large gas explosion at the plant they worked at near Creedmoor.
Role Model: Frank Hamer. Twentieth century Texas Ranger

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy Cadet
Tactical Officer USS Gettysburg, CA-1863 21707.05 Midshipman Midshipman

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