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This is a PC and NPC rated species, with CO approval.

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United Federation of Planets
Average Male Height:
168 cm (5 ft. 6 in.) to 198 cm (6 ft. 6 in.)
Average Male Weight:
72.6 kg (160 lb.) to 95.3 kg (210 lb.)
Average Female Height:
152 cm (5 ft. 0 in.) to 185 cm (6 ft. 1 in.)
Average Female Weight:
40.8 kg (90 lb.) to 81.6 kg (180 lb.)
Minimum Academy Age:
Life Expectancy:
Distinctive Features:
PRC Rated:
NPC Rated:

The Gideons are a humanoid race from the planet Gideon in the Alpha Quadrant.

Their planet was noted for having a germ-free atmosphere.

Also known as Gideonites, these people were known for being a technologically sophisticated civilization. It was common for these people to be completely bald, and possessed amazing regenerative abilities, even for serious injuries.

  • In 2268, Captain Kirk witnessed a Gideon carelessly and completely burn off one finger, only for it to totally regrow within minutes.

The extreme level of regeneration allowed the population to increase their life spans, only dying when their bodies absolutely could not sustain themselves any longer. This, coupled with the civilization's love for life, contributed to extreme overpopulation. There was no disease, no doctors, and no crime. Even for the sake of the population, the Gideons could not bring themselves to do harm to one another. By the 23rd century, Gideon's overpopulation problem reached critical proportions. They also resisted the concept of birth control, and efforts at sterilization were futile given their robust regenerative ability.

Politically, Gideon resisted diplomatic contact with outsiders, frequently rebuffing Federation attempts at first contact. When Captain James T. Kirk was finally granted access to the planet in 2268, the Gideons chose him for one specific purpose: he was the carrier of a particular disease, Vegan choriomeningitis. Until then, Starfleet ships and others were disallowed from even scanning the planet, lest they uncover the overpopulation problem. By drawing Kirk's blood, the Gideons had access to the dormant pathogens of the disease, with which they could infect their population. They viewed this as a "natural" way to re-introduce death back into their society.

After the introduction of disease into their population, 99% of their population was killed, leaving just a few hundred thousand Gideonites left.

Their population continued to shy away from outside contact, though they did join the Federation in 2378.

This planet was led by the Gideon Council, made up of ambassadors and diplomats. They followed diplomatic protocols to the letter, including their xenophobic views.

Gideons typically wear simple bodysuits, sometimes with built-in hoods, with colors alternating between light pastels and shades of earth tones.

  • An individual's rank in society was indicated by a hank of fabric with patterns of hexagons
  • An increase in the number of hexagons, as well as more elaborate tailoring, indicated highly-placed individuals
  • Diplomats and government personnel wore bright blue
  • Gideon guards wore black