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George Biisaiyowaq Tiguaq
Career Occupation
Security Officer
USS Pegasus, CL-2500
Biographical Attributes
1/2 Human, 1/2 Inuit
175 cm (5 ft. 9 in.)
76.2 kg (168 lb.)
Eye Color:
Chestnut Brown. Heavily slanted eyes make this hard to determine.
Hair Color:
Raven black
Solid Stature, Robust
Calm, yet firm. Baritone. Mild mix of Inuit Language and French intonations in his speech
United Federation of Planets
Yellowknife, Canada, North American Continent
Familial Relationships
Biological: Nelson James Taqukaq, 61. Adopted: Émile Charles Antoinne LaPierre, 58
Biological: Aga Aglakti Buniq, 54. Adopted: Anna “Martine” LaPierre,59 (née: Ahnah-Anana Kunwaktok)
Status of Parents:
Biological: Separated. Mother: Working in the city of Vancouver as an office administrator. Father: Ailing, living semi-traditionally in Wekweti Colony in the Canadian Northwest Territory.
Adopted: Married. Mother: Assistant Curator of the Federation Museum of Cultural History. Father: Civilian Chef under contract to Starfleet.
Joseph Itigiaq Iyaroak, 31 ( presently incarcerated)
Marital Status:

Personal History

Early Life: George was born to Aga Buniq, a single mother already raising her 3 year old son, Joseph and proud of her Inuit heritage. She chose to give both her sons Innuk names in the traditional way --they did not inherit their father's surname. George's father Nelson James Taqukaq, frequently in and out of jail, was seldom present in George's childhood. George was raised jointly by his mother and grandmother. At age 7, George's grandmother passed away. At that time, George's mother was unable to support two sons by herself and was struggling heavily with alcoholism, and so George and his brother were separated and placed in foster care.

During that period, and into his early teens, George was confused and angry. He lacking a male role model during his childhood, he was frequently in trouble at school and with the law. At age 13, he was arrested as a minor and placed in a juvenile detention centre in the city of Edmonton; charged with four counts of vandalism and theft, including that of a vehicle. Following his release, he was adopted by Anna and Émile LaPierre, an infertile French-Canadian couple. Anna was herself of Inuit heritage, and was overjoyed when her long-time dream of adopting an Inuit son or daughter was realized. George was brought by his new parents to Montréal.

It took George only half a year or so to warm up to all these major changes, during which time he was frequently reckless and disobedient. As a result, Anna and Émile invoked house rules that were quite rigid, yet fair. George was given virtually no free time to himself as his new parents ensured he was kept continuously busy.

Education: George was home schooled in elementary academics by Anna, a former teacher, who also taught him the art of painting (her favourite hobby). George also attended language and cultural studies, and was enrolled in the classical Terran sports of ice-hockey, Judo and basketball . When not participating in these things, he worked for Émile- an accomplished chef commissioned by Starfleet (as well as privately) to design replicator recipes and to cater live-prepared functions. George began to enjoy many of these activities and quickly developed senses of discipline, pride and personal ambition. It was noticed by his parents however, that he had become quite shy and reserved, lacking any great friendships with those his own age, and it was also clear that he was struggling with the absence of contact with his biological parents-- feeling a longing to explore traditional Inuit life.

At age 15, amidst the flames of a great family feud, it was agreed that he would spend two weeks each year in the arctic with his father. It was there that George learned to ice-fish, and hunt with primitive firearms. He also learned from well-preserved knowledge taught by his father's fellow Inuit villagers, how to make and use the ancient tools and weapons of his ancestors, and built traditional igloo and other shelters during days of celebration.

Starfleet: George was 20 and was working with Émile and his staff at a Starfleet function at Alaska base. While replenishing the buffet, he was approached by a young recruit by the name of Luc Masson. This lead to a very long conversation, and by the end of it, not only did they become fast friends, but George was left with a stinging ambition to enrol in Starfleet Academy the following year. Luc had made him realize what it could mean for him to embark in a career in Starfleet, and George's mind and imagination were alive. It took some convincing, but soon Anna and Émile were as excited as he was for him to join Starfleet.

George's discipline and natural sense of fairness made him an excellent candidate for the security division into which he enrolled at the age of 21. The old man on campus, George excelled in many things, especially hand-to hand combat and survival training, but repeated non-linear mathematics twice. However, a major setback occurred when prior to an orbital flight course he failed a medical exam. Having never been in space before, George had never undergone this type of examination--Doctors had concluded that there was a rare and complex abnormality in his inner ear canals, and thus, he was disallowed from participating in this required course. After a series of rejected appeals, he was granted a proviso that if he could provide medical assurance that he would be fit for shuttle operations no more than two years after his expected graduation, the Academy would allow him to continue his studies. And so, he turned to a friend for help...

Luc Masson was now a graduate student in Starfleet Medical, and after much persuasion, he and a senior doctor agreed to help George find a way to treat his condition. Because of it's nature, Luc concluded that George's condition would require a series of experimental treatments that would likely damage his hearing permanently, despite this, Luc would agree to make this project his thesis work, if George was willing to accept all risks. Furthermore, Starfleet agreed to continue to admit him during this time, provided he was receiving his experimental treatment direct from the academy. However, even so, George was facing enormous costs not only from the treatment, but academic costs as well.

At this time, George learned that his estranged brother had become a radical environmentalist and was convicted of jointly bombing a Federation Research station in the high arctic. Attempts to contact him were unsuccessful.

George applied for, (and for the most part, won) as many scholarships as he was eligible for. He also won several prizes for his success in parisi squares tournaments. This money, along with contributions from his adopted family, allowed him to continue his studies while he underwent the treatments. George began the treatment procedures at age 25, in what would have been his graduating year. The treatments concluded at the end of the term and Tiguaq was fitted with a set of hearing implants, as his natural hearing had been affected. The implants were like putting on a set of eye-glasses for the first time. George had never realized how poor his natural hearing was, and the implants gave him a new paradigm view of the world around him. The implants benefited him greatly, yet a recovery period of one year was mandated by the Academy before he was allowed to participate in any space or deep water training. Tiguaq completed all requirements for his final testing at the age of 27, far older than anyone in his class. He completed his academic studies fifth overall, and was the recipient of some minor accolades from the Academy Athletic Faculty.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security Operations and Protocol, Criminal Psychology, Xenolinguisitcs
Academy Minor(s): Transporter Theory, Self-Defense and Survival Training, Xenoanatomy and Biomechanics
Hobbies and Pastimes: Judo and other martial arts. Ice-hockey. Basketball. Archery. Holodeck ice-fishing. Painting. Chess. Cooking. Playing the Accordion. Leisure Reading. Criminal and Language Studies. Classical Earth music. Meditation. Singing Privately.
Short-Term Goals: To settle into a role on his assignment. To establish trust with his fellow crew members. To earn himself a comfortable quarters assignment, and decorate it his way. To socialize and perhaps start dating. To beat a Klingon at Parisi Squares. To learn how to dance. To show off his cooking to select members of the crew.
Long-Term Goals: To serve as a first officer sometime in his career. To rekindle relations with his biological family members. To be granted a master rank in Judo. To visit 500 worlds before his death. To have children.
Personality: Outwardly calm, somewhat shy and timid. Disciplined and patient. Can be quite competitive.
Sense of Humor: Yes.
Phobias: Mild fear of heights, Fear of being marooned or otherwise abandoned.
Likes: Running. Calming others down\Mediating Conflict. Pressure Situations. The sensation of warming up. Tea. Curry. Crunchy foods. Sausages. Sushi\Sashimi. Being wet. Seeing Others Succeed.
Dislikes: Extremely high-pitched noises (causes him some pain). Manipulative behaviour. Being hungry. Coffee.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Being Mistaken for a Japanese Person. High Obnoxious Voices. Orange and Red worn in Combination.
Achievements: Recipient of Several Minor Academy Scholarships, Athletic Distinctions, Completion of Academy Training Despite Medical Setbacks, “La Tuque D'or” Non-Replicant Culinary Award.
Disappointments: Failed Non-Linear Mathematics Twice, Academy Graduation Delayed.
Illnesses: Rare Inner Ear Complexity-- Was surgically corrected, however George is now clinically deaf, standard hearing implants are installed, allowing him a normal human rage of sound detection. Hypersensitive to certain Frequencies. Severe Allergies to Taro Root and Andorian Cabbage
Strengths: Able to deal effectively with setbacks, not easily phased by threats, disciplined and tenacious.
Weaknesses: Somewhat slow to make up his mind, tends to be overly sentimental, somewhat shy and reserved, a better follower than leader.
Fears: Escalation of intergalactic wars, being responsible for a disaster, the prospect of the captain's chair.
Prejudices: Assumes businesspeople and smooth-talkers have sordid motives, apprehensive toward non-humans.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Loose-Fitting tunics, Heavy shirts, Comfortable pants
Distinguishing Features: Inuit Heritage, Hearing Implants located behind each ear
Pets: None
Friends: Midshipman Luc Masson

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Juvenile Detention and the transition between his families
Best Time: Approval for admission into the Academy
Most Crucial Experience: Reconnecting with his biological father in the arctic and learning traditional values
Role Model: Mahatma Ghandi-- Demonstrates the power of a mediator to resolve conflict.

Career History

Stardate 20911.12 - Promoted to Midshipman. Assigned as a Security Officer., USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21001.04 - Awarded RPG'er of the Month, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21002.03 - Awarded Gold Star, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21002.07 - Promoted to Ensign, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21002.10 - Transferred to, USS Nova, BB-106

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