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Below you will find a general description for Star Fleet tricorders, PADDS, and other commonly used equipment.

Protective Suits

Flight Suit: Used primarily by Academy Cadets during flight training. Flight suits help cadets cope with the rigors of high acceleration, zero gravity, and even short term periods of decompression. Flight suits have onboard sensors for detecting decompression and atmospheric toxins.
Radiation Suit: Improved shielding technology greatly reduced the necessity of wearing protective gear when repairing the warp drive or weapons components. A series of powerful force fields instantly seals off any radiation hazard. Radiation suits reduce radiation exposure by a factor of 10 thanks to a thick tripolymer mesh and numerous layers of boronite fabric. While the suit does not allow the user to endure long-term exposure to high radiation levels, it largely eliminates the risk to short exposures to low and moderate radiation levels.

Antigrav sled
Code reader
Emergency transporter armband
Environmental suit
EV pack
Holographic imager
Isolation suit
Levitation boots
Microdyne coupler
Pattern Enhancer
Plasma flare Tricorder