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Leona Ford
Career Occupation
Chief Science Officer
USS Intrepid, CA-1708
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander
Biographical Attributes
180 cm (5 ft. 11 in.)
75 kg (165 lb.)
Eye Color:
Emerald Blue
Hair Color:
Straight and long with eye brow length fringe
China Doll
Facial Hair:
United Federation of Planets
Saturn Station
Familial Relationships
Larry, 55, Retired Starfleet Commander - engineering Department. Still does some consultant work for Starfleet
Jessica, 50, house wife
Status of Parents:
Alive on Earth
3 siblings, Her twin brother Luke, 33, Working as a Police Officer in San Francisco Earth. Her younger sister L’May, 25 serving on the USS Columbia as a Corpsman, a baby sister Lora, 16, in Starfleet Academy - Medical
Marital Status:

Personal History

Leona was born aboard the Saturn Station, a Starfleet research facility orbiting Saturn. At that time stage her dad was a Lieutenant Junior Grade in the engineering corps aboard the station. She had an non identical twin brother, Luke and two younger sisters, L’May and Lora.

Leona grew up aboard the station, playing hide and go seek and other children games with her brother and sisters. Everybody knew them and it was like an extended family. Being one of only a hand full of children on the station she was spoiled regularly. Starfleet was in her blood, the research facility hardly ever saw visitors and she was never exposed to anything else. Leona quickly fell into her father’s footsteps and gained an interest in ship design and the working of a ship. While the other kids would run around playing, she enjoyed nothing more than to sit and watch the Engineers and Scientists brain storm.

Leona had a normal childhood, with a loving mom and dad and siblings, it was almost too perfect. As expected when the time came, both Luke and Leona left the Saturn Station and headed for Earth to enroll in the Starfleet Academy. She decided to follow her father’s lead and joined the engineering corps, while her brother went into security. While in the Academy, their father received promotion to Commander and was offered a post on Earth. Leona was ecstatic about the move and the family was whole again. After graduating the academy, Leona found herself working under her day, which was a dream come true for her. While her career flourished, the brother’s did not and he left Starfleet a year after graduating to become a police officer. It was a great shock to their father, but not as much as what was to come. Their younger sister L’May got caught up in the underground world of drugs. Again it was up to Leona to try to keep the family unit whole. All her effort and heart break led to nothing and it all got too much for her. She decided to go back to a place where she remembered everything to be perfect, and transferred back to the Saturn base.

Leona kept close contact with her family, but found she had too much time on her hands for her like and she started to study the sciences. Leona studied while she worked as a ship designer and soon discovered there was a lot she did not know. After studying for 5 years she officially transferred over to the Science wing on the Saturn Station and once again excelled. It didn’t take long before Leona was leading the Science team on the station. Leona continued her studies of the sciences and finally after a long stretch qualified as a professor of Cybernetics.

After she had qualified, Leona decided to make the bravest move of her career and apply for a department head position on a Starship. She wanted to test her limits, and see if she could apply what she had learnt under real conditions.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Starship Systems and Design
Academy Minor(s): Cybernetics
Hobbies and Pastimes: : Reading and increasing her knowledge of the universe.
Short-Term Goals: To prove to herself that she can make a difference on a Starship
Long-Term Goals: Build her on fully functional and thinking android
Personality: Careful and shy
Sense of Humor: Witty
Phobias: Small crawling creature
Likes: Anything she can take apart and study
Dislikes: The dark
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who do not live up to their full potential
Bad Habits or Vices: When she gets busy, she switches off from the outside world
Achievements: Lead the Science team on the Saturn base.
Disappointments: Not finding out about the Sciences earlier in her life
Illnesses: None
Strengths: intelligent, can work under pressure
Weaknesses: : Not a people person, shuts people out
Fears: Getting in a fire fight
Prejudices: Security officers are brain-dead mules
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Summers dress
Distinguishing Features: Tall for a human female, long legged, attractive to men.
Pets: None
Friends: Her twin brother Like. They have always shared a special bond.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Painful Experience: Seeing her sister turn into a drug addict
Best Time: With her family, growing up on the Saturn Station
Most Crucial Experience: Deciding to sign up to serve on a Starship
Role Model: Her Father

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Chief Science Officer USS Intrepid, CA-1708 21402.01 Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander

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