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Charles Fitzalan-Howard
Career Occupation
Security Officer
USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Biographical Attributes
188 cm (6 ft. 2 in.)
74.4 kg (164 lb.)
Eye Color:
Dark brown
Hair Color:
Medium length
Softly spoken, aristocratic British accent
United Federation of Planets
Research Station 41 (unconfirmed)
Familial Relationships
Thomas Fitzalan-Howard, The Duke of Norfolk(61)
Alice Fitzalan-Howard, Duchess of Norfolk (59)
Status of Parents:
Frederick Fitzalan-Howard (31) (The Earl of Arundel), Alan Fitzalan-Howard (29), Sarah Fitzalan-Howard (27)
Marital Status:

Personal History

Charles was adopted by Thomas and Alice at the age of four becoming their third son. The identity of his real parents is unknown to him and he assumes them dead. Charlie was the only survivor of a mysterious incident at a scientific facility known as station 42.

At that time Thomas Fitzalan-Howard (then the Earl of Arundel) was serving as first officer on the star ship 'Ark Royal'. The ship had responded to a distress signal broadcast by station 42 and, upon arrival at the base, Thomas lead the away team that investigated the station. The destruction of the facility remains to this day a mystery. Its shield was active upon the Ark Royals arrival, but attempts to contact its personnel proved unsuccessful requiring a shuttle landing. Although outwardly intact, the interior of the base was a different story, a one sided battle had been fought there which had resulted in the population being torn apart in a brutal fashion. Tricorder scans eventually revealed Charles inside a cargo loading area with the room’s lights, and the lights of every mobile vehicle or rig, focused on a central point where he sat cross legged and wide eyed.

The scans also confirmed him as human and deeply traumatised by the experience. Indeed he is still plagued by dreams and fears the dark years later. Never the less the four year old retained the presence of mind to tell them "it wasn't safe and they might come back!” Determined to identify this threat to the federation (and to ensure that the threat wasn't Charlie himself), Thomas authorised a Vulcan security officer serving with the ship to conduct a mind meld. This officer was visibly shaken by the experience, describing the entities that killed the bases personnel as ‘wreathed in shadow’ and ‘possessing of enormous strength and speed’. He described them as tearing their victims apart with tooth and claw barely glimpsed in the darkness. He also described a telepathic aura generated by the creatures that caused the victims to experience the emotion of fear. The Vulcan who was shaken by the intensity of this emotion (even though he received it second hand) he later requested a leave of absence and returned to Vulcan for 'deep meditation' with the elders.

The mind meld was successful in revealing Charles experiences however. The child had been witness to the destruction of the station but thankfully had understood very little. He was terrified in the normal sense but and, although he was aware of the aura of terror emanating from the 'demons', he was not affected by it. The mind meld also revealed that Charlie had been cornered and unable to escape but for reasons of their own the ‘Demons’ had passed him by. He also described Charles mind as ‘unusual’ and offered the opinion this might have been the reason for his survival. The Vulcan stated that Charlie possessed the beginnings of empathic and telepathic powers but declared them to be too weak to be effective.

Later examinations have revealed that Charles has very few memories prior to that event and no knowledge of his family. Information on the station was non existent and although Thomas was to make many enquires in his life he never discovered anything more. If Star Fleet knows, that information is classified to a very high level.

Charles remained with the Ark Royal for the rest of its cruise, an experience which, despite his age, made a lasting impression on him. Thomas and his family grew attached Charles, and when the death of his father compelled Thomas and Alice to return to Sol to take up their ceremonial duties as the Duke and Duchess of Norfolk, Charlie went with them. There he soon became a part of the new Dukes extended family and at the age of seven was formally adopted by the Fitzalan-Howard’s.

Since that time Charles has remained under close examination by Star Fleet because of his unusual background and abilities. These have developed over time and with practice but remain weak. His telepathic ability remains nascent and his empathy is very dependent on the individual making both these abilities more than a little random.

Charles has been very fortunate in his adopted family, despite their wealth and privilege they are a very well adjusted, with a long tradition of service both to the English Crown and Star Fleet. Indeed Duke Thomas first met Charles mother 'Alice' at the academy where she graduated as a security officer and served with equal distinction to her partner. Consequently Charles has received the best education and enjoyed huge wealth but has not been spoilt by it.

Throughout his life Charlie had made a great many friends and acquaintances’ due to his easy going, friendly and charming nature. Despite this Charlie has made very few 'true friends' and, with the exception of two, these are all are members of the extended Fitzalan-Howard family. A 14 year old Charles met Laura Anne Macleod (12) and her brother Xan whilst enjoying a summer holiday at the ducal seat, Arundel Castle. Laura and Xan were visiting the castle with their father who was researching for his writing. Young Xan (then 7) had wandered into the private area of the castle and had become lost whilst his sister was sketching the castle. Charles sporadic empathic ability picked up Xan’s distress and he found Xan shortly before Laura (Xan and Laura are part Betazoid). Charles had always been good with his relatives’ younger children, and by the time Laura found the two boys, a delighted Xan was receiving a personal tour.

On meeting Laura the young Charles felt an even stronger empathic connection which to this day remains his secret. The three children soon became firm friends and over the years Charles soon became 'Cousin Charlie' to the Macleod family. Indeed he is one of the few people allowed to call Laura 'Annie'. Despite the bond that he feels towards her strengthening over the years, Charlie and Laura have not become romantically involved. He feels drawn towards her, is happier when she is nearby and finds her very attractive. However for reasons that make no sense, even to him, Charles is content to remain 'Cousin Charlie'. He is aware that Laura has developed a powerful 'Block' to curb mental invasion by her Betazoid relatives and has a dim view of such powers. For this reason he has never told Laura of his abilities but suspects Xan, with whom he has shared many adventures, has divined some of his secrets and has probably passed this on to Laura. Whatever she knows Laura’s attitude has not changed towards Charlie and they remain firm friends.

Charles applied to join Star Fleet at the age of sixteen and was unexpectedly rejected. Despite the Duke and Duchesses’ protestations no explanation was given. Swiftly overcoming his disappointment Charles (who had received a very series lesson on not wasting life’s opportunities at an early age) instead won a scholarship at Oxford University. Having achieved this goal he then declined the privilege in favour of a student less financially fortunate than he. The university then offered him a paid place which he cheerfully accepted. He graduated from Oxford at the age of 21 with a first class honours degree in history and although invited to attend post graduate studies he declined. Already recognised as a talented member of the Oxford fencing team he instead studied at the famous Heidelberg fencing academy for a year. By the end of this time he had received his 'Heidelberg Scar' and become European amateur champion.

Charles was offered staff position at Heidelberg, and was contemplating taking it up, when he received an unexpected invitation from Star Fleet to join the academy. After consultation with his parents, Charles decided to follow his lifelong dream to join the academy. Since then no explanation has been offered to Charles for Star Fleet’s perplexing behaviour, never the less he has absolute faith in the organisation that his parents love so much and that saved him from the 'demons'

Charlie was posted to the USS Gettysburg where he was reunited with his best friend Laura Macleod. His assignment was to work security under the command of Nick Ristone. Here he has met and fallen for Judith Tucker after experiencing an involuntary mind meld that left them telepathically bonded they developed a deep affection for each other and are currently dating.

As a result of this telepathic incident Charlie met and accepted the position of student to a remarkable Ullian Noruas manifesto Therastos, former Grand Master of Adepts and working in his retirement as the Gettysburg's gardener. The Adept has undertaken the task of training Charlie's telepathic power's.

He took part in his first mission (To Bee or Not to Bee) shortly afterwards. The Gettysburg was tasked with apprehending a scientist expected of creating an illegal bio weapon and eliminating the facility where it was constructed. Charlie was aboard the first shuttle to land at the Nehru station and here he was stung by bio-engineered bees, becoming patient 0. As a result almost a third of the crew were killed, some by transforming into man-sized bees. Others as the result of injury or, in the case of some incurables, of euthanasia ordered by Acting Captain Yvette on the recommendation of CMO Sevala. Charlie is still coming to terms with his part in this mission.

Simultaneously a Satarran intruder attempted to take command of the ship. Charlie was able to play a small but crucial role in detecting the intruder which began a chain of events leading to its death.

After this mission Charlie was then promoted to Ensign and awarded the SFCM for his actions in subduing a large number of giant bees single handedly.


Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security Techniques, Federation Law, Security Equipment
Academy Minor(s): Small unit tactics, First Aid, Martial arts, An Overview of the Cultures of known space
Hobbies and Pastimes: Fencing Enthusiast, Polo, Music (plays piano, guitar and the 'pipes', but his singing voice is average at best.) He Enjoys sports of all sorts and also enjoys history and historical war gaming. Has a first class honours degree in History from Oxford University
Short-Term Goals: To join the Laura as part of the crew of the Gettysburg and to do his duty to the best of his ability
Long-Term Goals: To discover the origin and nature of his demons and to develop his abilities
Personality: Charles has an engaging personality and a charming smile. On the surface he can be a little frivolous and certainly flirtatious, but this is a façade, underneath is a caring individual who listens carefully and well
Sense of Humor: Charles has a somewhat reserved sense of humour tending to smile where others laugh but he is quick to do so and always happy to share a joke
Phobias: Charles is afraid of the dark
Likes: Enjoys the company of others
Dislikes: Upper class bores
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Impoliteness irritates him
Achievements: European amateur champion
Disappointments: His failed attempt to join Star Fleet
Illnesses: Some insomnia, recurring nightmares
Strengths: Highly observant, extremely fast reflexes, PSI abilities (see ‘Personal History’ above), meets his fears head on, very wealthy
Weaknesses: Occasionally impetuous
Fears: The return of the ‘Demons’
Prejudices: Charles dislikes intensely people who look down on those less fortunate than themselves
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Trousers and polo shirt, but enjoys dressing appropriately for any occasion
Distinguishing Features: Charles has a scar on the right side of his top lip that he received during his time at the famed Heidelberg fencing academy. He has refused dermal regeneration of this badge of honour. His preference is noted on his medical records
Pets: None
Friends: Xan Macleod and Laura Anne Macleod

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The Incident at Station 42
Best Time: His first meeting with Xan Macleod and Laura Anne Macleod (see ‘Personal History’ above)
Most Crucial Experience: The Incident at Station 42
Role Model: Thomas and Alice Fitzalan-Howard

Career History

Stardate 20808.24 – Graduated Star Fleet Academy, promoted to Midshipman.
Stardate 20808.31 – Assigned to USS Gettysburg, BC-1863.
Stardate 20811.01 - Awarded RPG'er of the Month, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863.
Stardate 20901.10 - Promoted to Ensign, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863.
Stardate 20901.15 - Awarded SFCM, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863.
Stardate 20907.02 - Awarded SFAM and Purple Heart, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863.

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