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Rurik Feng
Career Occupation
Security Officer
USS Avenger, CA-1500
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
289 lbs
Eye Color:
Coal black.
Hair Color:
A light, coppery, red.
Long, parted down the middle, with a single cord-bound lock hanging down each side of the face, in front of the ears, with long, narrow, pointed ear tufts.
Muscular, lean and athletic
Dark gray skin and fur, with reddish markings located at the center of the front half of the body, on the face (between the eyes and mouth) and chest. Black spots on shoulders and back, with faint, rust-red spots on neck and limbs.
Facial Hair:
Chest-length, forked beard, with each fork cord-bound, same color as hair.
Deep baritone, slightly gravelly.
United Federation of Planets
Somewhere on Oranth (see Personal History)
Familial Relationships
Not known.
Not known.
Status of Parents:
Both deceased.
Marital Status:
Single; prior to coming to this universe, Rurik was engaged to a human woman, First Lieutenant Kaitlin Granger.

Personal History

Rurik was born on the Mirak homeworld of Oranth. His mother died in childbirth and his father died when Rurik was two years old. He was deposited at an orphanage/training facility operated by the local fleet commander by an unknown party. Other than his name, this was all the information Rurik was able to pry form the lips of his instructors. Rurik was raised with the other orphans to become part of the Mirak Royal Navy.

When he was old enough (and tough enough) to complete the Trials of Ko'Rathivor and serve in the fleet, Rurik entered service on a Mirak destroyer-class vessel. He served with some distinction during the Second Klingon-Mirak War, and rose to the Mirak equivalent of Lieutenant. He continued to serve in the Mirak fleet, and served with distinction during the First General War as a fighter pilot. Several months after the First General War, Rurik’s Fleet Commander fell out of favor with the Mirak Prime Patriarch. The Fleet Commander attempted to establish his own sphere of control within the Mirak Star League, but was defeated and killed by members of several other Mirak fleets supporting the Prime Patriarch. Rurik then left Mirak space, entering the Federation and headed for the Gorn-Romulan border. Upon reaching a Federation system near the Neutral Zone, Rurik joined the crew of a freelance pirate ship with loose ties to the Orion Syndicate and the remaining Orion pirate cartels operating throughout the Federation-Gorn-Romulan border area, the Icara’s Revenge, captained by a ruthless Orion named Denev Orn’Dren, a man seconded by the cruelest being Rurik would ever meet, a Gorn named Hisskar. Due to his experience in the Mirak military, and his survival as an orphan on one of the harsher Mirak worlds, he was hired to replace the ship’s bo's’n, who had been killed in a recent brush with the Gorn authorities.

Four years of piracy and smuggling later, Rurik met one of the few beings he would think of as a friend since he left Mirak space. The newest addition to the crew of the Icara’s Revenge was a young Gorn named Raass’giraath, who quickly became known to the crew as Raass Giraath, largely because virtually no one on the Revenge could pronounce the Gorn’s name correctly. Five years later, durign a fairly routine raid on a Gorn freighter, Raass uncovered evidence that he was not the sole survivor of a Romulan attack on his home village, in the form of Grilisska’carresh, a love interest from his village. Rurik agreed to help Raass and his female friend escape, allowing the pair to make off with the freighter's cargo shuttle. This event so enraged both Captain Denev and Ship’s mate Hisskar, that the Icara’s Revenge began almost exclusively targeting Gorn freighters and convoys. As the close calls with the Gorn Navy mounted, the Revenge was force to seek safety in the Romulan Empire. After one year of high risk operations (and many crew casualties), Rurik and Kor Telev (the Revenge's helmsman) planned and executed a daring escape, in which they stole the Captain’s personal shuttle. The two then made their way to a smuggler’s outpost in the Neutral Zone. From there the two men parted ways. Rurik later learned that Kor Telev had become a moderately successful smuggler. Rurik would later use Telev as an information contact on various topics.

While on the smuggler’s outpost, Rurik learned about the bounties the local Federation authorities were offering for information on the Orion pirate cartels that still plagued the area. After providing solid information on the local Orion pirates and collecting on several of these bounties, he was visited by members of Starfleet Intelligence, who requested his aid in a major sting operation being planned by a joint effort between Intelligence and Security. Rurik agreed to provide the requested aid on one condition: that he be given a commission in Starfleet, with rank equal to his rank in the Mirak fleet. Starfleet refused, and after much debate, Rurik agreed to enlist as a Petty Officer. Rurik worked with Starfleet Intelligence, giving them invaluable information on the Orion pirates in the region. After the operation was complete, Rurik took enlisted in Starfleet Intelligence at the rank of Petty Officer Third Class.

Five years later, Petty Officer First Class Rurik Feng was pulled out of the field and reassigned to Starfleet Security, due to budget cuts and Starfleet's shift back to science and exploration. After completing a brief training course, Rurik was assigned to the USS Copernicus. To his surprise, he found that the Copernicus' Chief of Security was his old friend, Raass Giraath, now a Lieutenant. Rurik boarded a runabout and left Earth to meet up with the Copernicus, which at the time was on an escort mission for a prospective colonization effort. There he met a shuttle pilot, Ensign Rachael Granger, whom he became romantically involved with, despite regulations. The relationship never progressed beyond a very close friendship, however. He served aboard the Copernicus for two years, earning a promotion to Chief Petty Officer, before being reassigned to Starfleet Intelligence to work on a special mission: locating the home system of the Satarrans, a recently discovered species that had been infiltrating the Federation for decades. After a great deal of work, the Intelligence team Rurik had been assigned to succeeded in its objective. Afterward, Rurik was reassigned back to Starfleet Security, as part of a newly reorganized Section 31. Rurik was assigned to a unit under the command of his former Department Head, Lieutenant Commander Raass Giraath. He served with the unit, designated Echo Detachment, throughout the Second Romulan War, carrying out covert operations deep behind enemy lines. During this time, Rurik met First Lieutenant Kaitlin Granger, a Marine fighter pilot, and Rachael's younger sister. Despite Starfleet regulations, the two began a romantic relationship, that became rather serious. After the war, Echo Detachment was disbanded, and Giraath was assigned to the USS Dauntless as First Officer. At Commander Giraath's request, Rurik joined the Dauntless' Security Department. On the Dauntless he was promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer.

Shortly after the Inquisitors invaded the Federation, Rurik followed his old friend to a new command, when Giraath was promoted and assigned as Commanding Officer of the USS Centaur, a light cruiser. Rurik joined the Centaur as the ship's Chief of Boat. Nearly a year later, at the recommendation of Captain Giraath, Rurik left the Centaur to attend Starfleet's Officer Candidate School. Upon completion of the course, Rurik was promoted to Ensign and assigned as a Security Officer to USS Avenger, NCC-1500. He also became engaged to Kaitlin Granger. Shortly thereafter, the Avenger passed through some sort of rift and ended up in a parallel universe. Rurik was incapacitated during the transition between the two universes, recovering from his injuries in time for the Avenger's arrival at Starbase Delta.

The Avenger’s first mission, after being refit at Starbase Delta, was to obtain a supply of ketracel white for the Jem’Hadar contingent aboard the ship. Rurik was assigned to the James Madison, the ES vessel berthed within the Avenger, and took part in the mission to secure a supply of K-W from a secret Dominion production faciltity in the Gamma Quadrant. While the James Madison was away, the Avenger would attempt peaceful negotiation with the Dominion. The production facility had been abandoned, and capturing the K-W merely entailed taking it from Ferengi salvagers. The Avenger’s main mission was far less successful, as the Dominion representatives they met with were, in fact, Krynar subjugates. With the timely arrival of a Dominion battle fleet, then Avenger was able to escape and return to the Alpha Quadrant. After the mission, Rurik was promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade).

After minor repairs at Starbase Delta, the Avenger was sent on was a routine patrol along the Tholian border. While on patrol, the Avenger was diverted to recover a probe in the Halless system. Captain Grant decided to send the James Madison to recover the probe, while Avenger continued her patrol. Rurik, along with most of the senior staff, was assigned to the James Madison. What should have been an easy mission turned into a disaster. The probe went missing, having crashed onto Halless I, and the James Madison, unaware of the atmospheric conditions that caused the probe to crash, also crashed on the planet. During the crash, Rurik lost his right eye. After the crash, Rurik aided in evacuating the Bridge, and then aided in evacuating the ship itself. Once out on the surface, Rurik was sent off with a scouting party to locate a suitable long-term campsite for the stranded crew. The scouting party was scattered after an ill-conceived and ill-fated attempt to commandeer a locomotive from the natives. Rurik, after discovering that the main group of survivors had decided to head toward a local village, ended up providing cover fire for many of the survivors, who appeared to be under attack from the natives. Fortunately for the survivors, engineers aboard Avenger discovered a way to rescue the stranded crew members.

After hearing news that the Avenger was to be mothballed, Captain Grant was replaced by Captain Crawford. However, due a Krynar appearance at Earth, the Avenger was saved from her fate and sent into battle against the Krynar at Tellar Prime. The Krynar attempted to enlighten the crew. Rurik managed to destroy one of the enlightenment orbs, and thankfully Security teams were able to fight off the effects of enlightenment long enough to destroy or disable the rest of the orbs. Rurik, however, suffering from lingering effects of enlightenment, shot himself in the head, though fortunately the wound was merely a graze, and the worst of the damage was deflected by his helmet. After the initial space battle was one, Security and Marine forces from Avenger joined in the liberation of Tellar Prime. The ground war was ended quite suddenly by the retreat of the Krynar, who simply abandoned the planet, releasing its population from the control of Enlightenment.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Intelligence, Security
Academy Minor(s): Engineering, Tactical
Hobbies and Pastimes: Combat training, honing his hunting skills, tinkering with engineering projects, and reading.
Short-Term Goals: To adjust to life as an officer, and adapt to the major twist the universe has given him.
Long-Term Goals: Rurik has never thought far enough into the future to form any long-term plans. Even after joining Starfleet, and even after entering a new universe, Rurik remained focused on the now, and has yet to consider his long term options.
Personality: While a survivalist at heart, Rurik understands the importance of being part of a cohesive unit, and can function equally well both within a group setting and individually. He is crude and rough around the edges and can be very harsh at times, partially due to his life with the Mirak military, and partially due to his life as both a pirate and as an Intelligence field operative. He is also aggressive, as are all Mirak. If a person can get past his hardened exterior, he is fairly easy to get along with.
Sense of Humor: Rurik has a very dark, crude, and at times vile sense of humor. Being Mirak means being a survivor of harsh environments, especially for an orphan, and this is reflected in Rurik’s sense of humor.
Phobias: Rurik has not yet discovered or developed any phobias, though he does have a strong aversion to sterile environments.
Likes: The thrill of the hunt; combat; drinking (real alcohol only), especially enjoys Saurian brandy, Romulan Ale, and Terran rum, in addition to the more traditional Mirak drinks; people with a shadier or darker side.
Dislikes: Strict regulations, while he is comfortable in a military setting, strict codes of conduct (such as those held by the Romulans and Cardassians) do not sit well with Rurik; straight-laced people; Sterile environments, he is decidedly uncomfortable when placed in such an environment as he feels it to be too artificial and unnatural.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Those who treat their enemies as anything other than the enemy; individuals who abide by overly strict codes of conduct or honor.
Bad Habits or Vices: Drinking, engaging in crude and offensive humor, gambling, swearing (frequently and in multiple languages).
Achievements: Surviving childhood and the Trials of Ko'Rathivor, the Second Klingon-Mirak War, and the First General War; being hired as Bosun on the Icara’s Revenge; successfully escaping the Icara’s Revenge; his entire Starfleet enlisted career; completing his officer training.
Disappointments: Not being able to convince Starfleet to commission him as an officer; realizing that he would never see his Kaitlin Granger again.
Illnesses: Nothing more serious than common Mirak diseases.
Strengths: He is quick to adapt to any situation; He is a survivalist, and is capable of surviving situations most humanoids would not be able to, both mentally and physically; He is a fairly well-rounded officer and has skills that make him useful in a wide variety of situations; he can be very aggressive.
Weaknesses: He has a quick, harsh temper, and is quick to violence; his aggressive nature sometimes manifests itself at the wrong time.
Fears: Becoming weak, losing his strength, both physically and mentally.
Prejudices: Holds to a societal hatred of Klingons, based in large part on the history of violence between the Klingon Empire and the Mirak Star League. Rurik views Klingons much the same way Cardassian War Veterans view Cardassians, though he does acknowledge that most Klingons are honorable and worthy opponents. The strong support the Klingons gave the Federation during the war with the Krynar has given Rurik a new respect for Klingons as allies; Hates Breen, views them as untrustworthy scum. Holds to the Romulan saying, “Never turn your back on a Breen,” to the point that he will not even deal with the allies of a Breen; Strongly dislikes Romulans, the Dominion, and Cardassians, due largely to his participation in the First General War; Dislikes Nausicaans, views them as far to barbaric to be useful as anything more than thugs; Dislikes Chalnoths, mostly because they are total anarchists; Doesn’t fully trust Betazoids, because of their well-known telepathic abilities.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Traditional Mirak clothing, red and brown tunics are favorites. Wears fingerless gauntlets.
Distinguishing Features: Short, broad muzzle, with a stubby tail. Diamond shaped patch of silver-tipped hair on chest. Rurik is also missing his right eye and wears a black eye-patch over it.
Pets: None.
Friends: Rurik does not yet have any friends in this universe. His closest friend in his home universe was Captain Raass Giraath, who died defending Vulcan from a Romulan attack.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Raass Giraath's death; Rurik's sense of loss was magnified by seeing the pain of Raass' wife and five children.
Best Time: His time with Echo Detachment, both because of the excitement of covert operations, and fun of engaging in a romantic relationship that was against regulations.
Most Crucial Experience: The day he completed the Trials of Ko'Rathivor, which was a culmination of every survival instinct he'd acquired during his brutally harsh childhood.
Role Model: Captain Raass Giraath; despite being a decade older than the Gorn, Rurik came to have a deep respect and admiration for his friend, whose leadership embodied the virtues Rurik valued most.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Security Officer USS Avenger, BC-1500 21208.24 Ensign Ensign
Security Officer USS Avenger, BC-1500 21210.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Security Officer USS Avenger, BC-1500 21301.01 – 21308.01 Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Junior Grade
Security Officer USS Avenger, BC-1500 21304.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
Security Officer USS Avenger, BC-1500 21307.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Security Officer USS Avenger, BC-1500 21308.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Security Officer USS Avenger, BC-1500 21308.01 Lieutenant Lieutenant
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 3

Contact Information

E-Mail: merrillk@ymail.com

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