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"Dress Whites"

Star Fleet uniforms are a specific set of clothing word by individuals serving in the United Federation of Planets' Star Fleet.

Class B Duty Uniform

These uniforms facilitate the wearers' needs as both scientists and researchers, and well as Star Fleet's military role. Wearers are expected to abide by the Star Fleet dress code, though certain cultural exceptions can be made. These uniforms were designed for comfort even in the most extreme environments. Star Fleet uniforms are made of a synthetic fiber weave similar to the organic compound Xenylon (used in mid-late 22nd-century uniforms) which makes it extremely hard-wearing, fire-retardant, impermeable and resistant to stains.

Class C Work Uniform

Twenty-Fifth Century Star Fleet uniforms are generally broken down by color amongst the divisions, while displaying rank insignia conspicuously.

  • Aviation - Cyan
  • Command - Maroon
  • Engineering - Gold
  • Intelligence - Grey/Black
  • Medical - Teal
  • Science - Blue
  • Security - Orange
  • Support - Purple
  • Tactical - Red

Star Fleet Uniforms: 2418-

There are three styles of uniform currently in service with Star Fleet:

  • Class A (Dress Uniform) - The ubiquitous "Dress Whites" are tailored in the same style as the Class B but with the jacket being predominantly white and trimmed with department colour. Officers opting to wear the skirt rather than trousers must wear tights/leggings with the Dress Uniform. The Dress Uniform is less rugged than the Class B uniform, and should only be worn for ceremonial purposes such as weddings, funerals or diplomatic occasions. Medal ribbons are worn on the right breast where applicable.
  • Class B (Duty Uniform) - Semi-formal uniform for use aboard Starships, Starbases and Planetary Outposts. Uniform consists of a grey turtleneck undershirt, uniform jacket in department colour trimmed with black, black trousers trimmed in uniform colour (skirt option available - black, trimmed in department color) and boots. Crew opting to wear skirt variant have optional leggings.
    • Note: It would be inappropriate for Engineers or Security officers to wear the skirt option unless assigned to desk duty.
  • Class C (Work Uniform) - Informal and comfortable uniform for use in situations where the wearer requires something more hard-wearing and utilitarian than the Class B duty uniform. Uniform consists of a grey turtleneck undershirt, pullover in department color trimmed with black, rugged black trousers with concealed pockets on the thigh trimmed with department color and boots.

Star Fleet Uniform - 2400-2418

Junior Officer Uniforms (Pre-2418)
Senior Officer Uniforms (Pre-2418)
Flag Officer Uniforms (Pre-2418)
Enlisted Uniforms (Pre-2418)
Dress Uniform "Dress Whites" (Pre-2418)